Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gaining a Broader Understanding of the Universe Will Gain Us Entry into the Greater Community

Reality May Be Very Different Than What You Think

Please watch the following short NASA video before reading this article; Several have attempted to debunk this footage but none successfully! A broader reality about the universe is necessary for our survival!

People need to understand how populated the Universe is with beings. The Universe is on such a vast scale even the most advanced beings have not been able to see and explore it all. The Universe is growing every second of every day. Different beings have developed at different stages, parts of the Universe were created at different times. Can you only imaging how advanced people of Earth will be in 500 years or 1000 years. Now consider the fact that some beings  have had a 10,000 or 500,000 year head start on us.

We really need to expand our level of thinking about the Universe, right now we would all be astonished if one UFO hovered over the White House, it would be somewhat believable, we (most of us) could also accept it if a dozen UFOs hovered over various Capitals of the world but we really need to take our thinking far beyond that! We need to develop a new broader reality about the Universe.  Consider for a moment that there are thousands of species of beings, possibly millions. Let that settle in for a few moments.

The Universe is no different from the world, take for example the areas around Tokyo or New York City which are well populated with lots of expressways and highways. The traffic is heavy, there are tunnels and bridges going into and out the city. Traffic is heavy 24 hours a day 7 days week. Now think about the State of Wyoming, populations are sparse and you could be on the road for hours before you pass another car.  The Universe is exactly the same but the traffic are spacecrafts of all shapes and sizes. Some are the size of a small cities as large as 3-4 kilometers in size. Some are simply flying factories collecting resources from all parts of the Universe for their home planets. Some are virtually flying offices employing many workers needing to travel to complete their tasks. Some are exploration vehicles small in size but capable of traveling at outrageous speeds. Simply put there are 18 wheelers in space and there are race cars, there are vehicles out there in space considered to be a 44 seat bus yet others in a minivan and some in Volkswagen beetles. I know one of the things you might be thinking about is how are such vehicles powered, I can assure you it is not fossil fuels. It appears that electromagnetic energy is the primary source of clean, renewable, free energy. 

Where are we in terms of population of the Universe, I know that most of you will find it hard to believe but we are in a part of the Universe that is reasonably crowded. Something akin to living near a large to midsized city, not a mega city but something more like Munich or Seattle.  There are thousands of space vehicles passing close to the earth every day of our lives. There are roads in space running virtually everywhere around us. I am sure most of you are asking well if that is true then why don't they stop by for a cup of coffee or whatever is their equivalent. 

How is it possible for beings to be able to travel such great distances? Virtually all beings have learned that they can bend space which shortens great distances and breaks distances up into manageable segments. This is really not a new to us we have believed that this has been possible for sometime now.  The difference is that to these beings it is a reality to most of man this is only just a theory! Some space beings are using well establish event horizons that have been in place for a long time but many of the space beings are capable of creating such horizons at a place of their choice and the horizon closes once they have gotten to the other side. This will explain to many how the UFO they saw on earth simply just flashed out of existence right before their eyes. So in essence, most of the beings traveling in space are not really flying spaceships through space, they are traveling through the event horizon at a very fast set speed, the flying that they do is only done once they reach their destination.  These vehicles are capable of making automatic repairs even when they are on the move. The substance that these ships are made of can automatically reform into their original shape in an instant.  The likelihood of a space vehicle crashing is infinitesimal. Has it happened, certainly but traveling in space is about as safe as sitting in an easy chair watching television.

I have much more information to share but I want to leave you with a thought and that is about religion. It may seem odd that I would bring this into the discussion but it is an important issue and needs to be addressed by man. First off just because these beings have the ability to move throughout our solar system and even other solar systems does not mean that they have all developed spiritually. On the contrary, many of them have not develop spiritually at all and for that matter a lot have not developed very well on an emotional level. Are there beings that have a greater understanding of God, the Creator, you bet there are but many stay hidden and out of harms way. . We must clearly understand religions role in the Universe or lack or religion and come to some conclusions as to how to proceed in the Greater Community.

Gaining a Broader Understanding of the Universe Will Gain Us Entry into the Greater Community
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