Saturday, February 5, 2011

Priest and 37 Witnesses see UFO and Aliens, Video

Priest and 37 others see UFO, Aliens

A little known case involves Father William Gill, he and 37 other witnesses saw a UFO on more then one occasion.  He had a young child run for a pencil, paper and flashlight and he documented the sighting as best he could which you will see in the video. He prepared a report and 25 of the witnesses signed it, including, medical technicians and teachers.  Father Gill was stationed at Papua New Guinea at the time and later made this 1997 interview. It is important to note that that the craft was only 200-300 feet off the ground and he could see "human like figures who acknowledged Father Gill and the other witnesses".

Sketch of craft

(Video 3.5 min)  

"Dr. J. Allen Hynek (astronomy professor, who served for 21 years as the scientific consultant to USAF's UFO project), personally traveled to the Pacific island where the incident occurred and interviewed many of the 25 witnesses. CUFOS' lead investigator astronomer Alan Hendry also interviewed 6 of the witnesses.
To this day this is one of the most believable cases ever reported. When you take into consideration the quality and the number of the witnesses it is extremely credible sighting.
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