Tuesday, September 21, 2010

UFO Sighting, Unusual, Close Up and Strange

My UFO Sighting

This is the sketch I produced for the
Coast To Coast program
Oct 1994, Friday night approximately 8:30pm Reston Va:

I suppose this incident finally, after all these years, led me to create Educating Humanity. I feel that people are now compelled to tell their story for a reason. I think you will find more and more of us coming forward.

I have told my story to family and friends on numerous occasions, and finally, I posted my sighting on a forum. I have been reluctant to go public with it for various reasons, but it seems that enough people are finally waking up, that it is no longer that incredible.

I came home late from work, about 8:30 pm, sitting on the back deck behind the house facing the golf course. (continued below)

Coast to Coast Interview About This UFO Sighting

To hear the Coast To Coast Interview follow this link to Earthfiles, scroll down to you see the word interview and this sighting starts at the 3 minute 45 second mark.

The golf course began getting brighter by the second. About thirty seconds later an extremely large object appeared moving over the house in complete silence. The object was between 300-500 feet above me. It was triangular in shape with a large bright circular disc in the front  and two smaller bright circular discs in the back. Connecting the disc was a very dark (almost black) center part of the craft. It was on a trajectory coming down to land on the golf course, moving in absolute silence. The craft was enormous; my guess would be the length of three or four football fields. It was moving very slowly, maybe 15 mph. I had a very clear view of this craft for about 40-45 seconds.

This is the best image I could find of what I actually saw, there would have been only
one difference, the circular light in the front was larger than the two in the back of the craft. 

As soon as it went out of sight I ran from the deck through the dining room, kitchen and out on the deck facing the street. I jumped over the railing and headed towards the golf course. As soon as I turned the corner, I started to think that this may not be a good idea. I returned into the house and grabbed paper and pencil and sketched out the craft at the dining room table, I wrote down the exact time, lack of sound and described the craft exactly as it appeared. The one thing that struck me very clearly was that whatever I had just seen was not of this world. Nothing that large could move with absolute silence, there was nothing that large that could gain flight in our world.
I had a hard time getting to sleep that night and finally fell off sometime after midnight! The next morning I woke up with absolutely no memory of having seen a UFO. Sometime in the early afternoon I was going out onto the deck facing the golf course and saw my yellow legal pad with the sketch and description of the craft. The second I saw the it my memory  immediately returned to the event I witnessed the night before! To this day, there is no doubt in my mind that I saw a UFO.

There is no chance that it was a weather balloon or some other questionable object. This was some type of craft flown by intelligent beings that had technology that far outstripped anything that man has created. The memory to this day is so strong and the vision so vivid it is like it happened yesterday!

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