Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2012, What is Likely to be the Significance


Many people surmise that we will have a polar shift on Dec 21, 2012.  I do not subscribe to that theory. There is just way too much hype about this and very little empirical evidence to back it up! The entire 2012 thing has become a business for people to sell books, increase traffic on their websites and get you into the movie theater. Have the poles shifted in the past...yes.  Will the poles shift again...yes. When will this happen...we simply do not know!

I do believe that some sort of event will occur between now and Dec, 2012. The energy building up to this is palatable, the signs are emerging everywhere. There is just too much happening to think that nothing is going on! Our current President is stopping all manned space flights effective Jan 1, 2011, the Vatican has come out and said that we are not alone in this Universe and many Governments around the world are releasing all or some of their data on UFO sightings.  It is no longer a matter of "are UFO's real" it is now a discussion of why are they here! A tipping point has been reached, sightings have escalated like never before, the time frame may be suspect but we are certainly in for  some type of revelation that will change our world. 

In October of 1994 I saw a UFO and without getting into all the detail I will tell you that it flew silently  200-300 feet above me for about 45 seconds before it went out of sight. (Follow this link for the full story) This event made me question much around me, my religion, our purpose for being here, the Creator and much more! So from my viewpoint, UFO's really do exists and they are really here.

The greater question then becomes why are they here and what do they want. At first you think that they are here for benevolent purposes, maybe they are here to stop nuclear war, share their technology, help us evolve into a higher state of enlightenment. I now believe that type of thinking would be naive and at best we would be fooling ourselves. By all accounts we are being visited by several species and some certainly are benevolent and some most likely resouce minded.

One of the best books I have read was by David M. Jacobs, The Threat, he is a PHD and has been researching the UFO phenomenon since 1966.   Dr. Jenkins has reached some conclusions and he will provide some answers for you. You may not like his conclusions but I believe that he is right on target!

Link to Dr. Jacobs Book, The Threat                                             
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