Friday, October 15, 2010


Galileo Moment

I know that it is sometimes very hard to accept the truth, especially when it goes against all that we have been taught and all that we believe. There have been moments in history that have changed everything and we are on the brink of another one of those moments.

Galileo championed the notion that Earth was not at the center of the Universe and supported views held by Copernicans that the Sun was at the center of the Universe and everything revolved around the Sun. It was not until 1920 that we actually learned that we were part of a Galaxy and the Sun was not the center of the Universe. In the 1920 we started to understand that there were potentially billions of solar systems each containing billions if not trillions of stars.

How was Galileo rewarded for his contribution.......he was denounced to the Roman Inquisition early in 1615 and his beliefs were declared false because they were contrary to the scriptures. The Catholic Church condemned him, he was forced to recant his beliefs and he spent the rest of his life under arrest! All this for a much more accurate (but flawed) new reality he put forward.

Now we move on to today, Carter, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Regan, Ford to name a few  have all stated that they have seen UFOs. The Prime Minister of Japan, the President of Mexico, military and government leaders to many to mention have all said they have seen UFOs. There have been many well documented sightings by police and the number of sightings by reputable people around the globe is certainly in the thousands. Most of the astronauts that are now reaching retirement age have come out and told us of their personal UFO experiences. NASA has footage of UFO's posted on their own site. Many of the astronauts are telling us about secretive government first hand knowledge of UFO encounters.  I have had my own UFO experience and it was not a far away shiny object in the sky it was up close and personal. You can read about it here.

The vast majority of people around the globe believe that UFOs exists and that we are being visited by alien life forms. In essence we have reached a tipping point. We are on the edge of a new much more broader reality about the Universe. It will be much for many to absorb this new truth that has already started to emerge. Disclosure is well underway and we can expect hard evidence to come to the surface in short order, most likely in the next 12-24 months!
Can you prepare for this moment, only to a certain extent. You can question your religion, you begin to wonder about God or the Creator, if that is your belief system. You can try to figure out where man fits into this new Greater Community. We will all wonder why is this happening now and what does it really mean to mankind. We have all wondered about enlightenment and how to achieve it. Maybe the truth about the Universe is enough to start the enlightenment process.

Did you ever think that mankind would be on the brink of another Galileo moment. It is here and it is here now!

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