Monday, April 22, 2019

Scientist Starting To Believe The UFO Believers

Why scientists are starting to listen to UFO believers

Trish Bishop said she was stunned to see a tall, muscular alien
lingering in her backyard. She waited four years to tell anyone.
ORLANDO, Fla. — He appeared as if a hologram at first — then solid — suddenly there and clear at the edge of the forest behind Trish Bishop’s home in Kissimmee in 2013.
When he turned around, it was his face, she remembers, that stopped her. Bulging eyes, skin white as chalk and a massive jaw.
“I’ve got a freaking alien in my backyard,” she thought.
And then he was gone.
It would be four years before she told her story before she’d discover the Mutual Unidentified Flying Objects Network, a nationwide organization 50 years old, and file her report under case number 84886.
But she worried: Who would believe her? These days, more people than you’d think.
Kathleen Marden has dedicated her life to her aunt and uncle’s story.
The Hills’ alleged alien abduction once gripped the nation.
Across U.S. restaurants and meeting rooms, MUFON groups gather every month with the enthusiasm that once gripped the nation during the Cold War. The Space Coast group, made up of some former NASA employees and engineers, has 118 members. Across the nation, they number 3,500, with additional offices in 42 countries.
For many years, they were alone entertaining UFO theories. No more.
In the past two years, scientists, politicians, and professionals have increasingly been willing to touch the taboo subject and perhaps lend a little credence to believers.
In December 2017, the New York Times uncovered that the U.S. had funded a secret, $22 million, five-year project to study UFO claims.
What’s changed, said Robert Powell, an executive board member on the nonprofit Scientific Coalition for Ufology, is our understanding of the universe. As scientists have discovered more Earthlike exoplanets and begun to delve into the options for interstellar travel, the conversation has been shifting.
“We still think of ourselves, as a species, as the center of everything,” Powell said. “Once you at least start to discuss interstellar travel, you have to admit that, if there is intelligent life out there, then they have to be able to travel interstellar, too.”
The challenge with alien sightings has always been a lack of evidence. Psychologists say common explanations include a person projecting their unconscious desires onto something, or a predisposition to believe in conspiracy theories, said Alvin Wang, a psychology professor at the University of Central Florida. People who believe they witnessed something may seek out others who reaffirm that belief, like “being in an echo chamber,” he said.
In 1961, Kathleen Marden was 13 when she got the call: Her aunt and uncle — Betty and Barney Hill — said they’d seen a UFO in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Betty’s dress was torn and Barney’s shoes were scuffed. There were two hours they couldn’t account for and Barney Hill was sure he’d seen eight to 11 figures that were “somehow not human,” Marden said.
It wasn’t until the Hills were put through a hypnosis session by Boston psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Simon that their story was revealed.
The Hills’ alleged UFO abduction was made public in 1965 — and the story gripped the nation. “Did They Seize Couple?” the Boston Traveler posited. “I Was Quizzed in ‘Space Ship,’ ” another headline said.
Marden has dedicated her life to uncovering the truth behind what she says was government tampering with the Hills’ case.
“I absolutely do think that there is a shift, that people are giving more credence to this,” she said, pointing to the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, revealed by the New York Times, as the turning point.
The program was run by military intelligence official Luis Elizondo in partnership with Bigelow Aerospace to study cases of U.S. military personnel observing unknown objects.
One case, in particular, garnered attention when it was declassified because videos showed a craft with no apparent propulsion moving at fast speeds. It was filmed in 2004 by two Navy F/A-18F fighter jets off San Diego. Navy pilot Commander David Fravor said in late 2017 that it was “something not from Earth.”
Historically, NASA has not weighed in on the issue much. But scientist Silvano Colombano of NASA Ames Research Center argued in a March 2018 white paper that the scientific community should be more open to “consider the UFO phenomenon worthy of study” and engage in “speculative physics” grounded in solid scientific theories but with some “willingness to stretch possibilities as to the nature of space-time and energy.”

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Government Has Metamaterials From Crashed Alien UFO

Pentagon insider claims US government has a warehouse full of ‘metal from crashed UFOs’

Bigelow Aerospace world headquarters in Las Vegas
depicts an alien face on the side of the building.
Mysterious ‘metamaterials’ which could come from crashed alien spacecraft are being stored by the American government, according to a former military intelligence official. Luis Elizondo, who headed up the US Defense Intelligence Agency’s secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), said that the objects were stored in specially modified warehouses in Las Vegas. The warehouse – run by aerospace billionaire Robert Bigelow – is under armed guard and fortified with concrete and barbed wire, the Sunday Times reported.

Luis Elizondo claims that the materials stored there are ‘metamaterials’ – composites which do not occur naturally. Elizondo said, ‘To engineer these materials with that degree of precision is something we do not believe we have the technical capability to reproduce.’ When asked where the materials came from, he said, ‘I can’t answer that question.’

Elizondo headed a multi-million dollar Pentagon investigation into UFOs, which shut down in 2012. It amassed information on other aircraft which appeared to move extremely quickly without seeming to have any visible form of propulsion such as a jet engine.

Other craft seemed to hover in the air without techniques of generating ‘lift’ such as rotor blades, Elizondo said. Footage of an encounter between an F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet and an oval-shaped object with no exhaust, wings or tail traveling at incredible speeds was later released to illustrate the sort of sightings investigated by the AATIP. Much of the investigation was contracted out to Bigelow Aerospace, whose founder once told CBS 60 Minutes he was ‘absolutely convinced’ that aliens are real and that our planet has been visited by UFOs.

Bigelow hinted in a TV interview last year that he ‘knew’ that aliens were here – and that he might be in danger for divulging it. Interviewer: Do you believe in aliens? Robert Bigelow: I’m absolutely convinced. That’s all there is to it. Interviewer: Do you also believe that UFOs have come to Earth?” Robert Bigelow: There has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence. And I spent millions and millions and millions – I probably spent more as an individual than anybody else in the United States has ever spent on this subject.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Alien Abductee Tells of His Life Long Experience With Extraterrestrials

Paul Shishis had dreams of being abducted as a child that at the time he shrugged off as just nightmares. Throughout the years his increasing UFO sightings began to indicate to him that perhaps he had been in touch with extraterrestrials his whole life. 

Eventually, he came to understand that they weren't, in fact, dreams but real alien abductions.


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Covering Up Extraterrestrials On Earth

Ufologist claims ‘global intelligence’ covering up ALIEN LIFE on Earth for ‘decades’

A transnational intelligence conspiracy has been keeping the public in the dark over extraterrestrial visits for decades, an ufologist told RT claiming that 43% of Americans believe in contacts with non-human civilizations.
No matter how divided the nations may be in politics, there is a thing that makes the government stick together: covering up existing contacts with the aliens. At least that’s according to Steven Greer, director of the Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence and the Disclosure Project, who spoke with RT’s SophieCo show.
The retired traumatologist who has been looking for non-human presence on Earth for almost 30 years claims that he has “documents to show” that the Soviet KGB and the US intelligence cooperated on the issue “back in the darkest days of the Cold War.”
Today, data on alien life is allegedly kept by top-secret projects in Canada, UK, Russia, China, with the US being the “crown jewel.”
Greer himself claims to have collected enough testimonies, documents, photos and even biological specimens to suggest there’s “incontrovertible evidence” of alien life existence. While not disclosing specifics, he mentions apparently peculiar footage apparently handed over by “Chilean generals” which shows fighter jets chasing a UFO and a similar one from Mexico.
Greer believes the alien technologies go beyond the speed of light but they won’t hurt humans until they bring weapons of mass destruction into space.
While “43% of Americans” believe in contacts with non-human creatures, the CIA is spreading disinformation to mislead the public, the UFO enthusiast goes on to say. He adds that the governments won’t reveal the truth because it will disrupt the current “macroeconomic petrodollar system.”

Existence of alien life ‘much more likely than previously thought’ – NASA admin

Modern science seems to agree that there are no confirmed traces of alien presence on Earth, and every study of bodies that may have carried extraterrestrial life – like meteorites found buried in Antarctic ice – receives keen interest from the media. This is usually linked to the theory of panspermia – that life on Earth may have been seeded from space.
But Greer insists that whole “civilizations” and “species” of extraterrestrial beings from different star systems have already been documented in secret. The reason this is not out in the open, he suggests, is because of far-going implications of confirming the existence of the “cross-dimensional” technologies that they possess.
Whether it’s true or not, the US government seems to have put out feelers for aliens. It recently emerged that in 2007-2012, the Pentagon spent a hefty $22 million on a secretive program to study UFOs.
Researchers who haven’t found evidence of aliens on Earth are not giving up either, as they look for new ways to tackle the issue. In late 2018, a NASA scientist suggested that there is a need to rethink the quest for evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations as “life” may have visited Earth in forms beyond our comprehension.

Friday, January 25, 2019

New Documents Reveal Alien And UFO Cover-ups Continue To This Day

Secret Pentagon projects reveal gov't looked into UFOs, wormholes and other bizarre anomalies

Newly declassified documents from the Pentagon revealed the Department of Defense funded projects that investigated UFOs, wormholes, alternate dimensions and a host of other subjects that are often the topics of conspiracy theorists.
The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) released 38 research titles on Jan. 18, following a Freedom of Information Act request from Steven Aftergood, director of the Federation of American Scientists’ Project on Government Secrecy. The research was funded by the Department of Defense under its Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).
Some of the more interesting projects include Invisibility Cloaking; Traversable Wormholes, Stargates, and Negative Energy; Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions; and An Introduction to the Statistical Drake Equation.
"The DOD and the DIA have previously sought to spin AATIP as being a program looking at 'foreign advanced aerospace weapon threats', but the attachment to the DIA's letter to Congress is difficult to reconcile with this, given that the 'products produced' under the AATIP contract are listed as including reference papers on topics which seem more concerned with space travel," Nick Pope, a former employee at the British Government's Ministry of Defence, said in comments obtained by Fox News.
Pope continued: "The smoking gun is the paper about the Drake Equation, which is used to estimate the number of civilizations in the universe. This supports the suggestion that AATIP was indeed a UFO program, as has been claimed, and not an aviation program looking at aircraft, drones, and missiles."
The Drake Equation is a seven-term equation that attempts to look at the different variables that would be relevant for intelligent lifeforms. This includes factors such as formed stars and their planets, the average number of planets that can potentially support life. Other factors include a fraction of those planets that can develop life and a fraction of these civilizations that have become intelligent.
Some of the projects give details such as who was working on them  – Dr. Eric Davis of EarthTech International participated in the wormhole project, for instance – but others are left with scant details.
The project entitled "Metallic Glasses" says Dr. Todd Hufnagel from Johns Hopkins University worked on the research, but it could mean anything.
“I think anyone who looks at these titles will scratch their heads and wonder what on earth the Defense Intelligence Agency was thinking,” Aftergood said in an interview with MotherBoard. “These are the kinds of topics you pursue when you have more money than you know what to do with.”
The existence of AATIP was initially described by The New York Times and Politico in 2017. It was subsequently reported on by Fox News and a number of other news outlets, due in large part to its investigation into the existence of UFOs at the urging of former Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid.
Following the Times report, Reid tweeted "the truth is out there" (a nod to the show, "The X-Files), adding that if "anyone says they have the answers, they’re fooling themselves."

Both the Times and Politico said Reid’s interest in UFOs was the result of a friend and donor Bob Bigelow, who owns Bigelow Aerospace and has said before he is “absolutely convinced” aliens exist and UFOs have visited Earth.
The New York Times said AATIP had a $22 million annual budget and “most of the money” went to Bigelow’s research company, which hired subcontractors and solicited research for the program.
A Pentagon spokesman said the UFO program ended in 2012, though The New York Times said the Defense Department still investigates potential episodes of unidentified flying objects.


Thursday, January 10, 2019

Stunning New UFO Video Taken by Drone Over Utah

 Filmmaker Captures Impressive Video

If you listen to the video you will get all the available detail.
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