Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A UFO Cover Up Exposed by Credible Witnesses, Video

UFO Cover Up - Live, Compelling TV With Actor Mike Farrell

I was doing some late night research for Humanities and I stumbled upon this older compelling video, in it, Air Force Col. Coleman describes his own up close encounter which makes you pay attention. When people have such an experiences and you meet them or hear them explaining what they saw you feel a bit of a kindred connection with them, if you have a sighting yourself. I assure you that was not my only consideration deciding to post this story. It is honest, stood the test of time and compelling.

Actor Mike Farrell from (M.A.S.H.) hosted "U.S. UFO Cover-Up: Live!" a highly hyped two-hour prime-time syndicated television special that was broadcast in North America. This show met with mixed reviews when it was all said and done. The knock on the show was that they had a few highly credible witnesses such as Coleman and Friend but they also mixed in a bunch of witnesses with wild claims.  Here is the segment with Col. William Coleman and Cole Robert Friend. If you would like to see more on the July 1952 UFOs over Washington DC click here and scroll down.

This video starts out a bit amateurish but it is a very compelling watch. 

A UFO Cover Up Exposed by Credible Witnesses, Video
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