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A Nice Compilation of UFO News Reports From 2014

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A tremendous surge in activity the last few weeks has enabled me to post this series once again. Some of the most interesting uploads over the last 2 months can be found on this video.

Sightings And Sources
Mass UFO Sighting Over Houston Texas Lights Up Social Media August 2014

Amazing UFO Sightings in Houston, Texas
Source: AlienPeace1 - There is GOOD out there

Dozens see 10 UFO's hovering over North Carolina
Source: TheLifebeyondearth

Bay Area residents What was this mysterious streak of light?
Source: LoneWolf Sager

HEL - Światła nad otwartym morzem
Source: RieseOlbrzym

Massive UFO Over Hong Kong Protests
Source: DailyParanormal2 (The Paranormal Network)

UFO News: UFO Mother Ship Seen On Live TV In Erie Pennsylvania. 3rd One This Week
Source: Mister Enigma

Erie Pa News Cam Captures A UFO
Source: The UFO Conundrum ● ● ●

Police , Reporters, and Residents Spot 3 UFOs Near Denver
Source: The UFO Conundrum ● ● ●

Crestone UFO
Source: Scott Stevens

UFO appears in Auckland on the news during the weather report
Source: Daniel

BBC Films Two UFOs Live On Air
Paranormal Crucible

Cigar UFO enters lighting cloud Puebla Mexico
Source: pisosmadera

A Major Historic UFO Sighting Over New Haven Connecticut In 1647

New Haven UFO, 1647

Reverend Cotton Mather, in his Magnalia Christi Americana, recorded what can be described today as a major UFO sighting. Mather received a letter from a Pastor in New Haven, Connecticut, that described the "apparition of a ship in the air." A large vessel was lost at sea in 1646, and one year later witnesses observed this ship appear in the sky above New Haven. 

Some readers may consider this a Flying Dutchman or ghost story. The following letter summarizes this most grievous incident:
"In the year 1647, besides much other lading, a far more rich treasure of passengers, (five or six of which were persons of chief note and worth in New-Haven) put themselves on board a new ship, built at Rhode-Island, of about 150 tons; but so walty [liable to roll over], that the master, (Lamberton) often said she would prove their grave. In the month of January, cutting their way through much ice, on which they were accompanied with the Reverend Mr. Davenport, besides many other friends, with many fears, as well as prayers and tears, they set sail. Mr Davenport in prayer with an observable emphasis used these words, Lord, if it be thy pleasure to bury these our friends in the bottom of the sea, they are thine; save them!
The spring following, no tidings of these friends arrived with the ships from England: New-Haven's heart began to fail her: this put the godly people on much prayer, both publick and private, that the Lord would (if it was his pleasure) let them hear what he had done with their dear friends, and prepare them with a suitable submission to his Holy Will.
In June next ensuing, a great thunder-storm arose out of the north-west; after which (the hemisphere being serene) about an hour before sun-set a Ship of like dimensions with the aforesaid, with her canvass and colours abroad (though the wind northernly) appeared in the air coming up from our harbour's mouth, which lyes southward from the town, seemingly with her sails filled under a fresh gale, holding her course north, and continuing under observation, sailing against the wind for the space of half an hour.
Many were drawn to behold this great work of God; yea, the very children cryed out, There's a brave ship! At length, crouding up as far as there is usually water sufficient for such a vessel, and so near some of the spectators, as that they imagined a man might hurl a stone on board her, her main-top seemed to be blown off, but left hanging in the shrouds; then her missen-top; then all her masting seemed blown away by the board: quickly after the hulk brought unto a careen, she overset, and so vanished into a smoaky cloud, which in sometime dissipated, leaving, as everywhere else, a clear air.
The admiring spectators could distinguish the several colours of each part, the principal rigging, and such proportions, as caused not only the generality of persons. to say, This was the mould of their ship, and thus was her tragick end: but Mr. Davenport also in publick declared to this effect, That God had condescended, for the quieting of their afflicted spirits, this extraordinary account of his sovereign disposal of those for whom so many fervent prayers made continually. Thus I am, Sir, Your humble servant, James Pierpont."
The first UFO sightings in America occurred at Boston prior to this event.

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Six Important UFO Documents From The CIA

Six of the CIA's strangest UFO Files

As It turns out, the FBI, Department of Defense, Air Force, Army and the NSA aren't the only government agencies with a history of investigating mysterious UFO activity. FOIA-liberated documents from the Central Intelligence Agency show how America's stealthiest International agency has had a keen interest in strange "aerial phenomena" from all around the world. 

On the CIA's version of The FBI Vault (the less sexily-titled "Electronic Reading Room"), you can find more than 240 publicly available documents related to "unidentified flying objects" spanning more than 50 years. The documents are a mixture of first-hand accounts from field agents as well as summaries of press coverage of strange, unexplained events.

There's a lot of material to sort through and no mention of contact with extraterrestrials or crashed alien spaceships. However, the memos do reveal a global post-Roswell paranoia regarding "flying saucers" — all taking place in the context of a Cold War technological-arms race. Here are some highlights from more than five decades of America's super secret spy agency's investigations into the worldwide UFO phenomenon.

(Quick note: the quoted texts are directly transcribed from often poorly transferred scans. We did our best to be faithful to the original documents, which we have provided snippets of and links to.

1. The CIA understood the benefit of false flags: "Flying Saucers" (July 1st, 1952):

Recent information has surfaced that both the U.S. and Soviet governments fancied an interest in faking an alien invasion as a means to induce mass-hysteria in the enemy à la Orson Welles' chaotic War of the Worlds broadcast from 1938.

At least one inter-agency communication from the early 1950s acknowledges the potential disruptive power of a faked alien invasion (false flags) in both "offensive and defensive" contexts (keeping in mind, the Roswell UFO incident occurred only a few years prior and was followed by a flurry of "flying saucer" sightings around the world).

The following memo was sent from then-director of the CIA, Walter Bedell Smith to the unnamed director of the "Psychological Strategy Board."

I am today transmitting to the National Security Council a proposal… in which it is concluded that the problems connected with unidentified flying objects appear to have implications for psychological warfare as well as for intelligence and operations…I suggest that we discuss at an early board meeting the possible offensive or defensive utilization of these phenomena for psychological warfare purposes. 
Just keep that particular quote in mind when perusing the websites of self-anointed Ufologists.

2. "Report of Unusual Flying Objects" (January 6th, 1956)

The post-Roswell UFO paranoia evidently spread far beyond U.S. and Soviet borders. We found records of a somewhat odd request that came to the attention of the U.S. government from a name-redacted source in the Belgian Congo (today, the Democratic Republic of Congo). The unspecified party makes a request for a "short, compact 60x telescope" to be used in a new UFO observation group [sic]:

"As you Americans do not want to tell us what the so stupidly called 'flying saucers' are, and above all, what they want (and this may be very important in the future), I need your excellent telescope for myself and my observation group which I am just creating."The UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) are [unintelligible] more and more over this country, and going perhaps to the very nature of this land and its beautiful nights [or "rights?"], we here look more often in the sky than the busy Americans."

No word if the gentleman in question ever received his telescope.

3. "Report of Unusual Flying Object Sightings and Attendant Scientific Activity" (April 17th, 1956)

Another international incident from the 1950s was preserved in a letter from the niece of a name-redacted CIA contact. The contact's niece is writing from Soviet-controlled Hungary and seems to illustrate how the "flying saucer" phenomenon had also taken hold on the other side of the iron curtain. The letter is a "free translation" into English by someone who seems to have some direct knowledge that these particular aerial occurrences were actually some form of early Soviet missile or rocket tests.

In November 1955 I received a letter from my niece in Budapest. This letter contained the following interesting item "[free translation]":"The so-called flying saucers (rockets) "[sic]" for several weeks kept the people in a nervous state. These very fast speeding flyers kept scientific groups very busy. I'm sure you heard already from the papers, 12 thousand km per hour was estimated on these flyers.

Though not specifically mentioned in the document, the timing would have been about right for the Soviet intercontinental tests of the R-7 rocket. That rocket was designed to fall apart into various stages while in flight, which may have been similar to the ground view of the above drawings.

4. "Unexplained Traveling Bright Light Seen in the Sky" (October 27th, 1958)

As you might imagine, the Agency was especially interested in reports of unexplained aerial phenomenon over Russian airspace. We found one such account of an odd event witnessed "near Leningrad." The report was written by an undisclosed native English-speaking contact who is told by his "guides" that a mysterious phenomenon in the skies was "probably a flying saucer."

About 10 PM on the night of 10 Jul 58, while en-route from Leningrad to Moscow by train, we saw a bright light in the air which was trailed by a long tail of black smoke. It was much too bright for a plane. It may have been five to 15 miles distant and was under ten thousand feet above ground.We inquired of our guides what it was but got only a [unintelligible] reply that it was probably a flying saucer. The guide was 'Ivanov' who had been with a party of which I was a member on a previous trip. Whether he knew what it was could not be determined.

Without fuller context, it's difficult to tell if there's a wink-wink or any implied sarcasm in the Russian guide's comments. Was it an underhanded way of letting the U.S. know "we've got missiles, bitches" or "yeah — it's nothing. Now go to sleep. Too much vodka." Could go either way.

5. "Sighting of Unusual Object" (December 16, 1960)

We aren't told who this 1960 ominously, yet straightforwardly-titled memo is made out to, but it is from the "chief" of some government body's "Detroit Office." It references the Air Force's investigation in the previous decade's widespread reports of flying discs and other assorted UFO reports, and also how that interest may have waned.

It starts out politely enough "If the USAF [United States Air Force] is still interested in unidentified objects in the sky they may be interested in the following report given to us by [several lines redacted]." It goes on to quote a first-hand account written by an unidentified individual somewhere near "the Detroit River" along with a number of his or her students.

At about 6:54 pm Wednesday 14 December 1960… I looked out to the left (about due east) and saw an object that looked like a meteor except that it was extremely large and almost like a disc, not like a point of light. It was a greenish light (just off white), but green and quite visible to me…It eventually burned out before it got to the ground. The thing which astonished me about it was that it is not the meteorite season and it was much bigger than anything I had ever seen. It was definitely incandescent, and of a very high temperature…

Despite the "disk" shape of the object, the viewer goes to some lengths to differentiate this viewing from the typical UFO hysteria.

This was not flying saucer stuff. I say that only in the sense that I have worked all my life with high temperatures. I am a doctor here in dynamics and physics and I know a high temperature when I see it. That's why I would say the object was way up in temperature. I thought it might be related to some part of a missile or something similar. It was going at a high velocity and had to in order to reach the temperature it was at.

6. "Photo Analysis of UFO Photography" (February 17, 1967)

Once again, we aren't provided with much information on this memo made out to the director of the National Photographic Interpretation Center (since rolled into the Department of Defense, but works in conjunction with U.S. intelligence agencies). The memo presents analysis of a UFO captured in a series of photographs "supplied by the Aerial Phenomena Office" located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH.

The memo does include some high-contrast Xerox-quality replications of the original images,but according to the analysis, the originals weren't much more impressive. They were described as "less than optimum and were considered poor for measurable and photo analysis."

In closing, the memo states:

This office cannot shed any light on the authenticity of this alleged UFO from this photo analysis. There is no definite evidence that this photography is a hoax. On the other hand, for one to assume that this object is a UFO is equally dangerous. There are too many unanswered questions to label the probable cause of this sighting as anything but indeterminable.

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The First Recorded UFO Sighting in The USA - 1639 Boston

Artist impression of UFO Over Boston in 1639
In 1639, America's first UFO was sighted over the Charles River in Boston. Lights sped back and forth across the Charles River from Back Bay Fens to Charlestown. Governor John Winthrop made an entry in his journal regarding this strange event. The primary witness was described as a man of good reputation, activity and estate in Boston:

"In this year one James Everell, a sober, discreet man, and two others, saw a great light in the night at Muddy River. When it stood still, it flamed up, and was about three yards square; when it ran, it was contracted into the figure of a swine: it ran as swift as an arrow towards Charlton [Charlestown], and so up and down [for] about two or three hours. They were come down in their lighter about a mile, and, when it was over, they found themselves carried quite back against the tide to the place they came from. Divers other credible persons saw the same light, after, about the same place."

Muddy River is located at Back Bay Fens, opposite Cambridge, MA, and diagonally across from Charlestown. Back Bay wasn't filled-in at that time, and a large area of open water existed in the river that was then called Broad Bay. The distance to Charlestown would have been more than two miles.

Scene at the Charles River today

James Savage added the following footnote about the sighting in his early edition of Winthrop's Journal (1825):

"This account of an ignis fatuus [pale light over marshy ground] may easily be believed on testimony less respectable than that which was adduced. Some operation of the devil, or other power beyond the customary agents of nature, was probably imagined by the relaters and hearers of that age, and the wonder of being carried a mile against the tide became important corroboration of the imagination. Perhaps they were wafted [carry lightly], during the two or three hours' astonishment, for so moderate a distance, by the wind; but, if this suggestion be rejected, we might suppose, that the eddy [whirlpool], flowing always, in our rivers, contrary to the tide in the channel, rather than the meteor, carried their lighter back."

Being objective about the sighting, the Charles River, prior to being dammed, had great tidal flow, and would drain much of Back Bay each day, and then replenish it. Muddy River likely had a larger volume of water flowing through it in 1639, but it is unlikely that a great eddy existed near its mouth. Thus, it is unusual for witnesses to assert they were unmoved by tidal flow (in a small boat) for more than two hours.

Witnesses also stated that the lights contracted into the shape of a swine. Muddy River, the hamlet, eventually became the separate town of Brookline. Pigs and other cattle were stored there during summer while corn was growing in Boston. It is safe to deduce that the UFO witnesses had seen or heard swine on the same day they observed the great light. Thus, the lights resembled a common animal, making it probable they saw ignis fatuus mirage phenomena in the darkness.

In any case, the event was observed by divers (many) people, and noteworthy enough for the Puritan Governor to document it in his private journal.

A Mountain Size Comet Passes Mars Today - You Can Watch Live

This March 27, 2014 image provided by NASA, ESA,
and J.-Y. Li shows comet C/2013 A1, also known as
Siding Spring, as captured by Wide Field
Camera 3 on NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.
One of Earth's closest neighbors is about to have a very narrow escape.

A comet the size of a small mountain will whiz past Mars Sunday at a distance of less than 87,000 miles, a hair's breadth in astronomical terms.

That's so close that Mars will be swathed in the comet's dust and gas; so close that NASA has decided to move its Mars orbiters out of the path of potential danger; so close that such a very near miss by a comet has never been recorded for Earth.

Earlier worries that the comet could actually hit the Red Planet are unfounded, but that doesn't mean the fly-by will be boring. The spectacle – if you were on Mars -- could include a Northern Lights-like aurora and an extra sprinkle of shooting stars. An observer on the Martian surface might also see an "insanely bright" fireball, according to Naval Research Laboratory astrophysicist Karl Battams.

Even better is the show the comet will provide for an armada of scientific observatories, including NASA's MAVEN spacecraft, which serendipitously began orbiting Mars Sept. 21. Researchers have never had such a good look at an object that was born at the dawn of the solar system and probably hasn't changed much since.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Watch Live on slooh.com

For both Mars and the comet to be "coming right next to each other … right after this very sophisticated spacecraft gets there – it just boggles the mind," says planetary scientist Roger Yelle of the University of Arizona. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

Comet Siding Spring, which bears the name of the Australian observatory where it was discovered in 2013, seems rather modest to be such a center of attention. It's no more than 5 miles wide and, like other comets, was sculpted out of the ice and dust that formed the planets. Also like many other comets, it was banished shortly after birth to the coldest, most remote reaches of the solar system, a realm known as the Oort cloud.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

But unlike other comets in the Oort cloud, Siding Spring didn't stay put. Instead it seems to have gotten knocked for a loop by a passing star, propelling it on a path that is bringing it close to the sun.

It began its journey to our neck of the solar system a few million years ago, says astrophysicist Carey Lisse of The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and is on its first trip to the relatively toasty region close to the sun.

Scientists have sent spacecraft to study other comets, but none of them were from the Oort cloud, meaning they probably don't preserve the conditions of the early solar system as well as the Oort-cloud comets do.

Siding Spring and its brethren "have never been boiled and baked very hard," Lisse says. "An Oort-Cloud comet coming to us is a great wonder and very useful."

Siding Spring is scheduled to make its closet approach to Mars at roughly 2:28 p.m. ET Sunday. By then NASA will have moved its Mars orbiters away from the comet's dust trail out of an abundance of caution, though scientific analysis shows no hazard from the dust, says University of Maryland astronomer Tony Farnham.

NASA's Mars rovers will peer at the heavens in hopes of snapping pictures of the comet. The Hubble Space Telescope will have a look, as will a posse of other observatories that have been pressed into service as comet-watchers for the occasion.

Here on Earth, those in places such as South Africa and Australia will be able to see the comet, but only through binoculars. If, on the other hand, the comet had hit Mars, there would've been a "really brilliant flash," says University of Colorado planetary scientists Nick Schneider. "It probably would've darkened (Mars) with dust" – but not affected the Earth.

On Sunday, amateur astronomers will meet online in real time to report their observations, says Padma Yanamandra-Fisher of the Space Science Institute, who notes that Siding Spring will buzz Mars while many Americans are preoccupied with football.

"If your team loses, forget about it and just go to the Ustream," she advised at a NASA briefing earlier this month. "This is a lot more exciting."

Are We Seeing the Same UFO In Canada, Peru and India Just Days Apart

This terrifying, greenish UFO appeared hovering over Montréal last week, right in the middle of an evening newscast. It appeared to change shape and plunge to earth. Now there are reports of the same "mysterious ball" cropping up in Lima, Peru and also being seen and reported by an commercial airline pilot in India. 

What is this thing, and what is it doing?

Educating Humanity Reported on the UFO in Lima Peru:
The UFO was greenish and changed shape. Sometimes it resembled a saucer, and at other moments it had an aspect similar to a "boomerang". The witness thought she was seeing the maneuvers of a remotely guided airplane, but it had no intermittent lighting. Furthermore, a remotely-controlled airplane must have anti-collision lights, by law.

Two days earlier, during a live broadcast by TVA News, a Canadian network, a mysterious greenish object similar to this one appeared behind reporter Colette Provencher. Could it be the same object?
You be the judge. Here's the Lima UFO, in the video below.

On top of that within days an airline pilot in India reported seeing a green and white UFO while flying at a height of 26,000 feet. She reported the sighting to the Air Traffic Control and to the tower at the time of the incident.

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