Monday, January 24, 2011

Weather Control is Real, it is Being Used, And It Is a Weapon, HAARP

Many people believe that the massive bird, fish and animal kills around the world recently are attributable to the HAARP program. We know that this program is real and we know that it is being used. It might be a technology that can eventually be used for good but in the meantime it is being further developed by the US military. This program has been in the alternative media for a long time and it has advanced to the main stream media to the point where the military have given HAARP their own website. Can you only imagine.
It appears that this technology developed by the oil companies is not that complex and many countries around the world have copied it and are using it. Climate Change should now be call Climate Manipulation.

"In Abu Dhabi, scientists have successfully manipulated entire weather systems, causing up to fifty downpours of rain across the Al Ain region the desert nation over the last year. A team of scientists working for Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the president of United Arab Emirates, have erected entire fields of giant ionizers to generate waves of negative ions which rise into the lower atmosphere and attract dust particles. The dust particles, in turn, attract condensation from the ambient air, and when enough condensation is achieved, the clouds can't hold the water anymore and a downpour of rain is unleashed. The entire system was devisided by the Swiss company, Metro Systems International".

"But it turns out the skeptics are getting soaked over this issue, as usual. This technology is up and running right now, bringing rain to Abu Dhabi at a fraction of the cost of desalination plants. The conspiracy theorists were right yet again about the existence of weather control technology. Jesse Ventura even did a show on it last year on his Conspiracy Theory series: Remember the episode about HAARP? (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.)"
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