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Was James Vincent Forrestall Murdered For Wanting to Release UFO Information? Video

James Forrestal, Suicide or Murder

There is only one reason why the government would keep secret their findings about Secretary Forrestal's death for 55 years and that is to cover it up. Forrestal was a popular figure in his day and releasing this information would have caused a firestorm of headlines that the government wanted to keep under wraps. The average life expectancy in the United States at the time of Forrestals alleged murder was 60 years of age. Covering it up for 55 years insured that virtually all Americans that were aware of Forrestal would no longer be living.

James Vincent Forrestal (February 15, 1892 – May 22, 1949) was the last Cabinet-level United States Secretary of Navy and the first United States Secretary of Defense. He was privileged to all the USA's secrets in the modern day of the UFO. It was widely rumored and speculated that he stood alone wanting to release government UFO information to the general public.

Since there was no suicide note from such a literate man who wrote so much, and since a belt or cord was found tied suspiciously around his neck, the transcription of lines from the morbid poem by Sophocles, "Chorus from Ajax," said to have been found near Forrestal’s bed, loomed large. All the newspapers at the time, in their May 23, 1949, stories, before there had been any sort of investigation, or even an autopsy, proclaimed Forrestal’s death a suicide, and they cited the poem to which the book, An Anthology of World Poetry, was said to have been opened. In later editions they touted his purported transcription of the first 26 lines. No one, it could be discerned from careful reading of the newspapers of the day, had actually seen Forrestal leave his room, and no one had seen him go out the unprotected window in the kitchen across the hall.

President Truman's decision to dismiss him as Defense Secretary on March 31, 1949 is said to have strained him to the breaking point, causing him to suffer a nervous breakdown. He was hospitalized (read committed) on April 2, 1949. On May 22, 1949 he was found dead on the roof of a covered walkway below the window of a kitchen across the hall from his 16th floor room at Bethesda Naval Hospital, a bathrobe sash knotted tightly around his neck.

The committee's full report regarding Forrestal's death was held secret for 55 years was not released until 2004.

Bethesda Naval Hospital, scene of the alleged murder of Secretary Forestall
Debate over the exact circumstances of Forrestal's unusual death continues today, with some critics citing the U.S. government's withholding of the official report and autopsy results as well as possible signs of struggle in evidence photos as indicating foul play.

In the 1994 television movie, Roswell, Forrestal is portrayed by Eugene Roche. He is depicted as sitting on a commission concerning the Roswell UFO Incident and advocating the eventual release of information to the public. The film treats his death and classified diary as highly suspicious. You did not need to be a conspiracy theorist to understand the facts around his death are more then extremely suspicious.

It is my opinion that the murder of Secretary of Defense Forrestal forced those that had knowledge of the UFO phenomena in the 1940 deeper into secrecy where they remain today!

Humanities compiled a decent list technologies that are very suspect as to their origins. We did some research and probably the one that is the most alarming is the integrated circuit board invented in 1959. It is simply baffling how we went from computers the size of a house to a small box virtually overnight. To read the full story follow this link. It is worth mention that this list is not compiled to diminish the accomplishments of mankind but to provide some perspective and thought on how so much was accomplished in such a short period of time.

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