Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Universe And Mankind's Place in it After Disclosure

How will Mankind Fit Into The Universe

We are on the brink of finding out much about the Greater Community and we need to start preparing our thinking in a way that benefits mankind. It may take several more years for this information to really start to sink in and for the Powers that Be to release enough of it to make a huge difference but now that it has started there is no turning back.  We would be delinquent if we did not pay attention and figure out what role mankind will play in this greatly expanded community. 

It is not difficult to understand that the Universe is made of up of many species of beings, most have some form of humanoid DNA.  Contrary to what most people think the Universe is very rich organically.

Those in the halls of power have been very reluctant to part with information they have on  but they will not be able to stop the groundswell of information that is emerging. Disclosure is imminent (at least some form of disclosure) and will happen very soon. We will soon understand that mans thinking has been in the dark ages for a very long time. The way man views the Universe today is tantamount to man thinking that Earth is still in the center of the Universe. Most people have not taken the time or given much thought about the Universe as a whole. The scope and size of the Universe is mind boggling, the breadth and resources contained in the Universe are infinite. When we become part of the Greater Community everything will change. It will be a game of searching for the resources we need to gain new technologies and satisfy the needs of the human race. 

We on Planet Earth are fortunate that we have a planet that can sustain mankind by itself. That in itself is remarkable. We will soon have technologies that will allow us to manage Earth in a much more green efficient way. In one generation we will be able to solve  problems that man has been struggling with since time began. This is not to say that all our problems will be solved, on the contrary, it only brings up a new set of problems that we have given little thought to.

There will be much to consider under this new order, much to think about on very short notice. We will have to pick our friends wisely and we will have to figure out who has our best interest at heart. We will have to be more vigilant regarding who should lead this new world order and to be sure it should not be an existing organization such as the UN. We will have to be particularly vigilant keeping our leaders in line and they will have to finally be accountable. You would be mistaken if you thought the Greater Community is devoid of problems with power and problems of those who want to use that power for themselves. Many of the issues we face on planet earth are still out there in the Universe but just on a much larger scale. It will be tempting to join one coalition or another but we will have to slow things down a bit to get it right!

My point is that we need to be thinking about these things now and not later. Each person should spend some time on these issues and be filled with ideas and thoughts of how we should move into the future. Our thinking must change dramatically, there is much to consider and the knowledge that we are about to receive is vast and complex. Once truth of the larger universe is open for man to see and begin to understand we need to reevaluate many of our long held beliefs. 

The Universe And Mankind's Place in it After Disclosure
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