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Aliens Could Live Forever and Hide UFOs if They Lived Near A Black Hole

Imagine if you lived in close proximity to a black hole you could live forever! 
The sad unplugging of the Allen Telescope Array due to lack of funding brings a screeching halt, at least temporarily, to the most ambitious search for "hello" radio transmissions from E.T.
But perhaps it's time to simply think far outside of the box regarding our preconceptions of how to find extraterrestrial civilizations, says Clement Vidal of the Evolution, Complexity and Cognition group at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. And, the most advanced aliens may be the easiest to find.

In a recent paper, he emphasizes that we have to look at variety of search strategies in solving the mystery of our cosmic loneliness. That is, if we are satisfied with simply finding E.T. and not communicating with it.
Vidal's reasoning: The universe is so old there have to be far-advanced civilizations out there, billions of years more evolved than us. They have to be doing super-human engineering feats that are recognizable across intergalactic space. "Super-human" might also mean that the most advanced life forms could very likely post-biological. They have evolved far beyond being creatures of flesh and blood -- as described in Arthur C. Clarke's "2001:A Space Odyssey."
What defines a super-civilization? In 1964, Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev proposed a scheme for classifying technologically advanced alien societies. A Type I civilization uses energy resources on a planet-wide scale, like us. A Type II civilization would have 10 billion times more energy available by trapping the total output of its central star -- perhaps by building a shell around it called a Dyson sphere. A Type III civilization would tap the energy resources of an entire galaxy -- only God knows how! This would give a further increase to power available by at least a factor of 10 billion.

Black Hole Appetite
Energy-hungry galactic empires might skip tapping stellar energy and simply go to extracting energy from black holes. These collapsed islands of space-time are the universe's ultimate Energizer Bunnies. They are far more efficient at converting mass to energy than are the fusion engines of stars.
But more than that, says Vidal, is the ability to control the microcosm as well. Today we can manipulate individual atoms via nanotechnology. But advanced alien physicists would tinker with elementary particles and the very structure of space-time itself.
Having mastered control over space-time, a super-civilization might want to fabricate their own black holes to do a variety of tasks: waste disposal, starship propulsion, hyper-computing, maybe even time travel.
On the macro-scale, super-civilizations might re-engineer stars using black holes. The quest for immortality beyond a star's lifetime would be a big motivation.

Suppose extraterrestrials manufacture a black to accrete material from a burned-out star, a white dwarf. This would provide abundant energy beyond the star's fusion-burning stage.
But how would you prove the black hole was artificial? Tell-tale evidence would come from measurements that showed the black hole weighing less than 3.5 solar masses. That's the minimum mass for crushing matter into a black hole via a supernova core-collapse.
Some low-mass X-ray binary stellar pairs might be artificially constructed, Vidal speculates. Or, aliens might come up with ways to control natural X-ray binaries -- just as our ancestors extracted energy from waterfalls.
Curiously, NASA's Chandra X-ray telescope has found an over-abundance of these systems within several light-years of the galactic center. The central bulge of our galaxy should be the home to the oldest civilizations because of its ancient stellar population.
Source and to read the full story:

UFO and Aliens Attending the Royal Wedding, You Decide!

A TOURIST filmed a UFO hovering over Westminster Abbey - the venue for The Royal Wedding. Did UFOs and Aliens actually show up!

Stories such as this I am always reluctant to publish or I do so with tongue in cheek but after viewing the video I found it intriguing to say the least. We also know that the Sun is not the bastion of truth or cornerstone of journalistic honesty but view the video and decide for yourself!  

The 2½-minute video footage shows a shimmering white object in a cloudless blue sky near Big Ben.

Video: UFO above Westminster

DOES Dutch tourist's clip mean aliens will be watching Royal Wedding?

It seems to move and shift shape but to have three sections. The tourist who posted the video on the Internet wrote: "First we thought it was a parachute but it was way too high up".
"It changed shape but stayed there for at least 30 minutes, then I lost sight of it". 

The sighting emerged shortly after a retired US Air Force Major predicted extraterrestrial would visit earth to see Will and Kate tie the knot.
UFO researcher George Flier said mystery craft were often spotted during major world events. He claimed that he had already been tipped off by RAF pilots about an increasing number o0f recent sightings over the English Channel.

He added: "They see to have an interest in anything important."
The Westminster video lasted 2 min 34 seconds.

British UFO expert Nick Pope, who worked for the Department of Defense, said "I think it should be investigated if it's feared it could be a threat to the Royals. 

UFO and Aliens either have a strong desire to follow major events on earth or they just have need a good chuckle from time to time!  

Planetary Alignment means Alien Contact, UFO Disclosure, Alien Disclosure or Just Something Unique in the Morning Sky

When the Planets Align

Many people think that when the planets align that it will be the fulfillment of 2012 predictions, alien contact or at the very least full UFO disclosure but in reality we will see some really great stuff in the morning sky!   

Expect a wonderful parade of planets between April 30 and May 14, 2011, but you need to be an early riser to see it. 

Apr 30, 2011:  A Parade of Planets – During the last week of April and the first two weeks of May, our predawn sky will be buzzing with activity as the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter cluster together and glide past each other in apparent near collisions.  Of course, most of the drama is overplayed since these planets are really millions of miles apart and their close proximity in our sky is merely a line-of-sight trick.  Still, to see that many bright planets in such a tight grouping is a remarkable sight and one that you will not soon forget.  The fun begins around 5:00 am on April 30, when the thin crescent Moon and Venus first rise above the eastern horizon.

During the first three weeks of May, the planets Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter will cluster in our predawn sky for some spectacular groupings. Last August, a similar gathering of planets graced our evening sky. Seen in this image are the crescent Moon and the bright planet Venus, with Mars to Venus' upper left and Saturn to her right.

All this is rather technical for those that are so inclined but otherwise just be informed that the morning sky will be like no other you have seen in a longtime. Get up early and feast your eyes on the best planetary alignment you have ever seen! 

Mercury follows moments later and the Mars-Jupiter pair appears after that.  The Moon, Venus and Jupiter should be easy to spot, but Mercury and Mars will be a little more challenging in the brightening sky.  Over the next three weeks, watch for Mars to pass only 0.4º from Jupiter on May 1, Mercury to pass 1.5º from Venus on May 7, Jupiter and Venus to pass within 0.5º of each other on May 11, Mercury to pass 2º from Mars on May 21, and Mars to pass only 1º from Venus on May 23.  Saturn is the only naked eye planet not participating in this planet parade.  He has the evening sky all to himself and is still basking in his own spotlight after his April 3 opposition.

So the bottom line is that we cannot rule out alien contact,  full disclosure or even 2012 predictions coming to fruition but we can plan to see some really great sights in the morning sky for the next two weeks.  


Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Vatican on UFO Disclosure, Alien Contact, Extraterrestrial Life.

The Vatican is attempting to get out ahead of the Extraterrestrial issues before the announcements by major world governments.

The Vatican is playing a leading role preparing the world for extraterrestrial disclosure. 
There are few things that are sure bets in this life and one of them is that the Vatican would never have come out and told the world that they believe extraterrestrial are real without emphatic proof, without advance knowledge that some type of disclosure is imminent. 

The Vatican is not a cutting edge group, they generally move so slow that it is painful to much of the world's congregation.  After all, this is the same organization that to this day does not allow woman to be priest or any form of contraception. This is the same organization that forced Galilieo to recant his finding and put him under arrest for the remainder of his life, for telling the world that the earth is not at the center of the universe. 

For the most part the Vatican is stodgy, archaic, slow to move on major issues and generally behind the times. So what prompted them to move at lightening speed on the difficult issues of extraterrestrials life and full disclosure. Well they have been receiving information from their embassies that is hard to deny and they attended a series of secret meeting in NYC at the UN that changed everything. Shortly afterward the Vatican gave the infamous "Aliens Are My Brothers Interview" that should have garnered worldwide headline but it was typically played down by the mainstream media.

The Vatican’s new openness on extraterrestrial life is consistent with reports of secret discussions held at the United Nations that began in February 2008 and are still ongoing today. The Vatican’s permanent representative to the UN, Archbishop Celestino Migliore, was reported to have attended along with a number of other prominent government officials to discuss increased UFO sightings and the implications of extraterrestrial visitation. Significantly, Migliore's position requires that he maintains close relations with the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences. At the time of the secret UN discussions, Migliore made a presentation on moral issues associated with scientific problems such as climate change. Most importantly, the UN discussions reportedly led to a new policy of openness being adopted by approximately 30 nations that would begin in 2009 and culminate with full disclosure to the world. This is extremely significant as there are approximately 22 nations that have begun full or partial disclosure! 

For a full list of countries that have partially disclosed, in litigation to disclose or disclosed significant UFO or alien information click here.

The meetings that the Vatican had with the UN in New York City were also attended by a host of US government agencies that moved this announcement along quickly. We can only speculate as the agencies involved and the content discussed. You can be sure it was blockbuster information because shorty afterwards both the UN and the Vatican came out with their startling announcements. 


Some things simply cannot be debunked as much as people would like to do it, no matter how hard the debunkers try sometimes the truth just keeps coming to the surface and this is one of those times.

Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a theologian member of the Vatican Curia, the governing body, and highly placed Vatican official who is close to the Pope has been on Italian Television, no less than five times stating that etraterrestrial contact is a real phenomena. Balducci provided an analysis of extraterrestrials that he feels is consistent with the Catholic Church's understanding of theology. Monsignor Balducci emphasizes that extraterrestrial encounters "are not demonic, they are not due to psychological impairment, they are not a case of entity attachment, but these encounters deserve to be studied carefully. Since Monsignor Balducci is a demonology expert and consultant to the Vatican , and since the Catholic Church has historically demonized many new phenomena that were poorly understood, his stating that the Church does not censure these encounters is all the more remarkable.

The bottom line is that the Vatican has moved as fast as lightening on the extremely difficult issue of extraterrestrials and religion,  they have attended secret meeting at the UN on just this subject. They have met once again in secret with a  host of US officials and after evaluating all the information made their astounding announcement. 

It really makes no difference if you believe the announcement from The Vatican and the UN are a prelude to a false flag event or they are real. One thing is for certain, some type disclosure (probably partial or limited disclosure) is imminent and coming soon (most likely late 2012 or 2013). It will be up to each person to decide on the authenticity of the actual announcement.  

The question becomes, are we paying attention or are we asleep at the switch! We are all in for a Galileo Moment and those only come along every 200-300 years. Are you ready!

The Vatican on UFO Disclosure, Alien Contact, Extraterrestrial Life.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alien News Blackout Might Mean that Full Disclosure is getting Closer! SETI on Hold!

What happens if they call and nobody is home!!

Note to ET: Try back later

What would you do if you knew Full Disclosure was Imminent!

If you were the government why would you continue to spend money on these projects if you already have the answers. Furthermore there would be a point when you would have to share this information with the public, so how would you go about preparing the masses. The most logical way would to have the UN tell the world that they believe in extraterrestrials and shortly after that you would have them open the office of "United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA). That would take care of the civilian side, now there would be only one more major organization that you would need to get on board to make it convincing, that would be the Vatican, they would have to say something startling like, "we would be happy to baptize extraterrestrials". Then you would have to have them come out in the mainstream media, you have to put this information on the social network sites like You Tube etc. 

That would be an excellent start, you have taken care of of the civil side with the UN and you handled the really difficult religious part with the Vatican but it would not be enough just yet. You then would have many of the major countries around the world start partial or full disclosure. Now with all that in order there would only be a few housekeeping items to put in place, your next step would be to have NASA stop all manned space flights, why spend the money when there is no longer a need. The next housekeeping item would be to close the SETI program, once again why spend the money and the manpower if there is no need for it! 

Well the plan has gone perfectly, all your bases have been covered there are only a few things left to do. Firstly you would have more UFO sightings in the first few months of the year then we have ever had before in modern history, something  like what has happening in 2011. You would start to escalate the reality and the clarity of the sightings, something over Jerusalem might be a really good start. It would make no difference if it were real or not, you goal is to get this into the public awareness. Get people talking, get it on the radar screen. Well, it appears mission accomplished. 

Then you would probably go through the year with a few more fantastic sightings that would get into the mainstream media, real or not it would make little difference. Then finally, and only then, would you feel that all the possible groundwork had been laid, you would deliver a smoking gun. Something that virtually everyone would agree is not of this world. It would make no difference where this event is delivered, the purpose of starting disclosure on a global basis is to get everyone on board, not just Europeans or Americans you want everyone to be on the same page. The event would not be definitive proof but it would be about as close as you can get. Mainstream media would have a field day, it would be the talk of the planet. You would let that sink in for about 8-12 months and then you would lower the boom. Proof without any doubt, proof that is ironclad, something that even the biggest debunkers could not deny. 
Then life changes as we know it!!!  

Reprint of Discovery News Story (link below)
The SETI Institute is suspending its search for extraterrestrial radio beacons using its most advanced alien signal-seeking tool while it hunts for new sources of funding.

 The privately financed group, based in Mountain View, Calif., has been using an array of radio telescopes at Hat Creek Observatory, about 300 miles north of San Francisco, since October 2007, to study stars for non-naturally occurring radio signals that could indicate the presence of a technologically advanced civilization beyond Earth.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen provided an initial $25 million for the project, which is known as the Allen Telescope Array. The network eventually is intended to have 350 telescopes. The University of California at Berkeley, the National Science Foundation and several corporate and individual donors provided operating funds.
Budget cutbacks by the state of California and the NSF, however, have hit the project hard. Not only was the expansion postponed, now the search for ET itself is on hold.
In a blog post on Friday, astronomer Franck Marchis, who is not involved in SETI research but who works at institutes that are, disclosed that operations of the Allen Telescope Array have been suspended.
In addition to SETI work, the observatory shutdown impacts mainstream radio astronomy projects, such as a survey of extragalactic radio sources.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however. Since 2009, writes Marchis, the Air Force has been looking at using the Allen Telescope Array to keep track of orbital debris whizzing around the planet.
Writes Marchis:
The future of the ATA may depend of the US Air Force program. Unfortunately, because of the recent federal finance turmoil, no clear decision has been taken with enough time to keep the observatory running. Since April 15, the observatory is in hibernation. All the equipments have been taken care of to make sure that they do not deteriorate over time.

Then again, we are in the middle of full disclosure! 
Hope ET is patient with us.
Image: ET, we're not listening. Credit: SETI Institute

Reprint of an article at "Discovery News"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mystery Missile Launch in Japan

This type of missile launch is odd enough in Japan so shortly after the Tsunami and the Earthquake but with no explanation at all seems to be be more the odd. 

We have seen two occurrences similar to this in the United States with the one on the West Coast getting headline mainstream media attention. No explanation was ever put forward. 

Given the fact that only a government would have such resources you have to ask yourself, why would they do this and what do they expect to accomplish. 

Even if this were some form of hoax you would think that the government or the media would get to the bottom of it and report why this is happening!

Aliens and UFOs to Attend the Royal Wedding of Kate and William

Royal Family has long standing tradition of UFO and Alien interest!!

UFOs are a royal tradition.  Prince Philip is described as a "keen UFO follower" for the last 36 years.  Prince Charles got chased by a glowing red object in 1986 while piloting a RAF airplane. The Queen herself is interested in crop circles and has been photographed inside one. Earl Mountbatten, uncle of Prince Philip, has been said to see UFOs up close.  Given the long standing relationship that our friends from other worlds have had with the Royal Family,  although they are not on the guest list, it isn't surprising that UFOs would want to attend Kate and and William's Royal Wedding.  AOLNews reports:

You can buy china plates, copies of Kate Middleton's ring, copies of the dress she wore to the announcement of her engagement, condoms that have a picture of William and Kate on the box and advise you to "Lie back and think of England" when you use them, stuffed teddy bears, posters, barf bags (they say "Throne Up" on them), you name it. The Royal Wedding is off the hook, and its popularity is only second to Diana's wedding to Prince Charles.  Upwards of a billion people are expected to watch the Royal Wedding live on Friday.  The whole world loves the Royals, and as it turns out, so do our neighbors in other galaxies.

George Filer, a retired Air Force major, runs the National UFO Center and says it's common to see UFOs around important events and predicts the Royal Wedding will be no exception. 
Filer says his center averages more than 1,000 sightings a month, and he expects to get a few UFO reports from the area surrounding Westminister Abbey, the site of the April 29 wedding.
There are two reasons behind Filer's prediction: In the last few weeks, he's been getting reports from British Royal Air Force pilots who reported seeing UFOs over the English Channel, and, more importantly, he says the royal family is very interested in the UFO phenomenon.
It would indeed be an interesting thing if that interest was returned.   What kind of gifts would aliens bring to a Royal Wedding?  Hopefully not another toaster or an Ipod with their own speeches on it. We would like to see something a little more out of this world.  
We have it on a good source that UFOs and Aliens would be welcomed! 

Alien Contact, Alien News, UFO Disclosure all Laid out in NSA Documents

National Security Agency (NSA) documents finally become relevant and meaningful in 2011, NSA admits to ET contact and provides some UFO disclosure but reluctantly.

This is truly blockbuster information.  No one from the government has stepped in front of the cameras and come clean about ET reality as yet.   But, here we have the most secret intelligence organization in the U.S.A. , the National Security Agency, disclosing openly that there has been contact with intelligent extraterrestrials.   Not only that, they have decoded their messages.
On October 21, 2004, the NSA approved for release to the public a portion of their NSA Journal Vol. XIV No. 1.  So why would this report be relevant or meaningful in April 2011. Because the NSA did not release it into public information until April 21, 2011.  Though cleared for release, the NSA had been stonewalling it along with hundreds of other NSA documents about contact with UFOs and extraterrestrials until they lost the lawsuit brought by Peter Gersten, a lawyer from Arizona.  When they well and truly lost, the judge’s order had to be carried out, and the documents had to be released.

 This is a report of a presentation given to the NSA by Dr. Howard Campaigne regarding the decoding of extraterrestrial messages that had been received “form outer space”.  Apparently, these messages had actually been received via the Sputnik Satellite, but no one had any idea how to decode them at the time.
At some time, unspecified in the document, Dr. Howard  Campaignand some other NSA super mathematicians in the crypto department had been given the task of decoding the messages.  There were a total of 29 messages to be decoded—quite an undertak
The document, is Dr. Campaigne’s presentation to the NSA on the decoding of those messages.  It was actually published by the NSA in their own internal NSA Journal Yet, they were also forced to publish a list of search terms from Freedom of Information Act  (FOIA) requests for which they had found no NSA documents.  In that list is “Extraterrestrial Signals”.  The title of this document, which they published themselves is “Key To Extraterrestrial Messages”. 
Quite obviously, they conveniently split hairs here in reporting they had no information about“Extraterrestrial Signals” They knew for sure they had this document, and that it was about what was being requested in the FOIA request.  They knew it, flaunted the technicality of wording, and continued to stonewall.
Who is Dr. Howard Campaigne?
Dr. Campaigne is one of the top cryptologists on the planet with years and years of service to Naval Security Group, Army Security Agency, National Security Agency, and a couple of other such organizations. 
Howard H. Campaigne started his crypto career for the government  during World War II and has been a key and integral part of our U.S. security and intelligence ever since.  In other words, he is part of a very small, very select group who are considered the cream of the crop in Cryptology.
Dr. Campaigne’s presentation to the NSA on decoding the extraterrestrial messages was not a hypothetical excerise. A former NSA employee was asked to review the documents, this person still has top secret clearance, and asked him to view the document, his take was, there was no question about its authenticity since it was published in the NSA Journal, and was released by the NSA on their web site.   Does this document have any particular impact or importance (other than its startling revelations) for someone familiar with the inner workings of the NSA.  It most certainly does.
The former NSA official was blown away by the wording of the document.  He said that NSA communications are filled with words like “possibly” , “allegedly”, and “thought to be”. 
He said, “This document has none of the normal NSA disclaimer words in it.  They just come out and said ‘we received messages from outer space’ and this is the way to decode those messages.”
The question was posed “What does that mean to you?”
His reply was instant.
“Disclosure, pure and simple.  They aren’t making any fanfare about it, but there it is.  They have just made open disclosure.”
But what do the messages say?
Dr. Campaigne focused on a set of information in a couple of the messages that turn out to be some mathematical equations.  They also contain the listing of all the elements in our
Periodic Table
 Those equations may make some sense to a physicist or engineer, but do not mean anything to most of us.  One can clearly understand how Dr. Campaigne came to the translation since he explains it very well.  But, as to what the meaning of the equations are, one could not venture a guess.
It is curious, though, that during his presentation Dr. Campaigne mentions there are “words” that they have translated, and some “words” they have not yet begun to understand.  He gives an example of a connective word that he knows is connective (joining two or more statements) but does not yet understand the translation of that word.
Debunkers are scared as hell of the release of this information as it proves beyond any doubt that they are, and always have been, dead wrong.  Their careers as debunkers are finished in light of the revelation of this material.  They are already using the only possible “tool” left to them by saying, “That’s old information.  It’s been out there for years.”
As usual, they are either just uninformed, or outright lying.  It is true the document was cleared for release on October 21, 2004.  It is true that date is from “years”.  But it is also true that it WAS NOT released until April 21, 2011. 
"This  information has not been available for years." 
Many people have found that this information and a great deal of other information constitutes what most people would call open or full disclosure. 
Open Disclosure and even ET contact seems to becoming the norm with the government as more and more information is put forward faster then ever before! Can you imagine, we have had alien contact, we have decoded the message!!!
Want to read the document for yourself?  Here it is
You will see that  it is the official  NSA.GOV website.
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