Tuesday, January 27, 2015

UFO Over Rendlesham Forest, Helicopter Gives Chase - Incredible Video Footage

UFO Filmed Over Rendlesham Forest, Military Helicopter Gives Chase

George Taylor recently (Sunday Jan 26, 2015) filmed these lights which could easily be a UFO over Rendlesham Forest. The video shows a military helicopter either giving chase or attempting to get a better look at the UFO. 

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident is still a mystery today. It is one of the most compelling UFO cases on record with some of the most impeccable witnesses. The incident occurred in December of 1980 in the United Kingdom. Military personel witnessed UFOs over a several day period. It culminated with a UFO landing on the military base and one of the witnesses touching the craft.

We have all been duped in the past with excellent or compelling video which has turned out to be a ill advised marketing stunt so lets see how this plays out over the next few days.

Posters Comments
Spotted three balls of light in the sky yesterday afternoon (Sunday 25th Jan) whilst walking around Rendlesham Forest and couldn't believe what I was seeing! Had a very weird feeling that I shouldn't have been there.

Quickly recorded it on the phone and have uploaded it to see whether anyone else witnessed anything similar yesterday too. Very strange! I know Rendlesham has a long history with UFO sightings but didn't really believe in it as I haven't seen anything odd in all the years I've lived here until yesterday! Regularly take my dogs for a walk around the area and have never seen anything as strange as this. Anyone have any idea what this may have been?

Police Officer Witness Low Altitude Triangular UFO - California

Witness illustration of the object near the intersection of Daubenberg Road and Castle View in Turlock, CA, about 7 p.m. on January 24, 2015. (Credit: MUFON)
A retired police officer reported watching a low flying boomerang-shaped UFO that moved over Daubenberger Road in Turlock, CA, about 7 p.m. on January 24, 2015, according to testimony in Case 62855 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness and his wife were driving home at the time of the incident.

“It is foggy tonight, but saw three white lights in a backwards triangle, possibly a boomerang shape,” the witness stated. “Difficult to see in the fog/haze layer, about 100-200 feet above my truck moving slowly at first, then speeding up and quickly disappearing into the fog.”
The witness said the object was heading northbound over houses going towards a cornfield north of Tuolumne Road.

“No sound. My wife was riding in the passenger seat, but was looking down at her phone when I pointed it out. She did not see it before it disappeared into the fog/haze bank.”
The witness provided his professional background.
“I am a retired police officer and veteran USAF aircraft crew chief and veteran Army intelligence. It did not appear to look like any aircraft I am familiar with. It was very strange.”
The witness provided one illustration with the MUFON report, which was filed on January 24, 2015:Illustration 1.
Turlock is a city in Stanislaus County, California, population of 70,365.

Incredible Compilation of UFO Sightings - Melbourne Australia

Posters Comments (UFO Lou)

Description Recorded above Melbourne Australia with a p8079hp night vision.

Two UFOs Over Florida Hover And Change Color

Posters Comments

This was seen this week and recorded over Miami, Florida, looking northeast direction from Brickell area.

It started as a single light that was changing between what looks to be white and red colors, hovering over the city. Then another one came into the sky and they seem to have started interacting together. Eventually it got a bit scary because one of them seemed to have started to approach the individual recording it.

Very interesting.

After doing some research on YouTube, other videos are found that show a very similar occurrence. Yes, it is possible to be drones, but is it likely? Until it can be identified, it is still a UFO. The objects have seemed to also project sounds described as hissing or wobbling sounds that had a low and high pitches. However, those sounds were also being heard along with the city noises that are always there, so disruption of actual sound was probably created.

This video was recorded at approximately 10:15PM EST (daylight savings). The other videos found on YouTube are during day light, but look just like these flying objects.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Steven Bassett, UFO Political Activist Interviewed About UFO Disclosure

Stephen Bassett is a political activist and a leading advocate for ending the 68-year government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. He is the executive director of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG) which recently produce a "Citizen Hearing on Disclosure" at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Stephen has spoken to audiences around the world about the implications of formal Disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence.

 He has given over 1200 radio and television interviews, and PRG's advocacy work has been extensively covered by national and international media. On November 5 PRG launched a Congressional Hearing Initiative seeking the first hearings on Capitol Hill regarding the ET issue since 1968. The 6th "Disclosure Petition VI - Congressional Hearings" was submitted to the White House on January 7 and is currently gathering signatures on the White House website. PRG Websites: http://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/

Asteroid The Size of A Mountain Visible From Earth On Monday

An asteroid the size five football fields is approaching Earth and is expected to pass by on Monday. It will be visible through strong binoculars – definitely worth getting; the next time such an asteroid could be this close again will be in 2027.

At the closest point to the Earth, asteroid 2004 BL86 will be at a distance of 1.2 million kilometers which – approximately three times the distance from the Earth to the moon. Estimated to be 0.5 km in diameter, it is classified by scientists as potentially dangerous.

A space object is considered “potentially dangerous” if it crosses the Earth's orbit at a distance of less than 0.05 AU (approximately 19.5 distances from the Earth to the Moon), and if its diameter exceeds 100-150 meters. Objects of this size are large enough to cause unprecedented destruction, or generate a tsunami in case they fall into the ocean.

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