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This information is some of the most important to come out, we are attempting to verify this through other media sources and we are making efforts to contact Dr Shaheen or delegates that attended the symposium.

In a shock statement, head of the Cairo University Archeology Department, Dr Ala Shaheen has told an audience that there might be truth to the theory that aliens helped the ancient Egyptians build the oldest of pyramids, the Pyramids of Giza.
On being further questioned by Mr Marek Novak, a delegate from Poland as to whether the pyramid might still contain alien technology or even a UFO with its structure, Dr Shaheen, was vague and replied "I can not confirm or deny this, but there is something inside the pyramid that is "not of this world".
Delegates to the conference on ancient Egyptian architecture were left shocked, however Dr Shaheen has refused to comment further or elaborate on his UFO and alien related statements. I have also attached a link to Professor Dr. Alaaeldin M. Shaheen, it appears that he has very strong credentials and should be taken seriously.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


It has become abundantly clear that as the astronauts of the 1960's and 70's that are moving towards retirement or have entered retirement are now coming clean with their first hand UFO stories. Some of the stories seem incredulous but consider the source.

For the sake of this post I have chosen four astronauts to examine,
Buzz Aldrin, Edgar Michell, Gordon Cooper and Story Musgrove.

Gordon Cooper Mercury Atlas 8 Backup Command Pilot, Mercury Atlas 9 Command Pilot, Gemini 5
While flying for the Air Force in Europe he saw what he called a "vast armada" consisting of hundreds of UFOs. "They were higher and moving faster then any conventional aircraft were capable at the time". Several pilots were on the same training mission and they also saw the "Armada of UFOs".
While working as a pilot at Edwards Air Force base he said "a UFO landed at a near by dry lake bed.  He went on to say "the craft put down three landing struts and landed".  He quickly assembled a film crew who filmed the saucer like craft on the ground which eventually flew away at a very high rate of speed". The film was immediately sent off to Washington DC never to be seen again.

Credibility of Gordon Cooper
Completed his Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology.He logged over 7000 hours of flight time with 4000 hours in jets (new at the time). He received the Legion of Merit Award, the Distinguished Flying Cross, NASA Exceptional Achievement Award, University of Hawaii Regents Medal and the Columbus Medal, to name just a few of his awards and achievement.

Edgar Mitchell, Pilot on Apollo 14, 6th man to walk on the moon.
While Mitchell has not seen a UFO, he claims that he has attended briefings on the subject.
 "I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet".
"UFOs have been the source of disinformation to deflect attention and create confusion so the truth does not come out".
"There is no questions that aliens have visited earth and are still visiting today".
"There has been a vast government cover up for more then 60 years".
"He claims to have met officials from three different countries who claimed to have personal contact with extraterrestrials".
"A lot of contact has already happened"
"Roswell was real, a UFO crashed at Roswell"(Mitchell's family was from Roswell)
"The world is already started disclosuring"

Credibility of Edgar Mitchell
Mitchell earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management from Carnegie Institute of Technology. While on active duty in the Navy he earned a Masters of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the U.S. Naval Post Graduate School and the Doctorate of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT.
Received Honorary doctorates from New Mexico State University, Carnegie Mellon and Embry Riddle.
Received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Other awards too numerous to mention.

Buzz Aldrin  Gemini 9a, Pilot, Gemini 12 Command Pilot, Apollo 11, 2nd man to walk on moon. 
Said he and other astronauts on this mission identified a UFO and sent a cryptic message to Houston telling them where to look to see the object. Years later he told of a bell like metallic object he and other astronauts observed from the window of Apollo 11.

Credibility of Buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin graduated third in his class at West point in 1951 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He turned down a full academic scholarship at MIT to attend the Military Academy. He was an aid to the Dean of faculty at West Point. Aldrin then earned his Sc.D. degree in Astronautics from MIT. His graduate thesis was line of sight guidance techniques for manned orbital rendezvous. After completion of his doctorate he was assigned to the Gemini Target Office of the Air Force Space Systems in Los Angeles. He received Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, NASA Distinguished/Exceptional Service Medal (5 times), NASA Space Flight Medal and Honiara Doctorate from Gustavus Adolphus College. A further list of his awards could fill several pages.

Story Musgrove, he was on STS 6, STS 51F, STS 33, STS 61, STS 80 Payload Commander, Astronaut Scientist.
"The disc first appeared below the shuttle Columbia".
"The disc was first observed to miraculously appear out of nowhere, flying through the clouds below moving from right to left".
"The astronauts stared in utter amazement. The whole outer rim of the craft appeared to be rotating counter clockwise".
He tried to communicate with Extraterrestrials on all six missions to space.

Credibility of Story Musgrove
He received BS in  Mathematics and Statistics from Syracuse University.
He received a MBA degree in Operations Analysis and Computer Programing from the University of California.  A BA degree in Chemistry from Marietta College.
An M.D. Degree from Columbia University of Physicians and Surgeons.
He received a MS in Physiology and Biophysics from the University of Kentucky.
He received a MA in Literature from the University of Houston.
He received The National defense Service Medal, NASA Space Flight Medal (6 times) and NASA Distinguished Service Medal. Others too numerous to mention.

We all know that having multiple college degrees does not make one any smarter then the other but these four men had some of the most distinguished careers on the planet. They were not simply Astronauts they were the best that NASA had to offer. They were accomplished beyond belief, two of them actually walked on the moon. If we cannot believe their stories about UFOs, Government Cover up, aliens visiting the planet then we will not believe any one's story.
Change is inherently difficult for man, after all we made Galileo recant his belief that Earth is not at the center of the Universe, then he was put under arrest for the remainder of his life.
A new reality is already here, we now understand that many of the UFO sightings are actually alien spacecraft visiting Earth and they have been doing so for many, many years.
For some people it will take an actual spacecraft to land on the proverbial White House lawn to become believers and even then there will be some in our society that will not believe or will call it an elaborate hoax, false flag or whatever they want to use to stay in denial.
Others like myself have taken a hard look at the anecdotal evidence, hard evidence, empirical evidence and draw from some of our own life experiences to know that the UFO phenomena is real, it is happening now and it is undeniable.

Source, NASA, Wikipedia
Pictures courtesy of NASA


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What is the deal with 2012, why so much controversy, there are so many things being said about it, how do we decipher the truth. Can we get to the truth. Can we get some straight talk about 2012.
There are many popular beliefs about the year 2012. These beliefs range from the spiritually transformative to the apocalyptic, and center upon the various interpretations of the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar. Contemporary scientists have disputed the apocalyptic events being forecasted. A partial list of events that people are talking about are as follows: 

1. Polar Shift
2. Planet X or Nibiru
3. Collapse of World Government
4. Aliens visiting earth
5. End of Time as predicted in the Mayan Calendar
6. End of Time as predicted by I Chang
7. End of Time- Religious Apocalypse
8. Flu Pandemic
9. Nuclear War or WWIII
10 Nuclear Accident
11. Super Volcano
12. Ice Age
13. Global Warming or Climate Change take your pick
14. Web Bot prediction something huge happens Nov 2010
15. Planetary Alignment
16. False Flag
17. Killer Solar Flares
18. Comet/Meteor/Asteroid

What are we all to think about 2102, does it really mean anything at all!

The year 2012 has become a focal point, 2012 has been manipulated by many to force us into a great litany of different apocalyptic beliefs. It has become a money making extravaganza beyond comprehension.  It does not take a great deal of common sense to realize that most or maybe all of things things will never happen in our life time. That is not to say we are not in for some major event or sea change in our thinking.  Are we about have have a "Galileo Moment" when we found out the the earth is not the center of the universe. I think the answer is yes!

First off, lets be honest..........there have been several movies on the subject, God know how many books have been written on the subject (you can purchase more then 300  books on Amazon about 2012), lots of Guru's offering up there slant on this in their seminars, news letters galore, websites are growing on this topic exponentially. There is talk of the Illuminati, a reasonably small group of people in the know who are controlling everything. There is talk of 2012 fulfilling Biblical prophesies. Is the world as we know it going to end.

Is the truth hidden in plain sight. Maybe people have touched upon the truth but have hidden that truth in their owns lies and conjecture. Maybe the truth is deeply hidden and we will not know what it is until it actually happens. I think the truth is trickling out and that trickle will soon become a stream, river etc.
I think there are a few things we can all agree on, some of this speculation is out and out fiction. But what is fiction and what is real....

What can most of us agree on, what do most of us know as fact
1. Governments and in particular the US Govt has been engaged in a UFO cover up for a very long time
2. The vast majority of UFO sightings are explainable
2. Some UFOs are real and most likely coming from some place in the universe
3. Some UFOs are real and in a few cases back engineered by the military
4. We know that the poles have shifted before in history, the only speculation is as to how often
5. We know that all the glaciers on earth have melted at least three time. They call it deglaciation!
6. We know that there will be a major solar storm sometime in 2012, this happens every 11 years
7. Most of us know that the Mayan Calendar ends on Dec 21, 2012 but what does it mean!
8. There is emerging evidence that something is going on around the sun but what is it!
9. If you follow Clif Highs Web Bot you know that something is up in Nov 2010, but what!
10. We know a lot of people are either getting very rich regarding 2012 or simply making lots of money off of it!

Two others things I feel confident about happening in 2012, there will be major earthquakes, causing massive destruction and death around the globe. The will also be major sun flares that will wreak havoc on our electrical system, commication systems and more. I believe the sun will start to act wildly starting late 2011 and throught 2012 and possibly into 2013.  The events are cyclical and predictable so this should not be news to anyone!

Above all these claims there is one thing that most of the people in the world truly believe and that is that UFOs are real and many of them are from some unknown origin in the universe. Furthermore people in growing numbers are starting to believe that the existence of alien life. As a result of this reality, I put disclosure very high on the list of things that will really explode in 2012. Check out the sidebar,ABC, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS all have had stories in 2010 about UFOs and disclosure. This is nothing new as UFO stories have been around for a long time. What is new is that the subject is starting to seep into the mainstream media. What is new is that media are only just starting to take the subject seriously. In the past few decades the media has poked fun at UFO has always been about "little green men" well for those paying attention those days are over.

We all know that 2012 means something, we can feel it, it is palatable and to be honest it only takes one event to change our world or our lives forever. When you think about it we already have the answer. Disclosure is happening now, in 2010 we had and absolute tectonic change, both the Vatican and the UN said they believe in the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. We actually found out that the UN has an Office of Outer Space Affairs. Who knew!!! I have written a much more comprehensive piece on this called "Disclosure that is already happening". See the link below!  It appears that disclosure is now in plain sight, hiding right in front of us!

There is much to be said about this and what it means. You will see much information in one of my earliest post.........."WHEN CONTACT HAPPENS" (link below). It is worth your time to read and prepare yourself on how people will think and react (including yourself) when this actually happens! Many people have emailed me or contacted me and asked how can you be so sure about UFOs, my response has always been because I had a very personal life changing experience. I really have not told many people outside of family and friends but it has become the Genesis for this website. You can read about it on a separate page entitled "MY UFO EXPERIENCE".

Side note;
There is also another theory that has been around for a long time but is just beginning to emerge as something we all might consider. We create our own reality just by thinking about these issues, believing in the ideas. Our reality is a state of mind that we all reach collectively. In essence mind shapes matter, our thoughts can become reality and actually shape what happens in our world. 
Check out of these two debunking sites, it is worth your time.
The most dangerous people speculating about what is likely to happen in 2012 are the ones that have it a little bit right but mix a bunch of their own conjecture in with the truth!

There is an emerging faction of people that are debunking 2012 as something that is definitely not going to happen, if this is what you want your reality to be then read these two sites. They will discredit everyone that has ever touched on the subject, they have posted former NASA Director Morrison on a Fora TV video many times as proof positive that nothing is up. I am not buying it. Something is in the air and we will find out in the next 12-24 months!

2012 (MMXII) will be leap year starting on Sunday. In the Gregorian calendar, it will be the 2012th year of the Common Era, or of the Anno Domini; in the 12th year of the 3rd millennium and of the 21st century; and the 3rd year of the 2010 decade.

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This is a question that we all probably have asked ourselves from time to time. I don't think it is that hard to figure out but what else have we been thinking about.

1. How important is religion
2. Is reincarnation real
3. Did I choose to come here
4. Is there a heaven, is there a hell
5. Is God real
6. What is enlightenment all about
7. What is all the business about vibrating at a higher level\

These are just a few questions that spring to mind while thinking about the greater issue of what is the meaning of life.

Like all things you really can't come to any conclusion unless you put some brain power to it. I don't think that is a terribly long process or a difficult process to come to grips with. First of all I think the best way to get started is to get paper and pen ready and write down a list of things that make you really happy. If listing these on the computer is better suited to you then do it that way! Creating the list is important, how and where is irrelevant.  Drop in some things that make you sad, throw in some of the things that you regard as your greatest accomplishment. If there are things that really bother you don't be bashful put then on the list!

If you work on this for about an 30 minute you will start to hit up on some things that will resonate with you. Don't stop, keep on pushing through, pretty soon you will begin to see several things that really start to make sense. If you must, take a two minute break after 30 or 40 minutes. Clear you thoughts and clear your head. Don't do anything but simply try to set all things aside for just a few minutes. Now that you have done that go back and put another 20 or thirty minutes into it again. At this stage you probably have hit up all the usual suspects, family, friends, work, having a family, raising you children, relationships you have or have been in, finances, divorce, separation, the importance of your religion, that is if you believe, The Creator and a host of other items.

Read the list and see what moves you the most, give it some thought and continue there somethings that makes you cry, what makes you laugh, if anything. What do you think your best qualities are, what would you like to do with your life.

Now think about being 90 years old sitting in a rocking chair on your porch and your reflecting back on how your life was spent. Are you happy with how everything transpired, if you could have changed some things in your life what would be the one thing you would have wanted to change the most. Don't think of something that already happened that you could not change but something in the future that you would change for the better. Reflect a bit on that.

One of the last steps you should take is think about attending your own funeral. Your spirit is there watching the ceremony. Who speaks on your behalf, what do they say. Are you satisfied with the eulogies, do you wish that more was said, did you lead a happy and productive life? Did you say, wow, I touched many people and mostly for the better. 

Go back to your list and and spend another 15-20 minutes filling it out. You should have narrowed it down to some things that you want to do going forward by analyzing some things you have done and thought about in the past!

Take that list and for the next few days read it at least once. Start to implement some of the items in your everyday life. This is not something that you need to dwell on but, some of these items will surface from time to time and that is a good thing. Briefly think about it and decide which items you want to incorporate into your life for that day, week or month!

It is a bit like asking a child what they want to be when they grow up. This is something children rarely think about but by simply posing the question every once in a while it prepares them to entertain the thought of actually growing up and makes them think about how their life will unfold. Let them blurt out anything. It will change over time and they will start coming to grips with becoming an adult without losing their childhood!

After about 6 months to a year do you see some eulogies at your funeral as more moving, having more meaning! Incorporate those changes into your everyday life, break free of the normal day of just being you and be more! It really is not as hard as you might believe!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Facts and Myths About UFOs

Myth: Very few people have really seen a UFO...
Fact: According to a Roper poll conducted for the SciFi channel, one in seven Americans say they or someone they know has had an experience involving a UFO...
A total of 14 percent have had or know someone who has had at least one Close Encounter of the "First," "Second," or "Third" kind. The largest proportion (12 percent) say they or someone else they know has seen a UFO at close quarters.Source: Poll from - Coalition for Freedom of Information

Myth: Airline pilots never see UFOs, so they must not be real...
Fact: There have been many cases of pilot sightings ever since the 1940s and they continue through today.
Some of the most convincing UFO reports were produced in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s by airline pilots, military pilots and ex-military pilots but even today there are startling sightings by pilots. These men had the training and the experience to be able to distinguish between normal sky sights and highly abnormal sights. They knew what airplanes looked like, and what meteors looked like, having seen them many times. Their visual observations were frequently supported by radar data which showed essentially the same thing. They were therefore able, on many occasions, to methodically eliminate conventional phenomena from consideration when trying to identify UFOs.

In those same decades, most UFO sightings were made in the daytime and frequently at close range, when shapes and surface features could be distinguished, thus making positive identification of normal sights easier and the descriptions of unusual sights more detailed. When all normal explanations had been eliminated, the witnesses could concentrate on those aspects of the experience which were most abnormal.

These abnormal aspects included the shapes of UFOs and their behavior. Most of the UFOs seen in the daytime were said to have had simple geometric shapes--discs, ovals, spheres, cylinders--and surfaces that looked like metal. Such shapes are not only nonexistent among known aircraft, but contrary to all known theories of flight, in most cases offering control and performance disadvantages rather than advantages. 

Myth: UFOs are only reported by uneducated farmers in places you've never heard of...
Fact: A study by the U.S. Air Force showed that the most puzzling UFO reports came from people who had the best technical backgrounds. They are reported from everyplace where there are people, though fewer are seen from big cities because less of the sky is visible.
UFOs are reported by every type of person: uneducated yokels and PhDs; laborers and corporation presidents; truck drivers and airline captains; little kids, their parents and their grandparents. People in every state, every province and every country. They are reported by people who are convinced every light in the sky is an alien craft, and by other people who are convinced that no one as smart as them ever sees odd things in the sky.

People in rural areas may see more UFOs because they can see more of the sky and because they may look at the sky more often. Big city people have a poor view of the sky, and they are usually too busy to look up. Generally speaking, UFOs are seen by people who happen to be in the right place at the right time. Source: Don Berliner, The Fund for UFO Research, Inc.

Myth: The U. S. Air Force investigated UFOs and concluded there was nothing to them...
Fact: The Air Force had an official UFO investigation from 1948 to 1969 (Projects Sign, Grudge and Blue Book), and collected more than 12,500 reports. It claims to have explained all but about 701 of them, but the facts of most of those reports strongly suggest that something important was seen.

The U.S. Air Force claims to have explained all but 701 of its reports, though by actual count the number is 584. But as so many of these were made by military and airline pilots, and other unexplained sightings involved radar tracking, they are the heart of the matter. Hundreds of other reports in the official files are alleged to have been explained, but are full of unscientific and illogical reasoning.

If so many cases are admittedly unexplained, they cannot be used to support any conclusions, as the nature and origins of unexplained cases are, by definition, unknown. If you add those cases that are only "possibly" explained, the total lacking convincing explanations tops 50%, which strongly suggests that the official investigation was a failure.

Myth: UFOs are only seen by Americans...
Fact: UFOs have been seen wherever there are people. Every continent has had its share, as has almost every country, though local interest plays a role in the apparent level of activity. Wherever there is someone interested in searching out UFO reports, they will be found, but that doesn't mean the investigator lives in a center of activity.

Some of the first UFOs were seen in Europe and the Pacific. Since then, they have been reported from all continents and probably all countries. There have been major waves of sightings not only in the USA, but in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Russia and elsewhere. Official and private organizations have been established in many countries to study their sightings, and their results are similar to other countries'. The same kinds and variety of UFOs are seen most places, and this has changed little over the years.

In late 1944, following a gradual build-up of activity, "foo-fighters" were reported in large numbers. Pilots of American and British bombers and night fighters over occupied France and over Germany described glowing balls that flew in formation with them for long periods and then just flew away. The first "explanation" was that they must be experimental German anti-aircraft weapons that were being tested prior to being put into action. But the war ended without a single "foo-fighter" showing unfriendliness. Explainers then tried to blame German jet and rocket fighters in night operations. But it was later determined that there may have been only a single night flight by any German jet, and none by their rocket-powered fighters.

At about the same time in the Pacific Theater of War, American bombers were followed for hours by bright lights that eventually turned away. Military officials said they were Japanese suicide planes, and that is how they show up in official mission reports. But suicide planes never flew at night, and they never followed our bombers for long periods of time without doing anything. The war ended with hundreds of reports still unexplained.
UFOs, Aliens, UFO Sightings
Myth:UFOs have only been seen since 1947...
Fact: There are UFO reports in newspapers and literature dating back to 1865 and even earlier in cave drawings, and other early mediums. 

UFOs, Aliens, Facts and Myths, Pilots, Military

Source:  The Fund for UFO Research, Inc

Monday, November 1, 2010


The thesis of Timothy Good's book entitled Unearthly Disclosure is that the American Government has shrouded the UFO subject in secrecy to protect its 'privileged contact' with alien races based here on Earth. Good sites many statements from reputable eye-witnesses that corroborate his claims that alien bases exist on Earth, some of which are deep below the sea.

The reasons for the secrecy are simple: The inertia of highly classified programs, embarrassment over past illegal actions taken to enforce secrecy, and the fact that the energy and propulsion systems behind the mysterious UFO objects have been studied and fully understood. This disclosure would spell the end for oil, gas, coal and other conventional forms of power - and with that, the end of the current oil-based geopolitical order and economy. The truth is our tax dollars have been used to investigate this matter for decades and it is time for a dividend on that investment. The full disclosure of the facts will enable humanity to attain a sustainable civilization without global warming or the need for oil.

How would society react to the knowledge that trillions of dollars have been spent on unauthorized, unconstitutional projects over the years? And that these tax-payer dollars have been used by corporate partners in this secrecy to develop spin - off technologies based on the study of ET objects which were later patented and used in highly profitable technologies? Not only have the taxpayers been defrauded, they have then been made to pay a premium for such breakthroughs which were the result of research paid for by them! And this does not address the intellectual property theft of such technologies from the ET s. While the basic energy generation and propulsion technologies have been withheld, these corporate partners have profited wildly from other breakthroughs and benefits in electronics, miniaturization and related areas. Such covert technology transfers constitutes a multi-trillion dollar theft of technologies which really should be public domain since taxpayers have paid for it.
And how would the public react to the fact that the multi-billion dollar space program, using internal combustion rockets and the like, has been a primitive and unnecessary experiment since much more advanced technologies and propulsion systems were in existence before we ever went to the moon?

NASA and related agencies have, for the most part, been as much a victim of this secrecy as has the rest of the government and the public. Only a small, very compartmentalized fraction of NASA people know of the real ET technologies hidden away in these projects. Certainly my uncle, who helped design the lunar module which took Neil Armstrong to the moon, was as much a victim an anyone insofar as he was denied access to these technological breakthroughs. He had to rely on the old physics and the old internal combustion jet thruster technologies just like everyone else. What a shame.

The inescapable reality is this: This secret project, no matter how well intentioned initially, got carried away with its own secret power. It abused this power. It has hijacked our future for fifty years. And the scandal of this fact would result in such consternation in society and in government that its consequences can hardly be imagined. Indeed, it could well be cataclysmic from a social and political perspective.
In fact, the quiet coup d'etat of the late 1940s and early 1950s, once exposed, could result in real instability today.

But the situation is actually much worse than this. All that is written above is dwarfed by a larger problem: The covert group running these UFO related black projects have also had exclusive sway over the early days of an embryonic extraterrestrial-human relationship. And it was been tragically mismanaged - nearly to the point of genuine global catastrophe.

For what happens when an unelected, unappointed, self-selecting, militarily oriented group alone has to deal with inter-species relations between humans and ET s? Well, as in most areas, if you wear rose-colored glasses the entire world looks red. And if you are wearing military glasses, every new and uncontrolled development will be seen as a potential or real military threat.

The nature of such a group - which is inordinately controlled and incestuous - is that it is homogeneous in world-view and mind-set. Power and control are preeminent qualities. Such extreme secrecy creates a very dangerous milieu in which checks and balances, give and take, are utterly lacking. And in such an environment, very dangerous decisions can be made with inadequate feedback, discussion or insight from needed perspectives which are, per force, excluded.

In such an environment of extreme secrecy, militarism and paranoia, we have found that immensely dangerous actions have been taken against the ET s. Indeed, we have multiple inside sources who have described to us the use of increasingly advanced technologies to track, target and destroy extraterrestrial assets. If there is even a 10% chance that this is true ( I am convinced it is 100% accurate) we are dealing with a global diplomatic and social crisis which is utterly out of our control but which puts the entire planet at risk.

Source: Dr. Steven M. Greer
The Disclosure Project is an organization started by Greer in 1993
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