Saturday, February 5, 2011

Motherships over Mexico dispersing other UFOs (orbs) into the sky

Information coming out of Mexico is astonishing.

"Stunning observations are being made in the skies over Mexico and the world. In Mexico a new group of UFO observers called "The Vigilantes" are equipped with high-tech video equipment and are now combing the skies for evidence with fantastic results.

Among the amazing videos collected are stunning evidence of a strange new unidentified object now referred to as Ebanis. According to UFO Investigators, the evidence of Ebanis suggests that they are gigantic biological structures that behave like a kind of aircraft carrier for UFOs. For the first time in this feature length program, you will see the most complete UFO report on the wave of UFO activity over Mexico that to many UFO researchers is believed to be a real contact point between Man and ET".

When you see the clarity of the still photos at a much high resolution this becomes very intriguing. Also this group of vigilantes is made of of professionals and some professional photographer. The entire video is well worth watching but the 19 minute mark is important. You won't be able to make your mind up without watching all of the video. Enjoy
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