Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Will it Take for Disclosure to Happen

How will disclosure start and when will it happen

When you really ask yourself what will it take for disclosure to happen and when will it actually happen, you must understand the the answers are already emerging. It will take several things to happen in a realitively short time frame.

What has to happen

1. There must be a group of credible people to tell us that UFO are real. They must go public.
2. Countries of the world must start to release all they know about UFOs for people to know it is real.
3. You must get several important organization to tell the world they believe in extraterrestrial life.
4. You must get movies, TV shows started about this, the main stream media must make a case to the public

What has already happened

1. We have had the Disclosure Project, started by Dr. Steven Greer that has gone public with disclosure. They are a group of Government, Military and Government Contractors that are very believable. Their first meeting was in 2001 and they have had subsequent public meeting the latest which was September 2010.
Each meeting was meant to be a public display in front of the media. CNN actually carried the 2010 meeting on live streaming video. To see a short video on disclosure click here

2. Approximately 29 countries have started to partially or fully release their confidential files on UFOs. For a full list of countries see List of countries that are disclosing

3. The two premier organization of the world, the United Nations and the Vatican have told mankind that they believe in extraterrestrial life. For the full stories story on the Vatican click here and for the UN click here.

4. We have seen documentaries such as The Day After Disclosure, there have been UFO movies such as 2012 and many more in the last few years. here is a trailer for the documentary,  at first I believed the main stream media was being slow to come to the party but after doing some research on this issue virtually all large new organizations have really stepped up their reporting in the last five years. I was planning to make a page with some of the most interesting news stories but there were just so many it seemed pointless. Suffice it to say that the media has joined the growing voices telling us UFOs are real.
So now we have met every objective of disclosure so you need to ask who are the powers that be (PTB) and why do they want to disclose now.

I will attempt to keep this as short a possible but volumes have been written on the subject of the PTB.

The powers that be are a group of Military, Government, Government contractor and business leaders and not all from the United States. They were formed at the end of 1940's and really got organized in the 1950's. The prevailing wisdom in the early years was that mankind was not ready for the truth and it would cause chaos and civil disruption. They may have been right back in the 1940's through the 1980's but since then man has been ready for the truth and actually eager for it.

So what has change in the last 10 years that would tempt this group to begin the disclosure process. Three things, first most of the original group have passed away or retired. The new group recognizes that they can not hold on to this secret forever and they feel the world is finally receptive to the truth. Secondly they are aware that there may be some severe retribution for hiding the truth for so long and thirdly the truth is seeping out in bits and pieces. Many credible witnesses have come forward with their stories including six US Presidents at least two Prime Ministers and a whole host of credible military and civilian witnesses. The flood waters are too strong to hold back. The issues slowing down the process the most is the fear of severe retribution and reluctance to give up power.

For all intents and purposes disclosure is already well underway. It will take one or two cases to emerge that cannot be denied for the world to really start to take notice. The prevailing wisdom is that this will happen in the 2012-2014 time frame. No one is sure if the US government will fully disclose or not, my guess would be that they will not but they will partially disclose when it suits their purpose. It is conceivable that Russia could come forward with some astounding cases in the next few years. Also South America is emerging as a very reliable source for credible material. Make no mistake about it, convincing disclosure is imminent and likely to happen soon.

It would be a good idea to check out Whitley Striebers piece "If Contact Occurs" here
or this article "When contact happens what reaction will we have" here

There is not much one can do to prepare for contact and if you believe Whitley Striebers well written piece then it is probably best to do nothing.

I have heard many people say yes, disclosure would be nice but it won't change anything. Statements like this could not be further from the truth. Yes in the short run not much would change but in the medium to long run everything will change. More on that in another post.
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