Monday, September 20, 2010

About Educating Humanity

About Educating Humanity

Educating Humanity has become a major resource to a global audience for UFO cases, it currently contains more than 7000 quality post and is one of the few sites that continues to grow by being frequently updated.

Educating Humanity's objective is to increase the level of understanding about the UFO phenomena, to bring a higher level of awareness regarding government knowledge, involvement and cover-up of these historical events.

As well as being a reference and research site, we attempt to keep things interesting by posting the best realistic UFO sightings (without showing you every shaky light in the sky). We endeavor to include all major stories and articles on space exploration and news of extraterrestrial discoveries.

One of the more popular features has become the 'Breaking UFO News' section, which is updated periodically with news from around the world. Each story is highlighted only once (usually from the source). Our aim is to bring you relevant and meaningful news from reputable news sources. We make it a point to edit out the superficial and meaningless stories that are many in the world of the Ufology.

We are working hard to report on and bring about disclosure of the facts concerning UFOs, extraterrestrial contact, intelligence and technology that our governments have had under a truth embargo for more than sixty years.

Other features of this site include Landmark UFO Cases (well-documented cases), Most Credible UFO Cases (newer compelling cases), Historic UFO Cases (pre-1900) and credible contact and abduction stories.  

Worldwide UFO symposiums and events are regularly featured, giving you the venue, list of presenters (when available) and the major subjects that will be discussed.

If you have had a UFO sighting we strongly recommend that you follow the guidelines in this link. It is important to get your sighting into the national database of MUFON and NUFORC. These organizations can track sightings and report their finding to the national media.

Educating Humanity is a not for profit, non-commercial site with no advertising and does not seek donations.

The only thing we ask is that you share this information with like-minded people and with people that are ready to accept the truth.

If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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