Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alien News Blackout Might Mean that Full Disclosure is getting Closer! SETI on Hold!

What happens if they call and nobody is home!!

Note to ET: Try back later

What would you do if you knew Full Disclosure was Imminent!

If you were the government why would you continue to spend money on these projects if you already have the answers. Furthermore there would be a point when you would have to share this information with the public, so how would you go about preparing the masses. The most logical way would to have the UN tell the world that they believe in extraterrestrials and shortly after that you would have them open the office of "United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA). That would take care of the civilian side, now there would be only one more major organization that you would need to get on board to make it convincing, that would be the Vatican, they would have to say something startling like, "we would be happy to baptize extraterrestrials". Then you would have to have them come out in the mainstream media, you have to put this information on the social network sites like You Tube etc. 

That would be an excellent start, you have taken care of of the civil side with the UN and you handled the really difficult religious part with the Vatican but it would not be enough just yet. You then would have many of the major countries around the world start partial or full disclosure. Now with all that in order there would only be a few housekeeping items to put in place, your next step would be to have NASA stop all manned space flights, why spend the money when there is no longer a need. The next housekeeping item would be to close the SETI program, once again why spend the money and the manpower if there is no need for it! 

Well the plan has gone perfectly, all your bases have been covered there are only a few things left to do. Firstly you would have more UFO sightings in the first few months of the year then we have ever had before in modern history, something  like what has happening in 2011. You would start to escalate the reality and the clarity of the sightings, something over Jerusalem might be a really good start. It would make no difference if it were real or not, you goal is to get this into the public awareness. Get people talking, get it on the radar screen. Well, it appears mission accomplished. 

Then you would probably go through the year with a few more fantastic sightings that would get into the mainstream media, real or not it would make little difference. Then finally, and only then, would you feel that all the possible groundwork had been laid, you would deliver a smoking gun. Something that virtually everyone would agree is not of this world. It would make no difference where this event is delivered, the purpose of starting disclosure on a global basis is to get everyone on board, not just Europeans or Americans you want everyone to be on the same page. The event would not be definitive proof but it would be about as close as you can get. Mainstream media would have a field day, it would be the talk of the planet. You would let that sink in for about 8-12 months and then you would lower the boom. Proof without any doubt, proof that is ironclad, something that even the biggest debunkers could not deny. 
Then life changes as we know it!!!  

Reprint of Discovery News Story (link below)
The SETI Institute is suspending its search for extraterrestrial radio beacons using its most advanced alien signal-seeking tool while it hunts for new sources of funding.

 The privately financed group, based in Mountain View, Calif., has been using an array of radio telescopes at Hat Creek Observatory, about 300 miles north of San Francisco, since October 2007, to study stars for non-naturally occurring radio signals that could indicate the presence of a technologically advanced civilization beyond Earth.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen provided an initial $25 million for the project, which is known as the Allen Telescope Array. The network eventually is intended to have 350 telescopes. The University of California at Berkeley, the National Science Foundation and several corporate and individual donors provided operating funds.
Budget cutbacks by the state of California and the NSF, however, have hit the project hard. Not only was the expansion postponed, now the search for ET itself is on hold.
In a blog post on Friday, astronomer Franck Marchis, who is not involved in SETI research but who works at institutes that are, disclosed that operations of the Allen Telescope Array have been suspended.
In addition to SETI work, the observatory shutdown impacts mainstream radio astronomy projects, such as a survey of extragalactic radio sources.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however. Since 2009, writes Marchis, the Air Force has been looking at using the Allen Telescope Array to keep track of orbital debris whizzing around the planet.
Writes Marchis:
The future of the ATA may depend of the US Air Force program. Unfortunately, because of the recent federal finance turmoil, no clear decision has been taken with enough time to keep the observatory running. Since April 15, the observatory is in hibernation. All the equipments have been taken care of to make sure that they do not deteriorate over time.

Then again, we are in the middle of full disclosure! 
Hope ET is patient with us.
Image: ET, we're not listening. Credit: SETI Institute

Reprint of an article at "Discovery News"
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