Sunday, February 20, 2011

Actual NASA Film of UFO, Anomalies in Space


Something strange is happening. UFOs are showing up over major global cities - on schedule.

Of course, UFOs show up all the time all over the place. If you're not aware of that, then you're really not keeping track of what's going on in that space. YouTube is full of amateur videos.

A year ago there was a very large pyramidal "thing" over the Kremlin. In China, the government shut down major airports in the last few of months because of "craft?" in their airspace which were witnessed by hundreds if not thousands of people. In March there were strange shapes hovering over London.

Stanley A. Fulham, a former Canadian Air Force officer said he had information that UFOs would show up over the sky of New York on the 13h of October. They showed up. Then there was one near Washington, DC's Dulles airport in November.

Fulham said that the "objects" would be
over Moscow and London again in early January of this year. Here's video footage from the 16th from Moscow. And just a couple of days ago something was flying over Jerusalem.

The point being that things have speed up exponentially, I posted a story the other day that in the first 44 day of 2011 we have had more UFO sightings than any other time in history.  To see this post click here.


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