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UFO craft seen over Jerusalem, Dome of the Rock, Temple of the Mount

UFO over Jerusalem - Dome Of The Rock

Many people believe that the "Dome Of The Rock" UFO  video is emphatic proof that UFOs and Aliens are real. There is no doubt that this is a very compelling video (evidence), but we need to wait and see what additional information emerges before passing judgement.

This UFO video was taken from the Armon Hanatziv panoramic lookout. The UFO is seen descending almost to the level of the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount, the spot where the Al Aksa Mosque stands and the Jewish Holy of Holies is believed to have been located once. 

Interestingly, ancient Jewish texts talk of a ball of light that would descend to the Temple to ignite the sacrificial altar in days gone by. Was this ball of light being sent down by aliens?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

First UFO cable released by Wikileaks

Wikileaks cable confirms extensive Soviet UFO investigations

The first Wikileaks U.S. diplomatic cable that mentions UFOs has just been released. It is based on comments by Yuriy Zhadobin, chairman of the intelligence service of the former Soviet Republic of Belarus. In the cable prepared by the U.S. Embassy in Minsk, Zhadobin is reported to have said that during the time of the Soviet Union, there were almost unlimited funds for investigating the UFO phenomenon. He laments that after the Soviet break up, Belarus no longer has the funds to investigate UFOs to the extent it once had.

This is what Zhadobin said in the cable just released by the Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten:Unlike during the USSR, the department is not engaged in studying paranormal phenomena. [Back then,] we had greater means and opportunities which we could spend on anything and everything. Today the situation is different. Then, when society was excited by something, it entered our sphere of interest. But when it comes to healers, UFOs and such, we just can´t deal with them any more.

Wikileaks has so far only released 2000 of approximately 250,000 diplomatic cables, less than one percent. In an interview with the Guardian newspaper in December 2010, Julian Assange confirmed that some of the unreleased cables do concern UFOs. Those yet to be released cables may reveal the extent to which the U.S. and other countries have investigated, and publicly covered up the UFO phenomenon and its relationship to extraterrestrial life.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Former Chinese Ministry Official says Aliens are living among us

Ex-China Foreign Ministry Official Says ETs live among us

Chinese scientists also say that aliens live among humans. This includes Sun Shili, a retired foreign ministry official who is now president of the Beijing UFO Research Society who also concludes that waixingren (extraterrestrials) are living among us.

Sun's first close encounter occurred in 1971, when he was sent to the remote countryside during the "cultural revolution" (1966-76) to perform the grueling task of rice planting. One day while toiling in the field, his attention was diverted to a bright object in the sky, which rose and fell repeatedly.

At first, Sun assumed the spectacle was some sort of Cold War intelligence monitoring device - a reasonable deduction considering the times - however years later, after reading foreign materials on UFO sightings, he knew he had experienced a close encounter.

And Sun is not the only expert in the country taking these sightings seriously. According to the highly-accredited Shen Shituan, an actual rocket scientist, president of Beijing Aerospace University and honourary director of the government-supported China UFO Research Association, every report of an alien encounter is worth investigating.

Research [ethically-based] into UFO's could help spur new forms of high-speed travel, unlimited sources of non-polluting and non-fossil fuel based energy and faster-growing crops, claims Sun Shili, president of a government-approved UFO Research Association (membership 50,000).

Over 400 members of Dalian's UFO Society have college degrees
In Dalian's UFO Society, 90 per cent of the 400 members have college degrees. "It's exciting for us to use science to decipher UFO sightings," said Zhou Xiaoqiang, secretary-general of the Beijing UFO Society.
While few Chinese claim to have managed to get quite as intimate with an extraterrestrial as Meng, a growing number of people in China believe in unidentified flying objects, or UFOs.
In fact, Officially registered UFO associations in China have about 50,000 members, but some estimate the actual number of Chinese interested in the subject is probably in the tens of millions.
China has a bimonthly magazine -- circulation 400,000 - devoted to UFO research. The conservative state-run media also report UFO sightings on a regular basis, in contrast with Western government organization which, as a policy, deny verifiable human contact with Extraterrestrial. UFO buffs in China claim support from eminent scientists and liaisons with the secretive military, giving their work full scientific respectability.
"If something flies over [ET spacecraft], there's a very good reason for trying to understand why they're here, why they come to us, what is their relationship between us and them," he says.

"In order to understand UFO phenomena, we need to have a broad understanding of different disciplines," says Albert So, university professor and Hong Kong UFO club member, "including mathematics, physics, history, philosophy, even some sort of paranormal activities and all that."

Thursday, January 27, 2011

GCF, go to Saudi, Pay $5000 only to find out that UFO and Aliens are real

Business leaders to discuss UFOs & extraterrestrial life

January 13, 2011. Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
A leading business forum discussing global competitiveness will in its annual conference host a panel discussing UFOs and extraterrestrial life. The Global Competitiveness Forum is hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and discusses business trends and insights essential for future business investment and competitiveness. The panel is titled: "Contact: Learning from Outer Space", and features famed astrophysicist Dr Michio Kaku and a leading Islamic scholar, together with prominent UFO experts Stanton Friedman and Nick Pope. The Global Competitiveness Forum is poised to introduce, perhaps for the first time, many world business leaders to key issues concerning UFOs and extraterrestrial life, and how these impact on economic competitiveness.
The Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF) is hosted by the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority and will be hosted in the capital Riyadh from January 22-25, 2011. The GCF website says:

The Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF), the only event of its kind, is an annual meeting of global business leaders, international political leaders, and selected intellectuals and journalists brought together to create a dialogue with respect to the positive impact organizational and national competitiveness can have on local, regional and global economic and social development. It was founded in 2006 by the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), and is held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia under the patronage of HM King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.
The description for the GCF's forthcoming panel on "Contact: Learning from Outer Space" is:
Psychological and socio-cultural assumptions and preconceptions constrain us to a large extent, and shape our views of the universe so that we are inclined to find what we are looking for, and fail to see what we are not. Using knowledge gained from research in the fields of Ufology and the search for extraterrestrial life, what might we possibly learn about hindrances to innovation in other areas of inquiry?
According to an email from veteran UFO researcher Stanton Friedman, the panel will feature five speakers including himself:
It is interesting that the 5th Annual Global Competitiveness Forum to be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jan. 23-26 has the courage to have a panel "Contact: Learning from Outer Space." Featuring Dr. Jacques Vallee, Nick Pope, Dr. Michio Kaku, myself and an Egyptian Scientist Dr. Zaghloul El Naggar", a member of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs.
A clue into what is likely to be discussed in the upcoming panel is the question: "using knowledge gained from research in the fields of Ufology and the search for extraterrestrial life, what might we possibly learn about hindrances to innovation in other areas of inquiry?" The GCF appears to be interested in learning about how information and/or technology has been constrained in the past, and what this means for the future business investment. In a recent book, Flying Saucers and Science and article on his website, Stanton Friedman discusses how nuclear fusion energies were stifled in the past, along with repression of information concerning extraterrestrial life and technologies used for interstellar propulsion. Similarly, Dr Michio Kaku has described some of the advanced energy propulsion systems most likely to be used by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.

The GCF hopes to stimulate dialogue over how issues related to UFOs and extraterrestrial life impact on the national competitiveness of oil producing countries such as Saudi Arabia. As the world's leading oil energy supplier, Saudi Arabia is taking a keen interest in future trends where new energy systems are developed for mass consumption. By taking a proactive role in business dialogue and investment plans that discuss extraterrestrial life and alternative/new energy technologies, Saudi Arabia hopes to use its enormous wealth as a means of ensuring the future prosperity of its kingdom and citizens. That is both the right political move and smart business strategy, and will encourage world business leaders to also take proactive steps on issues related to extraterrestrial life and technology.

Further Reading:

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What is causing Australia's bizarre weather, strange rings appeared over Australia starting January 2010

Nine strange giant rings appeared over Australia in January and February 2010. Could HAARP have been involved? That would explain the massive floods which occurred 1 year after the rings appeared, in 2011.
A year ago, Colin Andrew  received an email from someone in Australia claiming that he has discovered a bizarre ring over Australia’s South East region.

The rings were huge, as big as Germany or a US state and they have been detected by the Australian Government Weather Satellites and Radars. At that time they haven’t been given any serious attention and most people disregarded them but today, after Australia was hit by massive floods, analyzing and understanding these rings is very important. The  Australian media says these rings are perfectly normal and it's all a conspiracy but now after floods reached " Biblical proportions in Australia” these strange anomalies must be fully studied.

The South West weather ring was definitely very strange and totally looks artificial. Similar rings later appeared in two more places. The large clearly defined ring had slowly dissipated but still was just visible on a time loop which was spiraling counter clockwise (Low Pressure system).

These are Official Satellite Images from Australian Government Bureau of Meteorlogy.The image above shows a wide band ring covering many hundreds of miles across the south west of Australia with a small dot (presumably cloud) shown just right of center.
Collin said he checked the site several hours later and played a loop of the radar which was on the site at that time. The radar confirmed the image above and showed the ring fading but still visible over a period of a couple of hours. Regrettably the loop could not be saved. That loop is not on their site anymore but the satellite image taken at 16:30 UTC is also very interesting. It shows a very large counter clockwise rotation over west Australia where the mysterious large ring had appeared. It revealed a small and brief appearance of a condensation trail formed off the coastline and from the center what had been the huge ring a series of three small spiraling arms. These arms can be seen moving out of the area and moving north east.

Red star could easily be interpreted as a major UFO seen above.

For the complete article click here  also many more pictures in complete story

Aliens, Alien News, Would Discovering Alien Life Cause Terror or Delight

I enjoyed this article immensely because it really makes you think about the universe, our place in it and what else might be going on in our cosmos. I don't necessarily agree with the premise (A) he puts forward but it does make you think and that is always a good thing. If anyone has any thoughts on the subject I would love to hear you. Please use the submission form above. Thanks

The intriguing remark was made by Lord Martin Rees, a leading cosmologist and astrophysicist who is the president of Britain’s Royal Society and astronomer to the Queen of England. Rees, who hosted the National Science Academy’s first conference on the possibility of alien life, said he believes the existence of extra terrestrial life may be beyond human understanding.

“They could be staring us in the face and we just don’t recognize them. The problem is that we’re looking for something very much like us, assuming that they at least have something like the same mathematics and technology."

“I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms we can’t conceive. Just as a chimpanzee can’t understand quantum theory, it could be there as aspects of reality that are beyond the capacity of our brains.”

During the conference entitled ‘The Detection of Extra-terrestrial Life and the Consequences for Science and Society’, Rees asked whether the discovery of aliens would cause terror or delight on earth, the Telegraph reported.

However, Frank Drake, the founder of SETI and Drake's Equation, told the conference that satellite TV and the “digital revolution” was making humanity invisible to aliens by cutting the transmission of TV and radio signals into space. The earth is currently surrounded by a 50 light year-wide “shell” of radiation from analogue TV, radio and radar transmissions. According to Drake, digital TV signals would look like white noise to a race of observing aliens.

Although the signals have spread far enough to reach many nearby star systems, they are rapidly vanishing in the wake of digital technology, said Drake. In the 1960s, Drake spearheaded the conversion of the Arecibo Observatory to a radio astronomy center. As a researcher, Drake was involved in the early work on pulsars. Drake also designed the Pioneer plaque with Carl Sagan in 1972, the first physical message sent into space. The plaque was designed to be understandable by extraterrestrials should they encounter it.

Milan Cirkovic of the Astronomical Observatory in Belgrade, points out that the median age of terrestrial planets in the Milky Way is about 1.8 gigayears (one billion years) greater than the age of the Earth and the Solar System, which means that the median age of technological civilizations should be greater than the age of human civilization by the same amount. The vastness of this interval indicates that one or more processes must suppress observability of extraterrestrial communities.

Since at this point, there is no direct and/or widely apparent evidence that extraterrestrial life exists, it likely means one of the following:

We are (A) the first intelligent beings ever to become capable of making our presence known, and leaving our planet. At this point, there are no other life forms out there as advanced as us. Or perhaps extraterrestrial life does exists, but for some reason extraterrestrial life is so very rare and so very far away we’ll never make contact anyway—making extraterrestrial life nonexistent in a practical sense at least.

Or is it (B) that many advanced civilizations have existed before us, but without exception, they have for some unknown reason, existed and/or expanded in such a way that they are completely undetectable by our instruments.

Or is it (C) There have been others, but they have all run into some sort of “cosmic roadblock” that eventually destroys them, or at least prevents their expansion beyond a small area.

Since Earth’s placement in space and time appears to be unremarkably random, proposition “A” seems fairly unlikely. Assuming humans evolved like other forms of life into our present state due to natural selection, then there's really nothing all that mystical, special or remarkable about our development as a species either. Due to the shear numbers, there are almost certainly other planets capable of supporting at least some form of life. If that is so, then for Earthlings to be the very first species ever to make a noticeable mark on the universe, from a statistical perspective, is incredibly unlikely.

For proposition “B” to be correct would defy all logic. If potentially thousands, or even millions of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations exist in the known universe, then why would all of them, without exception, choose to expand or exist in such a way that they are completely undetectable? It’s conceivable that some might, or perhaps even the majority, but for all of them to be completely undetectable civilizations does not seem likely either.

Proposition C in some ways, appears to be more likely than A or B. If “survival of the fittest” follows similar pathways on other worlds, then our own “civilized” nature could be somewhat typical of extraterrestrial civilizations that have, or do, exist. Somehow, we all get to the point where we end up killing ourselves in a natural course of technological development and thereby self-inflict our own “cosmic roadblock”.


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Weather Control is Real, it is Being Used, And It Is a Weapon, HAARP

Many people believe that the massive bird, fish and animal kills around the world recently are attributable to the HAARP program. We know that this program is real and we know that it is being used. It might be a technology that can eventually be used for good but in the meantime it is being further developed by the US military. This program has been in the alternative media for a long time and it has advanced to the main stream media to the point where the military have given HAARP their own website. Can you only imagine.
It appears that this technology developed by the oil companies is not that complex and many countries around the world have copied it and are using it. Climate Change should now be call Climate Manipulation.

"In Abu Dhabi, scientists have successfully manipulated entire weather systems, causing up to fifty downpours of rain across the Al Ain region the desert nation over the last year. A team of scientists working for Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the president of United Arab Emirates, have erected entire fields of giant ionizers to generate waves of negative ions which rise into the lower atmosphere and attract dust particles. The dust particles, in turn, attract condensation from the ambient air, and when enough condensation is achieved, the clouds can't hold the water anymore and a downpour of rain is unleashed. The entire system was devisided by the Swiss company, Metro Systems International".

"But it turns out the skeptics are getting soaked over this issue, as usual. This technology is up and running right now, bringing rain to Abu Dhabi at a fraction of the cost of desalination plants. The conspiracy theorists were right yet again about the existence of weather control technology. Jesse Ventura even did a show on it last year on his Conspiracy Theory series: Remember the episode about HAARP? (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.)"
Learn more:

South America could be the Holy Grail for UFO Disclosure

Disclosure in South America has begun

The motherlode of UFO material most likely resides in the United States and to a equal or lesser extent Russia. At least Russia will admit to the existence of UFOs but the United States remains very tight lipped about the issue. 

Neither country seems prepared to start releasing meaningful information any time soon. Yes, the Disclosure Project headed by Dr. Steven Greer is having an impact but they are retired government and Military personel not active employees. Their efforts are to be applauded and encouraged but it would be difficult for them to effect real disclosure by those keeping a lid on this information.  

Europe also seems to be putting forward an effort to disclose but nothing of any substance has been released to date. So where can we start to look for viable information and ultimately the truth.

It seems unlikely that Ecuador could be the Genesis for solid UFO Disclosure but in Ecuador they take the issue very seriously. Also given the fact that Ecuador is moving in a reasonably quick realistic fashion it is making other neighboring countries to reconsider what and how they disclose their information.

Even the Chilean government reopened its special UFO investigations unit CEFAA. Which have also forced The Air Force of Argentina to formally announced the formation of a committee to study the UFO phenomenon.

So for the immediate future our best bet at getting to the truth might be South America. In the early days of Ufology there were numerous sightings and even crashed vehicles but once the United States was called in to help with the investigations the flow of information stopped. 

Countries around the world have come to realize that the USA does not have a proprietary right to phenomena and now seem more willing to take it upon themselves to determine if and when this info should be shared with the public. 

Countries in South America that are partially or fully disclosing are Argentina, BrazilChileEcuador, Peru, Uruguay.

Short version (8 minutes)
full version (53 minutes)

So for the time being most of the world has focused their attention on the United States and Russia for UFO Disclosure but it might be wise to look a bit more to the south and stay focused on Ecuador and it's immediate neighbors.

For a full list of countries that have started some form of disclosure click here.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

We are not alone in the Universe

I think that we have reached a point in time that interaction with other beings is imminent. Every few hundred years we are in for a Galileo Moment and I think the time is near for another one. We have always found things out in increments, "the earth is not flat", " the earth is not at the center of the Universe". I believe that it will be revealed in short order (2012-2014) that we are not alone in the Universe.

Any person that has given thought to the Universe has already come to this conclusion. Anyone that has actually seen a UFO understands that we are not alone. The speculation of how many stars, planets and galaxies there really are is just speculating, no one really knows. The vastness of the Universe only boggles the mind. The size scope and the amount life in the Universe most likely does not fit into our comfort zone and it will be difficult to deal with when we finally start to get answers. (Video 1 min) 

I think things are moving at a very fast pace, partial or full disclosure has happened in at least twenty countries, the Vatican and the UN have told us that alien life probably does exist. I am not necessarily fond of either of these institutions but if you want people around the world to be prepared what better organizations could you have to tell us that there is life beyond earth. People seem to be waking up all the time, not necessarily being enlightened but waking up to the reality that we are not alone in the Universe.

Many people think that the arrival of alien life will be some sort of false flag but if this is true it will only be a hiccup in history. I don't think that the natural progression of life can be slowed down by any group of people, in the great scheme of things they are immaterial.   

For  a complete list of countries that have either fully or partially disclosed go to;

Galileo Moment;

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Is Time Travel Possible, it Appears the Answer is Yes

Time Control Technology Disclosure

Dr. David Lewis Anderson has entered the public arena to widely disclose the existence of nothing less than time control and related technologies (including a time reactor that taps into the “free” energy created by the earth’s frame-dragging through space time).  This may be the most powerful technological development humanity has so far constructed.  

He and other groups around the world have been perfecting these technologies for some years now.  An international Time Race has been secretly underway.  Public awareness of such technologies, as well as the governmental, military, and corporate interest in exploiting them, may be the most important issue we deal with as a species since the discovery of atomic power.  Though this might sound like science fiction to most people, on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, Dr. Anderson has assured the public that it isn't.

“There is such a great risk Art, of how this technology can be used.  A lot of people ask me what if, how it will be used?  The issue today is no longer what if and how.  The technology is being used.  It’s being used in Japan, in India, there are efforts in China…It’s really now a question of how do we manage the influence that governments have on this technology today that becomes a real concern and a challenge for people on this planet.” 

Dr. Anderson has exposed human beings to retarded and accelerated rates of time.  “People laugh because they can not believe that what they are seeing in front of their eyes truly can happen.  Then there is a feeling of a deep emotion.  The fact that when people realize that what they perceive is reality isn’t real, based upon their belief system and their own human mind…People can not experience life the same way.”  Many have described profound spiritual experiences as a result of being exposed to a time warp field generator in action.

Anderson could not disclose the exact rate of acceleration/retardation his team has achieved. This revelation is the ultimate game changer.  However, what could be more motivating to encourage humanity onto the peace track?  Everyone and everything is susceptible to the effects of time manipulation technology.

“We’re going to have knock down all the political barriers, all the religious barriers and look at this issue as one human race.” Oddly enough, Terrence McKenna suggested in an interview with Bell on Coast to Coast, that his transcendental object at the end of time might be a time machine.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Children in Africa see UFO and Aleins

Sixty Two Children see UFO and Aliens, 1994, Africa

On Friday September 16th, 1994 at approximately 10:15am, 62 children from Ariel School, a private primary school in Ruwa (about 20 km from Harare) were in their playing field for the mid-morning break. Suddenly, they saw three silver balls in the sky over the school. These disappeared with a flash of light and then reappeared elsewhere.

This happened three times and then they started to move down towards the school with one of them landing (or hovering) over a section of rough ground made up of trees, thorn bushes, and some brown-grey cut grass with bamboo shoots sticking up out of the ground. The children are not allowed in this area although it is adjacent to their playing field and is not fenced off, because of snakes, spiders and perhaps other harmful creatures.

One can soon disappear from view while walking here, and there is only one very rough track used by tractors in an attempt to clear this area. There is a line of electricity pylons and according to one boy, the object followed along this line prior to landing. There is also some controversy as to whether the object landed on the ground or hovered above it.

One eyewitness, Barry D., said he had seen three objects flying over, with flashing red lights. They disappeared, and reappeared almost immediately, but somewhere else.

This happened about three times. Then they came and landed near some gum trees; Barry said the main one (object) was about the size of his thumb nail held at arm's length.

The reports were similar although some children were more observant than others. The consensus of opinion was that an object came down in the area where they indicated, about 100 metres from where they were at the edge of the school playing field.

Then a small man (approx 1 metre in height) appeared on top of the object. He walked a little way across the rough ground, became aware of the children and disappeared. He, or someone very like him, then reappeared at the back of the object.

The object took off very rapidly and disappeared. The little man was dressed in a tight-fitting black suit which was 'shiny' according to one observant girl (11 years of age).

He had a long scrawny neck and huge eyes like rugby balls. He had a pale face with long black hair coming below his shoulders.
I had suggested to Dr Mack prior to visiting the school and before the children had been interviewed, that he let the children draw what they had seen and he now has about 30-40 drawings, some of which are very explicit and clear, although some are rather vague.

The children's ages vary from 5/6 to 12 years. I have 22 photocopies of the clearer drawings as Dr Mack kindly allowed me to page through the pictures and choose those I wanted.

Most of the descriptions are similar but some of the craft are very obviously 'flying saucers', and I wonder how many of these children have had access to the media. Others are crude but more or less in this saucer shape.

The children vary in cultures: there are black, white, coloured and Asian children. One little girl said to me, 'I swear by every hair on my head and the whole Bible that I am telling the truth.' I could see the pleasure on her face when I told her that I believed her.

The smaller children from 5-7 years were very frightened at the time and ran shouting 'Help me, help me.' When the older children asked why they were saying this, the reply was, 'He is coming to eat us.' I should think this applied more to the black African children who have legends of tokoloshies eating children.

John E. Mack, Harvard Psychologist
Dr. John Mack was a leading Harvard Psychologist that specialized in alien abductions, he has since passed away but there is much film and print material about him. If you go to the abduction section you will see a drop down box on the right side of this site you will find several videos of him.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ET, UFO, Mankind is Ready to Meet Alien Life Forms

California Psychologist: Humanity is Ready To Meet Aliens

A California psychologist says human beings may be ready to accept evidence of extra-terrestrial intelligence without widespread panic.

Dr. Albert Harrison of the University of California's Davis campus said such a discovery 'may be far less startling for generations that have been brought up with word processors, electronic calculators, avatars and cell phones as compared with earlier generations,' The Scotsman reported.

A hundred years ago computers, smartphones, space stations, and other technological wonders existed only in the realm of science fiction. If a UFO had landed on the grounds of the White House back then, most people would have turned to religion for an explanation. The public would have been convinced that the extraterrestrials were demons with malevolent intentions. There would have been widespread panic, and society would be in an upheaval.

Today we live in a high-tech world and the idea that extraterrestrials might visit the Earth isn't so alarming. Decades of science fiction movies about UFO's and alien beings have psychologically prepared us for the arrival of visitors from a galaxy far, far away.

Most Americans have a rudimentary knowledge of quantum physics. We are familiar with the counter-intuitive concepts of entanglement, the multi-verse theory, and string theory which posits the existence of 11 dimension

If physics makes time travel and the idea of an infinite number of universes seem possible, it's not too much of a stretch for us to believe there's intelligent life forms in the universe.

If the US government has proof that we aren't alone in the universe, I hope they will share that information.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

UFO Secrets, Black Projects, Secret Underground Bases and Tunnels and Much More!

Secrets of the Black World

This is one of the better documentaries that you can find in your search for the truth regarding UFOs and aliens in the universe. The individuals being interviewed appear to be honest and highly credible. The first 30-40 minutes of this documentary are an absolute must watch. The most compelling parts of this video, (and there are many) are the John Lear interview (starts at 12:45) and the Bob Lazar interview (starts at 18:15). 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

List of Countries That Have Disclosed Alien and UFO Documents

Last Updated August, 2013

UFO / Alien Disclosure

This lists contains countries that have actually disclosed, those that are in litigation to disclose all or specific files and countries that have released significant aspects of UFO and alien encounters.

This is happening in rapid fashion and will continue until we have some undeniable facts put forward that the UFO and Alien Phenomena is real.

This list will be updated monthly or when additional countries determine that these files should be released to the public.

Click on Country for Source
1.   Argentina
2.   Australia
3.   Brazil
4.   Canada

5.   Chile
6.   China
7.   Denmark
8.   Finland
9.   France

10. Germany
11. India
12. Ireland
13. Japan
14. Mexico
15. New Zealand (Additional Report)
16. Peru
17. Russia
18. Spain
19. Sweden
20. Ukraine (not in English)
21. United Nations
22. United Kingdom
23. Uruguay
24. Vatican City

It is very clear that mankind is being prepared for disclosure. It is no coincidence that more than 20 countries have started partial or full disclosure. Also comments and actions from the Vatican and the UN indicate that the "so called powers" want some of this information to become public. The preparation process is well under way and it is not that difficult to connect the dots. The time frame for proof is expected to be late 2012 - 2014.

On a final note, full, honest and complete disclosure may never happen. At best, we can expect some type of limited or partial disclosure.

UFO and Alien Disclosure, List of Countries, Files, News, Evidence

Disclosure of secret files on UFOs in Brazil

Swiss propose a petition to allow government UFO files to be disclosed to the public. to sign and send go to
UFO disclosure OVNI déclassification

Brazil Discloses additional UFO documents

Feared by opponents of military rule, officials of the defunct Department of Political and Social Order (Dops), an agency of repressive dictatorship, also took their scares. Some claim to have seen unidentified flying objects in various parts of the country, including in Rio. The reports are among the first sighting of UFO records released for public consultation by the Air force. On Tuesday, the Force has published ordinance guiding professionals and users of the national air traffic to pass on information about the apparitions allegedly extraterrestrial Aerospace Defense Command, which compiles with the existing files for further dissemination. The news was revealed exclusively.

For more information and read the full Story;

Update March 3, 2011
LONDON (Reuters) - The government Thursday released 35 previously classified files documenting sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) by the military and members of the public dating back to the 1950s.The files contain around 8,500 pages which mainly cover the period from 1997 to 2005 and include photographs, drawings and descriptions of flying saucer sightings, as well as letters the Ministry of Defence sent eyewitnesses in response to their accounts.

 "The Russian Navy has declassified its records of encounters with unidentified objects technologically surpassing anything humanity ever built, reports Svobodnaya Pressa news website".,2933,534960,00.html

Spain declassifies 83 documents

Sweden is releasing thousands of UFO files beginning May 9-10, 2009, according to a news story in Swedish online news magazine Expressen. Translation of the story was provided by Exopolitics Sweden and editor of Soul Travel Magazine. Sassersson’s translation states that:”Besides the 18,000 Swedish cases are thousands of cases from Denmark and other Nordic countries. Thousands of US cases on micro film are too included. The archive (Norrkoping) will be open to the public domain starting with May 9-10, 2009
"Sweden is releasing thousands of UFO files beginning May 9-10, 2009, according to a news story in Sweden.

Danish UFO files now open to public

Uruguay Declassify UFO records.

French Government Release UFO Files
"The French Government is the first establishment to release all their UFO data to the public. Other countries, including the US, provides documents when requested (following the Freedom of Information Act), but does not currently openly publish all the related documents for the public".

"Canada started releasing sensitive UFO documents starting in Feb 2009".

Peru Sets up UFO Office
"LIMA - Peru's air force has set up a nationwide system to track alleged UFOs, whose flashing lights seem to be distracting pilots and radar operators from doing their jobs. ``The Air Force is concerned about the disturbances in our air space,'' said Air Force Commander Julio Chamorro, who sees unidentified flying objects as a threat to national security. Ufologists say Peru is home to ``hot zones'' of activity of UFOs that are said to be drawn by Peru's Nazca Lines - enormous land drawings that can only be observed from the air".

"Friday May 20th was a historic day for Ufology in Brazil and around the world as the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) for the first time in its history, officially received a committee of top UFO researchers to openly discuss UFO sightings in Brazil and to fully examine classified government UFO documents in several military fascilities".

New Zealand releases UFO Files
UFO Files to be made public
"The New Zealand Military have released hundreds of previously classified reports detailing claims of UFO sightings and alien encounters".

BBC News, Britain to release Classified UFO files
Classified UK UFO files to be unveiled
"Thousands of UFO sightings reported in Britain and contained in formerly top secret documents are being made public.
The Ministry of Defence files, which contain photos, letters and drawings of apparent close encounters during the past 20 years have now been declassified".
Nicola Pearson reports

VATICAN CITY  —  There could be alien life forms and believing they exist isn't contradictory to having faith in God, the top astronomer at the Vatican said in an interview published Tue,2933,355400,00.html

Japan's Top Government Spokesman: UFOs 'Definitely' Exist,2933,317266,00.html

Ireland release Classified UFO documents
Ulster's X-files: dossier of UFO sightings released

India to disclose the UFO are real.

China discloses UFO reality

"For decades the Finnish Defence Forces have been interested in unusual incidences within our air space, things that people usually call UFOs. Recently published book reveals official UFO studies in Finland from 1933 to 1979". New book chronicles UFO sightings for the past 50 years. (not in English)
 is no longer a matter of if it is going to happen it is only a matter how and when it is going to happen. It will be up to each one of us to determine if it is a false flag event or a real event. A critical component of understanding the truth will be "who" is going to put this information out to the world. 


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