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Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, A Credible UFO Report, Video

Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident  

Rendlesham Forest is the sight of a US Military Base in England where one of the most credible UFO stories ever documented happened. For years the government tried to debunk this story, peoples lives were threatened but as with most things (not all) the truth eventually emerges over time. To this this day there are still debunkers and skeptics that attempt to put this story into a negative light, others have simply called it a hoax and a lie. When you meet and discuss the details with the principles in the story you have no doubt as to its authenticity.
 If you have skeptics in your life then this is what they need to see.  If they don't come around after seeing this they never will.......move on!

It took a  bit for the story to hit the press in the UK but when it did it was rather sensational.
Now that most of the material has been declassified and the majority of witnesses have told their story it remains a story that should answer the question that we have all been asking for a long time!

The article appeared in The Guardian on January 5, 1985 under the heading A Flashlight in the Forest (right). It is reproduced here, slightly edited to clarify and update various points, and with the addition of several illustrations.
In December 1980, something remarkable was said to have occurred outside the US Air Force base at Woodbridge, near Ipswich in eastern England. News of the event leaked out slowly, finally hitting the headlines in October 1983: “UFO lands in Suffolk – and that’s official”, screamed the front page of the News of the World, a popular UK tabloid.

The story was sensational. It told of a group of American airmen who were confronted one night with an alien spaceship in Rendlesham Forest, which surrounds the air force base. According to the story, the craft came down over the trees and landed in a blinding explosion of light.

The airmen tried to approach the object, but it moved away from them as though under intelligent control. The following day, landing marks were found on the ground, burns were seen on nearby trees, and radiation traces were recorded. There was even talk of aliens aboard the craft, and allegations of a massive cover-up. It had all the ingredients of a classic UFO encounter.

Audio of Col. Halt Tape of the Incident
Transcript to Sgt, Penniston's Account of the Sighting
Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, A Credible UFO Report, Video
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