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Marsh Point Farm UFO Sighting Canada - 1845

Facsimile of Marsh Point Farm 
A close encounter of the weird kind occurred west of Cornwall, Canada back in the 1840s which continues to confound researchers and historians. (Often speculated to be extraterrestrial beings)

What became known as the 'Marsh Point Ghost' started out as strange lights on a September evening back in 1845. A farmer was walking home one night, along the banks of the Cornwall Canal west of community, when he spotted the phenomenon.

He spied strange lights dancing around the farm owned by Granny Marsh, 80, who lived with her daughter Clara, 60, on the property, which was located on the island of Milles Roches - which is now among the Lost Villages west of Cornwall.

Unsure what the strange dancing orbs to be, the farmer visited the farm the next morning to determine what kind of disaster had befallen the poor old ladies - but the women said they had seen and heard nothing.

"They were highly amused to hear that people with lights had been seen to be wandering around their place after dark," reported Rex Lambert, a CBC reporter who in the 1960s recounted the circumstances of the event.

This is a highly entertaining and intriguing audio report. CBC's Rex Lambert in a radio broadcast on Aug. 24, 1962 (CBC Archives)

Before long the unknown farmer heard from other residents who claimed to see the lightshow as well.

For the next several weeks countless people witnessed lights, some that seemed to move about the property, cross the canal waters and even climb trees, which were accompanied by the sounds of clanging and even small explosions.

Before long the old women who lived on the property became alarmed.

The phenomenon ended with the arrival of winter and never returned. Experts at the time concluded the event was unlikely to be a hoax, considering the fact that the victims appeared to be a pair of kingly elderly women who lived in a remote part of the country - hardly the best targets for such a prank.

The mystery of the event continues to this day - much of which has been lost to the passage of time.

"I'd never heard a word of this," said Lost Villages Historical society president Jim Brownell in an interview.

More on the event, including Lambert's CBC report, can be found here.


Translucent UFO Hovers 6 Feet Above Ground - NJ

A New Jersey witness at Washington Township reported a bright orange, bell-shaped UFO, in her back yard that quickly moved into the sky and disappeared, according to testimony in Case 59379 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Artist Likeness

The witness was outside at 8:30 p.m. on August 14, 2014, as a storm was approaching from the northwest when the object was first seen.

“I walked out my back door and picked a tomato off a patio plant,” the witness stated. “I then walked to the fence on my right and tossed the tomato over it – for the birds. When I turned around, I saw a large orange/red glowing object that reminded me of a burning ember from a fire – very bright.”
The witness described the object’s movement.
“It came from over the top of the neighbor’s lower roof (which is probably 10 feet high), moving steadily toward the southeast through our backyard. It seemed to move right through trees/leaves – if it navigated around them, I didn’t notice that.”
The witness described the object.
“There was no sound, no smell, no anything. It appeared to be translucent with fire inside of it (or like churning gas), and at some point I saw a clear edge to it. I remember thinking I could see through it, if it weren’t for all that fire inside. When I say it looked like a jellyfish, it was the shape of a contracted, bell-shaped jellyfish.”
The object was low to the ground.
“It was approximately six feet off the ground moving through the backyard and I was only about 10 feet from it at one point. I estimate the size to be eight feet tall by five feet wide. It moved at a pace like a fast walk, but steady.”
The witness then called to her husband to come out and see the object.
“My husband only saw the bright orange glow, not the object itself, because there were trees blocking his view of it by the time he got there.”
The witness tried to keep the object in view.
“Knowing I would lose sight of it on that side, I ran to the other side of the backyard (where I had thrown the tomato over the fence). I was expecting to see it clear the front of the house, low to the ground like I just saw. I saw it in the sky over the houses across the street, climbing higher in the sky – it must have climbed pretty fast because it was only about six feet off the ground in the backyard. Now it was way above the trees on the other side of the street.”
The witnesses attempted to get a photograph of the object but were blocked by trees.
“By the time I ran out front (only a matter of seconds), it was now in the southwest sky and very high up, where planes fly. We continued to watch it climb higher and higher until it was a bright glowing orange dot and then it disappeared. When I saw it, I wasn’t scared – more amazed and curious than anything.”
The witness has ruled out Chinese lanterns.
“I looked at those memory lanterns people are sending up and while the shape was similar, the glowing intense color and size are all wrong. If it was a man-made article, like one of those lanterns, it would have gotten caught on something (trees, limbs, bushes, fences) as it passed through the yard. Our next door neighbor was driving toward home at that time and saw a bright orange glow coming from our backyards.”

Group Basement Jaxx Says Aliens Are Real After UFO Encounter

Basement Jaxx claims UFO encounter on new album Junto

Felex Burton (left) and Simon Radcliffe say aliens are real after a UFO encounter

Basement Jaxx star Felix Buxton, 44, has written a song about aliens after catching a glimpse of what he believes was a UFO, outside the band's London headquarters.

The electro musician, who forms one half of Basement Jaxx with Simon Ratcliffe, 47, claims he saw "something very still and glinting in the sky, like light reflecting off a car" through a window of the group's studio near King's Cross in the British capital.

"I saw it from from the studio. It was a bright, sunny afternoon in London and I saw a flying saucer. Luckily I was with someone else at the time, so people can't think I'm barking crazy," he told USA Today.

"For me, seeing that UFO opened my eyes, made me think more about looking for the meaning in things, and thinking about my music and purpose. I believe in ghosts and angels and UFOs. It's up to you if you do, too."

Buxton was so spooked by the encounter that he went on to write a new song, titled We Are Not Alone.

He even mentioned the incident during a talk he gave to students at England's Oxford University and was glad they didn't make fun of his encounter, telling Britain's The New Review magazine: "The students were cool about it - whereas people of my generation tend to get angry when I tell them I saw something I don't understand. It shows how closed-minded people are, generally."

We Are Not Alone features on Basement Jaxx's seventh studio album, Junto, which in Spanish means "together". Junto is available now and continues the Buxton-Ratcliffe tradition of being trailblazers by collaborating with unknown artists from around the world, including Paraguay Recycled Orchestra, a group made up of young musicians who create instruments out of trash.

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More Red UFOs or Orbs Are Plaguing The Carolina Coast - News Report

EMERALD ISLE, CARTERET COUNTY - People reported seeing at least 10 red circles in the sky above Eastern North Carolina this past weekend. After one women took a video of the event, she learned other people have been seeing these mysterious orbs as well. You can read about recent reports of  UFOs over Ocean Isle NC.

Kelly Burke said she spends plenty of evenings on her back porch but had never seen anything like the red circles before.

"That's when they started coming off of the horizon one by one. They would all completely disappear in the same spot - the same spot! So it would go from there to there, poof its gone," said Burke.

Burke, her husband, and her daughter all saw the lights together. She said there were a total of 10 and each flitted across the sky at a level elevation. Burke says the glowing objects were too symmetrical to be flares and too level to be floating lanterns.
Outer Banks North Carolina - Carteret County

"I've photographed Chinese lanterns for weddings that I do. All of those have a center of brightness. " said Burke.

Burke says the circles in sky she spotted were not like the lanterns she photographed. The lanterns she saw did not have that point of brightness. They were the same color all thew ay through. She described the orbs as moving against the wind, not with it unlike a lantern.

Driven by curiosity, Burke posted her video on Facebook. She was surprised to find out a lot of people had seen similar red circles all across the country, several were along the coast from Nags Head to Oak Island.

Friend Stephanie Brunner says she was relieved when she saw Kelly Burke's post. She saw a group of red orbs almost a year ago in Jacksonville.

"Ours was in a formation, like a triangle. Not a full triangle, but there were five of them," said Stephanie Brunner.

Brunner said she and her husband tried to drive closer to the lights before they went out. She said she didn't tell many people about the event.

"People thought I was crazy, but we definitely saw them. I'm just glad my husband was there to see them too," said Brunner.

One local North Carolinian says his whole family saw one while on vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

"And being in aviation, I know there has to be blinking lights on an aircraft. And there was none on this," described Ronald Winstead.

Reports of flying orbs way back. We found a 1944 article from the New York Times with the headline "Floating Mystery Ball is New Nazi Air Weapon."

Retired U.S. Marine General Tom Braaten says the circle reminded him of a jet burner, but there were some differences. "If you were looking right at the back end, then it would look like a very bright circle," said Braaten.

He did say burners are usually bright white, not the red seen in the video. He also said the shape of the light didn't match up with the motion of the burner. He said a burner would only appear to be a circle if the jet was pointed away from the viewer, but the circle in the video was seen traveling along the coast from left to right. When jets do that, Gen. Braaten said you see the side of the burner which appears as more of a cone shape.

General Braaten and a Harrier pilot we spoke to both said there are too many variables to pin-point what the circles in the sky are.

For now, the circles will technically remain a "U.F.O." After all, "U.F.O." stands for "Unidentified Flying Objects" and these circles in the sky are still unidentified.

What Causes Those Incredible Flashes Of Light Before Earthquakes - Video

UFOs? Government experiments? Blown transformers? What are those flashes seen before earthquakes?


Wednesday, August 27, 2014, 9:13 PM - Residents of California's Bay Area experienced a magnitude 6.0 earthquake very early on Sunday morning, but some experienced something even stranger, just before or during the event - flashes of light in the sky that have frequently been associated with earthquakes.

What appears to be security footage looking out over the city of Santa Rosa, Calif, at 3:13 a.m. PDT on Sunday, roughly seven minutes before the entire area shook, shows flashes going off every few seconds, including some exceptionally bright ones.

While some might say that these flashes can be explained by electrical transformers being stressed during the earthquake, that would only work for flashes going off during the quake, when the ground is violently shaking back and forth. Also, these kinds of lights have been reported during many earthquakes, going back decades and perhaps even longer, even in places where there are no electrical transformers.

People may have come up with many explanations for these lights - from the fantastical, to ones more suited to science fiction, and even related to government conspiracies - but scientists may have traced the reason back to how various materials, including earth and rock, react when they're put under stress.

In one study, it was shown that the tiny flawed crystals contained in basalts and gabbros can release electric charge when they're stressed by seismic waves. When these types of rock solidify in cracks within larger rock formations, forming what are called 'dikes', these dikes can funnel the electric charge released from these crystals up to the surface of the ground.

"The charges can combine and form a kind of plasma-like state, which can travel at very high velocities and burst out at the surface to make electric discharges in the air," Friedemann Freund, from San Jose State University and NASA's Ames Research Center, who co-wrote the paper on this effect, told National Geographic earlier this year.

That's not necessarily the only explanation for this, though.

Other studies, which examined electrical effects in powders and grains, showed that when 'cracks' appear in the materials made up of those powders and grains, it can generate electric voltage. Consider the 'fractoluminescence' effect that happens when you bite into a wintergreen Life Savers candy (which is made up of tiny grains of powder pressed together), says Rutgers University applied physicist Troy Shinbrot, speaking to LiveScience's Our Amazing Planet.

"If you take a Tupperware container filled with flour and tip the container, when the flour shifts, voltages of around 100 volts inexplicably appear," Shinbrot said in the interview. "Except for the fact that we cannot get these voltages to go away, I would call this 'crackpot physics,' and even as it is, I wish I could hedge my bets, but the voltages are very repeatable, and we have so far failed to account for a spurious influence that might cause them."

Further ideas about this include piezoelectric effects, as quartz crystals are deformed and stressed inside rocks along the earthquake fault. This effect is the same one used in various 'energy harvesting' efforts.

More study is definitely needed to figure out exactly which effect (or combination of effects) is behind this phenomenon. However, while it occurs, it could become a way of early earthquake detection, as they apparently can occur up to weeks ahead of the earthquake.


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Police and Neighbors Amazed At UFO Sighting - News Report

Several Police and Multiple Neighbors Witness UFO

abc27 WHTM

Good Morning America clip discussing this sighting. My apologies for the screaming to start the video off. 

Stephanie Wilkerson was enjoying a glass of wine on her porch Monday night when she looked up in the sky and saw something that caught her attention.

At first, Wilkerson says she thought it was an airplane, until she it started changing colors and moving.

She then called her husband outside and a few minutes later she asked her neighbor to stop by. She said her neighbor was, "amazed and he went and got his binoculars," said Wilkerson, "he thought it was a planet, until it turned yellow right before our eyes."

UFO Witness Stephanie Wilkerson

Then Stephanie called Lower Paxton Township (Pennsylvania) Police.

An officer stopped by and saw the object so he called his superiors, who also stopped by and could not believe what they were seeing.

One officer called Fort Indiantown Gap and Harrisburg International Airport to find out if they had aircraft activity in the area and both reported no flight activity at that time.

Stephanie says she was not a believer in UFO sightings until Monday night.
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