Friday, February 18, 2011

Sun Unleashes Monster Flare, Solar Boom

Expect Big Things from the Sun

The sun recently released a monster solar flare that are the warm ups for 2011 and in particular 2012. The events that we just witnessed will have no impact on society but it is time to start paying attention. The predicted storms on the way in 2011 will have minor damage associated with them but the storms for late 2012 will be devastating. It is possible that if we do not equip our satellites with protective shielding we could be without major communication networks for sometime. 

We can expect to see some additional significant activity again in Jun 2011, Sept 2011 and the real show in December 2012 when eleven year solar cycle starts to repeat itself. The suns polarity will shift and cause massive solar activity the like which have not been seen since 1859.

It would be wise to take precautions to be without electricity for a period of 30-60 days. This may even include some forms of transportation. We have never experienced anything like this in our lifetimes so it is most difficult to predict. 

As we move through 2011 and inch closer to 2012 stay alert to new solar activity. Don't let the experts tell you to take it lightly or that there is nothing to worry about. The solar flares of 1859 burned down telegraph offices and fried the electrical lines! Do a search for the "Carrington event" and expect similar activity!  

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