Thursday, February 3, 2011

UFO sighting Victoria, Canada, January 22, 2011

UFO seen over Victoria, British Columbia, Island of Vancouver 1/22/2011

You be the judge whether this is for real or a hoax. It seems pretty real to me. This guy actually had two sightings in the same night.  It  most likely is the same UFO seen at different times and different locations. This has not gotten a lot of play on the Internet but it warrants checking out.
It appears he is on a balcony for the first 11:25 and elsewhere in the last 7+ minutes. Since this is pretty long (19 minutes) for a UFO video let me highlight some of the significant times.
Start seeing the UFO around 39 seconds, a nice shot around the 2:30 mark, he starts explaining where he is and what he is seeing at 4:25.  Two hours later from another location starts at 11:25. I think the second part is well worth watching in its entirety but he recaps in the last minute.

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