Wednesday, February 9, 2011

International 2011 UFO Congress Feb 2011

UFO Congress to be held in Scottsdale AZ Feb 2011

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Organizers say former American, Canadian and British military officials will present evidence of the existence of UFOs at a Valley conference this month.
The International UFO Congress (IUC) will hold its 20th convention in Scottsdale at the end of February.
Maureen Elsberry, Marketing Director for Open Minds Production, said the event moved to Arizona this year because the group wanted to expand the audience.

Open Minds Production is a group dedicated to investigating and reporting extraterrestrial phenomena, according to their news release.

“We wanted to expose the event to everyone, not just UFO buffs,” Elsberry told ABC15.
Since the organization was established in 1991, it has hosted an annual conference in Laughlin, Nevada. This year UFO enthusiasts will descend on Fort McDowell Resort & Casino near Scottsdale, February 23-27.

The conference is expected to host over 20 speakers and international exhibitors, who present on UFO phenomenon. According to the IUC website, topics include government cover-ups, exopolitics, crop circles and alien visitation.

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By: Anthony DeWitt,
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