Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is causing Australia's bizarre weather, strange rings appeared over Australia starting January 2010

Nine strange giant rings appeared over Australia in January and February 2010. Could HAARP have been involved? That would explain the massive floods which occurred 1 year after the rings appeared, in 2011.
A year ago, Colin Andrew  received an email from someone in Australia claiming that he has discovered a bizarre ring over Australia’s South East region.

The rings were huge, as big as Germany or a US state and they have been detected by the Australian Government Weather Satellites and Radars. At that time they haven’t been given any serious attention and most people disregarded them but today, after Australia was hit by massive floods, analyzing and understanding these rings is very important. The  Australian media says these rings are perfectly normal and it's all a conspiracy but now after floods reached " Biblical proportions in Australia” these strange anomalies must be fully studied.

The South West weather ring was definitely very strange and totally looks artificial. Similar rings later appeared in two more places. The large clearly defined ring had slowly dissipated but still was just visible on a time loop which was spiraling counter clockwise (Low Pressure system).

These are Official Satellite Images from Australian Government Bureau of Meteorlogy.The image above shows a wide band ring covering many hundreds of miles across the south west of Australia with a small dot (presumably cloud) shown just right of center.
Collin said he checked the site several hours later and played a loop of the radar which was on the site at that time. The radar confirmed the image above and showed the ring fading but still visible over a period of a couple of hours. Regrettably the loop could not be saved. That loop is not on their site anymore but the satellite image taken at 16:30 UTC is also very interesting. It shows a very large counter clockwise rotation over west Australia where the mysterious large ring had appeared. It revealed a small and brief appearance of a condensation trail formed off the coastline and from the center what had been the huge ring a series of three small spiraling arms. These arms can be seen moving out of the area and moving north east.

Red star could easily be interpreted as a major UFO seen above.

For the complete article click here  also many more pictures in complete story
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