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Many have seen a  UFO and thought that it might have been operated by intelligent alien life. Then you may not have had that great of a view  and it leaves a lingering doubt in the back of your mind. 

Then for some it only takes one event, and you know for sure. You can listen to all the debunkers and the talking heads drone about weather balloons, lanterns, swamp gas, military exercises or whatever conceivable excuse they want to banter about, but you know what you saw was real and not of this world. That was my experience, if your interested in reading about follow this link to my UFO experience

In studying the UFO phenomenon I am always struck by the results of the most-recent  surveys. 

Recall the argument that there would be wide-spread  panic if the government announced that there was an extraterrestrial presence visiting earth. Well, every polling result in the last 10 years simply doesn’t support that argument. 

Can you imagine that someone would announce that UFOs are real and expect that the first thing you would do is set fire to your house?! I mean really! OK I exaggerate … but would you quit a good job? Would you leave your family? Would you set fire to government buildings? I think that is pretty unlikely! 

So what has the policy of total secrecy and a movement to discredit those who have spoken up actually accomplished? Well, it has obfuscated many of the solid facts about the phenomenon. It has given rise to extremist and fanatics in the field of study. Worse it continues to alienate the greatest source of information available on the subject…common everyday  people! It has constricted serious research and information which the public is demanding. 

Opinion polls show the belief is growing that we are being visited by ETs, this despite over 60 years of ridicule and denial by the Government and mainstream news media.

There is more respected news coverage now. Why? Because the news media see the poll results and are less likely to insult and ridicule the majority of their audience. This is helping to end the Government and in particular the military's truth embargo and disinformation campaign on UFOs. 

Some startling poll numbers, depending on which polls you are reading.

  • 70-87% Believe that Governments, particularly the US Government is involved in a cover up!
  • 86-90% Believe the UFOs are real!
  • 12-14% of all Canadians and Americans believe they have seen a UFO!
  • 11-14% of all Europeans believe they have seen a UFO!
  • 40-75% of all people believe these UFOs contain life from other planets!

2008 MSNBC POLL 20,663 respondents

  • Do you believe UFO sightings are actually visits from extraterrestrials?
  • 61% Yes, with the number of stars within our galaxy, it is impossible to believe that we have not been visited.
  • 25% Maybe, it may have happened, but I have not seen enough compelling evidence yet.
  • 14% No
  • 2009 AOL POLL (Nov)
  • 65% Believe that intelligent life does exist in the Universe.
  • 25% I am open for the possibility.
  • 14% No

1997 - 2008 GALLUP POLL IN US  

  • 87% Americans have read or heard about UFOs 
  • 12% reported that they had seen something that they thought was a UFO. 
  • 45% think UFOs have visited earth. 
  • 48% believe UFOs is something real. 
  • 31% believe UFOs are the result of people’s imagination. 
  • 72% believe that there is life in some form on other planets in the Universe. 
  • 38% believe that there are people somewhat like ourselves living on other planets. 
  • 71% believe that the US Government knows more about UFO’s than it’s telling. 


  • 80% believe that the government is hiding the existence of extraterrestrial life forms. 
  • 54% believe intelligent life exists beyond earth. 
  • 64% believe aliens have contact humans. 
  • 50% believe that aliens have abducted humans. 
  • 93% have never been abducted. 
  • 91% have never had contact with aliens. 
  • 75% had never seen a UFO or knew of anyone who had. 
  • 37% believe that aliens have contacted the US government. 
  • 75% believe that a UFO crashed near Roswell. 
  • 26% believe that they would be expected to be treated as an enemy. 
  • 39% believe that aliens would appear very humanoid. 
  • 35% believe that aliens would look somewhat human. 

June 1997 - 2006 UK 

Largest Opinion Poll on UFOs conducted after a live UFO debate on ITV entitled Strange but True. The question was “Have aliens already visited earth.” Audience rating was just under 7 million. 

92% voted in favor of the extraterrestrial hypothesis with a margin of plus minus 6%. 

Three days after the program ITV Telecast ran their own telephone poll and asked, “Do aliens exist?” Out of 2,215 votes cast, 87% answered Yes and 11% answered No.

It is up to you to decide what all the numbers mean, and determine how you feel about these issues, but the world has come into an agreement that UFOs are real. Now the questions become, why are they here, where did they come from and what are their intentions?
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