Sunday, February 13, 2011

Proof of UFOs through Government Files

Great Research by Top Notch Ufologist

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I have often said that we really need to rethink the UFO phenomena, watching videos and ready articles does arm us with the truth to a certain extent but we need more. I know someone in Europe that is approaching the UFO delima in a completely different way, he claims to have made some break throughs and promises to share this information when the time is right and he gathers enough proof, so far he has been very secretive.  I have been working on the issue from a mathematical perspective following in line with Bruce Cathie's "Harmonic Conquest of Space". Bruce was from New Zealand and did some great work on the subject.  I have a friend in the Boston area that is taking a religous tack but not the coventional one that everyone associates with any form of UFO. Many others are also doing important work and eventually we will have our smoking guns.

I mention this because this group of researchers took a different approach. They confined their research strickly to Government files that had either been leaked out or through files that were released through The Freedom of Information Act. The researchers  include Stanton Friedman, Timothy Cooper, Ryan Wood and many more. They make a convincing and compelling case.

This video is timely because it also delves into the "war over Los Angeles" Feb 25th 1942, that apparently brought down two interplanetary ships. The 69th aniversary will be with us shortly.

If any readers or viewers are researching the UFO phenomena in a different way and if you are willing to share that information please hit the submission page and let me know. If your research is serious and if you wish to be a guest poster on this site let me know that as well. Thanks
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