Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reverse Engineering Alien Technology, Philip Corso Speaks Out, Video

Col Philip Corso's Achievements and Credentials are Impeccable.

  • Chief of the European Counter Intelligence Corp (CIC)
  • Chief of Special Projects  branch of the Intelligence Division, Far East
  • Was on the Staff of President Eisenhower National Security Council
  • Chief of the Pentagon's Foreign Technology Desk
  • Investigator for the Warren Commission
  • Philip Corso a witness to reverse engineering, alien and UFO technologies

It seems to be one of the common themes among aging, retiring astronauts, significant military and government figures, to come clean when they start to reach the end of their days. Col. Philip Corso is no different. There is absolutely no reason for these individuals to be coming out like this, other than to get the truth out before they pass.  They have little time left on earth and they have been keeping secrets most of their adult lives. As usual with most main stream media, they make a half hearted effort at serious journalism but can not help themselves when it comes to poking a little fun at these UFO whistle blowers. Colonel Corso recorded several videos before he died July 17, 1998. 

It is hard to deny that Philip Corso had a lot of relevant information on UFOs and technology that was back engineered by the government and it's contractors.

Philip Corso on Reverse Engineering, Aliens and UFOs
Reverse Engineering Alien Technology, Phillip Corso Speaks Out, Video 
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