Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stunning Clear Daytime UFO Filmed Over Netherlands

Mr. Smits a resident of Maassluis, Netherlands shot this great UFO video.

He said, "the UFO was silent and eventually disappeared into the clouds." Mr. Smits is keeping his options open, saying "that it could be a genuine UFO or a possible drone."

Een inwoner van Maassluis heeft afgelopen vrijdagmiddag een UFO gefilmd. Het Unidentified Flying Object was ruim een kwartier goed zichtbaar boven de Botlek. Lees meer: Maassluizer filmt UFO

UFO Spins and Splits into Two Objects - Photos

Elyse O'neill snapped these intriguing
UFO photos over Wallis.
A YOUNG woman from a small north Pembrokeshire village believes she had a close encounter early this morning (Tuesday).

Elyse O’Neill from Wallis, near Woodstock, was standing outside her house at around 6.45am when she saw an unidentified flying object hovering over a large tree near the bottom her garden.

“I ran inside the house to get my phone, but there wasn’t enough battery left to film it, but there was enough to take pictures, so I started snapping away,” she said.

Elyse, 26, described the UFO as being the size of a car and was 'spinning around like a topper.'

She said: “As I watched it, it split up into two pieces and then it went back into one. It then shot off into the sky in the blink of an eye. It just went up and up until I couldn’t see it anymore.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this before, it was a bright morning with clear blue skies.

"I’m sounding as if I’m crazy, but I’m just a normal girl living in the country.

“My heart is still in my mouth.”

Elyse shared her photos of the UFO on Facebook, tagging various friends and family, and they were soon picked up by the national tabloids.

“I just want people to see what I saw,” she said, “and let them make their own minds up about what they think it was.”


Two Exceptionally Odd UFOs Hover Over Mexico - Video

Posters Comment (google translatio)
RED WHITE AND INTERACTING UFOs. January 10, 2013. Ciudad de Mexico 8:34 A.M. More stable of these two objects interacting with each other, thanks Adrian Calderon Video.

OVNIS BLANCO Y ROJO INTERACTUANDO. 10 de Enero del 2013. Ciudad de Mexico, 8:34 A.M. Video mas estable de estos 2 objetos interactuando entre ellos, gracias Adrian Calderon.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Italian UFO Disclosure - Secret Files Released to the Public in New Book

Italian UFO Disclosure

UFO in the skies of the Italian regions, from north to south,they have been seen almost every month, for years. People have seen them all, men, women, boys, retirees, pilots, police and military, even priests. A widespread phenomenon, but it is still largely unknown. 

The hundreds of reports were "qualified" and collected over decades by the Air Force has remained closed to the public for the purposes of flight safety and national security. It is the only official archive on Italian X-files- - information about Flying Objects identified (UFOs).

These ItalianUFO  files were protected by the Secret or Confidential stamp, have now been declassified. Lao Petrilli and Vincenzo Sinapi had access to files which has allowed them to reveal unpublished cases and shed light on others. They are not speculating only reporting the facts, The testimony and drawings indicate that there is no technical or natural justification for these UFO sightings.

Thousands of pages protected by various classifications of secrecy. The early reports are cataloged dated 1972 even though the armed forces and intelligence services are concerned with unidentified flying objects since at least 1950. Now the documents relating to UFO sightings in Italy have been declassified and made ​​public by the Air Force and journalists Lao Petrilli and Vincenzo Sinapi have them collected in the book "UFOs - The Italian dossier" published by Murcia. 

Mysterious and fascinating stories that catalyze the curiosity and attention of people. Among the hundreds of cases that have been analyzed and cataloged over the years by the Air Force even three sightings occurred in the province of Caserta. 

It was on February 1, 1984 when witnesses spotted, Baia Domitia in the sky, at 10.25, an unidentified object that looked like a pear orange and brown. After 21 years, on 8 February 2005, something unusual was spotted in Grazzanise skies, home to one of the most important Italian military airports. That day, a flight controller said on his monitor an unknown object flying over the base.decided to warn the pilot of an aircraft which was in communication. He told the other people present in the control tower that had appeared the strange dots without anyone being able to give an explanation.Even a C130 flying over the area confirmed the presence of that object not identified. At 22.45 on the screens of the base of Grazzanise seen another UFO. Both cases remain a mystery. 

The last sighting in the province of Caserta was recorded in Cesa, 4:37 to 15 June 2011. A 27 year old and his mother were suddenly awakened by the noise caused by a UFO "like a light bulb that you are going to electrocute." The student described it as an object "mostly spherical in shape and size of a ball game."He testified to having seen first from the glass of a window and then from the balcony of the house. 

The object was two feet away from him and ten inches above the ground. First it was still and then began to turn on itself and move in a zigzag pattern. Finally is splashed upward. The first ball was "the greatest and Yellow" and bright enough to illuminate the garden.While revolved has become "smaller and thinner" but also "brighter and more orange." The boy described it as "an electrical discharge like a lightning bolt."UFO's appearance lasted two minutes. Then it vanished. Also in this case no one was able to give a logical and rational explanation to what happened.Enough to feed the mystery.

A Very Large Colorful UFO Filmed Over Ireland - Very Clear Video

 The opening shot shows this object a considerable distance away. Too far to be a remote control craft. 

 The video is unusually clear and I suspect we might get an explanation within the next day or two. 

A new video from Dublin showing what appears to be a big UFO in the sky with green and red lighting! This great sighting is worth investigating and Garda [police] im sure have already been updated by the mysterious craft. What on earth could it be? UFO! It resembles one from reports in Russia last year where green and red lighted craft was over a powerplant.

Mysterious Black Ring UFO Photographed Over Warwickshire

'It was just floating there like a cloud': Schoolgirl takes picture of 'black ring' UFO

Black Ring UFO Over

A schoolgirl was stunned when when she looked into the sky to see an enormous unexplained black ring.

Georgina Heap, 16, was playing tennis with mum Jo when she was stopped in her tracks by the fascinating sight.

Gazing into the sky, the pair saw a clearly defined black circle which looked like a giant smoke ring.

The UFO remained there for around three minutes before it disappeared completely.

Georgina, who is studying for her GCSEs, said: "I looked up at it and thought, 'what the hell?', it was amazing.

"It was just floating there like a cloud and then it disappeared. It wasn't birds either.

Georgia Heap took this
intriguing UFO Photo

"There were about ten of us who stopped what we were doing and watched. It is the weirdest thing I have ever seen."

The spectacle, which appeared near Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, on Friday evening, has stumped officials.

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service said there were no reports of fires around that time.

The Met Office also said it did not believe the ring was related to the weather.

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