Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time to go Home

It was his Time to go

MUFON CMS - Tennessee - 01-14-11: I had just returned home from a little late night shopping at Wal-Mart around 1:30 AM. I was getting settled in and ready for bed, and had just come out of the bathroom from brushing my teeth.

As I walked from the bathroom down the stairs to my bedroom, I heard this extremely loud buzzing/humming, almost grinding sound coming from outside that was so loud the windows of my house were rattling.

Curious as to what it was and expecting to open the door to see a helicopter flying too low or a low flying jet passing over, I opened the door to look outside, only to see something I couldn't have ever imagined in my wildest dreams.

Peering out from the front door of my house facing south, directly in front of my point of view, there was a large (guesstimating 150 ft. in diameter) metallic, solid black sphere hovering about 150 yards from where I was standing and maybe 150 - 200 feet in the air.

Directly in the dead center of the sphere was a blue-white sort of laser-like beam spread out from the craft, and rotating back and forth and up and down very slowly as if it was searching for something, and as I was standing there this beam passed directly over me.

I didn't feel any heat, or pain from it, I was only slightly blinded for a split second... but this was well after I'd gotten a good solid 20 - 30 second view of the object.

The sound emanating from this object was this intense humming, grinding, almost like the sound made when you run over a tree root with a lawnmower, or when a construction worker is using a pile-drive minus the chipping sound, or when someone presses down on an object too hard with a grinder, but consistent and continuous, and again, loud enough that the sound was rattling my 2 story house's storm windows.

I'm shocked it didn't wake up the whole neighborhood.

After watching for a good 20 - 30 seconds, I wanted to document it somehow, so I ran into the house to grab my iPhone with the hopes that the object was low and close enough that the resolution on my phone wouldn't have trouble capturing the object, as it usually does anything from a distance at night.

Here's where things get even weirder. The entire time I was in the house to grab my phone was all of 15 seconds. Mind you, when I came outside at first the object was not moving, just hovering.

Within that span of 15 seconds I was inside, I came back outside to find that the object was gone from its original spot, but I could still clearly hear it.

Thinking that it had to be nearby, I looked around, and then ran (as fast as I could in house shoes) around to the back of the house to find that the object had traveled at least 2 miles away, and all I could see was the faint remnant of the beam, still moving as if it was searching or scanning for something, before the object disappeared behind the ridge line.

I didn't bother trying to film, I knew it was too far away for me to have any chance of capturing. Here's where it gets even more odd. As I'm standing watching it disappear behind the ridge line, I hear another loud sound of a craft, only this one is familiar. I turn around to see 3 black helicopters in formation, flying very low, and hauling ass, with only their spotlights on facing directly in front of them.

They followed the exact same direction I saw the craft travel. Now, I have witnessed strange lights I couldn't explain in the sky before, I have even had one UFO experience in particular that altered my whole perception of how a viewed physics, reality, religion, and what I perceived as possible and impossible, but this... this was different.

With all of those other sightings I got a sense of excitement, wonder, and even at times warmth and comfort. What I felt when I saw this object was an almost sickening sense of fear, discomfort, and dread.

With all the other sightings I WANTED to see it again, I was excited to have seen them. This thing... I wished I hadn't seen it, and it had me so uneasy I had a lot of trouble NOT picturing it when I was trying to sleep. Every time I got the image in my head, and remembered that sound it made, it sent chills up my spine.

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