Sunday, October 3, 2010

Disclosure, How Long Will It Go On Before We Understand And Wake Up

Has Disclosure Started, 
You be the Judge

Events are coming at a very rapid pace, faster then we have ever seen before and do not expect them to  stop in the near future. In essence events are happening at breakneck speed. Can you only imagine what we are in for in the next 365 days!  Most, but not all of the events mentioned below have happened in the past thirty days!
  • The UN names Mazlan Othman as first contact for UNOOSA 
  • The Vatican has said we are not alone in the Universe 
  • Argentina, Brazil, France, Belgium, Mexico and the UK declassify UFO files 
  • China, comes out and says that we are being visited 
  • The Kepler Telescope gives us Gliesi581g a planet almost certain to have life 
  • Disclosure Conf. Sept 27, 2010 says aliens have turned off nuclear weapons 
  • Stephen Hawking's weighs in on extra-terrestrial life 
  • The Royal Society to host a UN meeting; the topic of extra-terrestrial life high on its list! 
  • Surprisingly, Mainstream Media is finally paying attention! 
  • Effective Jan 1, 2011 the President of the USA has stopped all manned space flights! Why?

For all intents and purposes disclosure has already started, I believe that the Vatican declaring that they believe life does exists outside of earth is the first salvo in this campaign. The second step happened when the UN basically admitted that they believe in extra-terrestrial life. The next shot was Argentina, Brazil, France, Mexico, Belgium and the UK releasing documents concerning UFO's, albeit in stages, but rest assured it has started. Think about it for a minute.........the two premier, respected organizations in the world (The Vatican & the UN) have told us they believe in extra-terrestrial life!

Now it's up to the American Government, this will start to happen in the next 12-24 months and they will be reluctant participants. The US has so much invested in this both in manpower and money that they are not going to be eager to come forward with this information. They have no choice because there is just so much information out there about extra-terrestrial life. They know that they cannot keep this information under wraps any longer. The first step in the process will be the US doing exactly what the Vatican and the UN have already done but they will do it in a much more convincing fashion. This admission of extra-terrestrial life will be shocking to most people because it will be extremely difficult for people to wrap their minds around! Most people will start to question much about their lives especially their religious beliefs. This information will rock mankind down to its foundation!

Once the American Government feels that people have accepted the fact that we are not alone the information will really start to flow! When this sinks in on Americans they will demand to know "What did you know and when did you know it".  It will be most interesting so see where and how this information is delivered, it will give us an indication of which organizations inside the government have been involved.

When we start to examine the depth of knowledge that the US Government has on this subject it will be shocking.  The technologies, that already exists and others being developed will be mind boggling. The fact that they have not shared this with mankind will cause a backlash to be sure but they will be ready for it. (more on this subject at a later date).

Get ready and start to prepare yourself because everything is about to change. Now would be a good time to read my earlier post "when contact happens what will our reaction be" and the posts about "The Universe"!

Disclosure is destined to go on for many more years before the truth is actually revealed to all mankind. There is just so much at stake and the changes will be so earth shaking that there is absolutely no way this information can be revealed overnight. We can expect limited or partial disclosure to continue moving forward for the next few years.

Disclosure, How Long Will It Go On Before We Understand  And Wake Up 
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