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Aliens Are Real, Will We Look Like Them Or Will They Look Like Us?

Aliens Are Real & They Will Look Like Humans – Claims Cambridge University Scientist

Evolutionary biologist Simon Conway Morris has shared his belief that aliens are real and that they look just like us, noting how interesting it is that we have yet to find or come in contact with human-like beings, given the number of Earth-like planets we have discovered so far.
Professor Conway Morris is best known for his study on the Cambrian explosion, which saw a sudden evolutionary burst of complex animal life occur around 542 million years ago. Morris, a man of both religion and science, has also been challenging popular scientific theories with an open mind for quite some time. He feels that many theories, when pulled together, can help explain how we all got here, but on their own paint only an incomplete picture.
Given his history, it’s not much of a surprise that Morris also delves into the ET realm. He feels that because many of the planets we have discovered are similar to our own, harbouring the distinct possibility for life, it is likely life has already emerged.
Morris has stated: “I would argue that in any habitable zone that doesn’t boil or freeze, intelligent life is going to emerge, because intelligence is convergent.”
“One can say with reasonable confidence that the likelihood of something analogous to a human evolving is really pretty high.”
“And given the number of potential planets that we now have good reason to think exist, even if the dice only come up the right way every one in 100 throws, that still leads to a very large number of intelligences scattered around, that are likely to be similar to us.”
Professor Conway Morris continues to say: “Fermi’s paradox seems to be coming rather sharply into focus. If I’m on the right track then the likelihood of intelligence is evolving and actively engaging in some sort of transgalatic expeditions doesn’t seem to be completely beyond the realm of possibility.”
“What Fermi didn’t know when he asked that famous question was that the number of Earth-like planets is absolutely gigantic now. More problematic is that many of these solar systems far, far pre-date our solar system. They would have, in principle, a major head start of hundreds of millions, if not billions, of years.”
“The problem is exceedingly acute: we shouldn’t be alone but, famous last words, all the evidence suggests we are. Maybe [aliens] are hiding, the Arthur C Clarke idea, or as Stephen Baxter mischievously suggested we live in a virtual world. I don’t honestly know. My suspicion is we have only begun to scratch at the surface of reality, for want of a better word.”
But are they hiding? It almost seems like there’s been so much evidence of “someone else” that the statement “maybe they’re hiding” seems misplaced.

Valid Theories?

Are his theories something to be taken seriously or is he off in left field? Given the amount of research that has gone into this subject over the years, enough evidence, case studies, and experiences have been documented to suggest it’s not at all unreasonable to believe that aliens not only exist, but that they could be among us already. Even Harvard professor John Mack states when it comes to alien abductions: “Yes, it’s both. It’s both literally, physically happening to a degree; and it’s also some kind of psychological, spiritual experience occurring and originating perhaps in another dimension.” 
Even popular scientists Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye believe aliens and ETs exist and are intelligent.
Canada’s former defense minister Paul Hellyer not only believes ETs exist, but states that “at least 4 known alien species have been visiting earth for thousands of years.” In an interview we did with Hellyer at Toronto City Hall I asked him outright about the existence of different species, and he told me that at some levels of military and government it’s such a known fact that it’s not even surprising to them anymore.

Exciting Time For Disclosure

In the end this topic is so widely discussed now that it’s only a matter of time before big answers will come. Some believe the answers are already there while others are waiting for more tangible proof, and they are of course entitled to wait. I do believe though that instead of being rash, angry, or condescending about the probability of alien life, we could be more curious, excited, and open. It’s a very real and practical possibility, and the days of thinking it’s crazy talk should be long gone.

Did The Founding Fathers Of The United States Believe in Extrarterrestrials

It was hard for people to believe that earth
is not at the center of the universe it will even
be harder for people to believe we are not alone
On this 4th of July, when the smoke from the last of the fireworks drifts away and you can once again see the starry sky above, it may be worth reflecting on the fact that America’s founders were pretty sure that those stars were home to an immense population of space aliens.

Benjamin Franklin maintained that every star is a sun, and every sun nourishes a “chorus of worlds” just like ours. Ethan Allen, the self-taught leader of the Green Mountain Boys, insisted that the inhabitants of these other earths included intelligent beings just like us. David Rittenhouse, the famous Philadelphia inventor and astronomer, made it official in a 1775 lecture that was reprinted for the benefit of the Second Continental Congress. “The doctrine of the plurality of worlds,” he said, “is inseparable from the principles of astronomy.”

The space aliens of the American Revolution, to be clear, weren’t little, green, or three-eyed, and they definitely weren’t a saucer-flying menace to the American way of life. They were our brothers and sisters in the contemplation of nature’s endless bounty. They were just as good as us, maybe even a little better. As Rittenhouse explained, if extraterrestrials were unfortunate enough to visit Earth, they might find themselves enslaved in America “merely because their bodies may be disposed to reflect or absorb the rays of light in a way different from ours.”

If these peace-loving aliens were a threat to anything, it was to theology. John Adams put his finger on the problem as a young man in a diary entry from 1756. Given the near-certainty of alien life, he reasoned, Evangelical Christians must either condemn our extraterrestrial brothers to everlasting perdition or suppose that Jesus shows up on an endless number of planets in ever-changing alien incarnations. Thomas Paine later made the same point in print, rather more caustically: “The person who is irreverently called the Son of God, and sometimes God himself, would have nothing else to do than to travel from world to world, in an endless succession of death, with scarcely a momentary interval of life.”

Like many of the ideas that mattered in the American Revolution, extraterrestrials got their start in antiquity. The Greek philosopher Epicurus speculated that the universe must be infinite, eternal and abounding in “worlds” just like our own. His real agenda was to undermine the “preposterous” belief that the universe exists to serve the petty purposes of one noisy species in one particular earth. The Roman poet Lucretius committed Epicurus’ cosmic vision to verse in his ancient bestseller, “On the Nature of Things,” which then slipped through the Middle Ages in hiding. Aliens came roaring back to life in the 16th century, when the inimitable Giordano Bruno opened up Lucretius’ book and, combining it with the Copernican theory, dreamed of an unending universe alive with fertile solar systems.

For Bruno and his successors, space aliens were a source of wonder and joy. For defenders of the established religion, on the other hand, the extraterrestrial agenda was a source of fear and loathing. Epicurus was condemned to the inner circles of hell (the sixth of nine, according to Dante). Lucretius’ poem was suppressed and all but forgotten. Bruno was burned at the stake.

Sir Isaac Newton gave the extraterrestrials their biggest shot in the arm when he embraced the infinite universe as the basis for his hugely influential system of physics. Even so, the aliens of the early modern period remained creatures of philosophy rather than science. Their existence was never an empirically established fact (unless you count astronomer William Herschel’s claim to have observed farmsteads on the moon). Although Newton and his acolytes did their best to make the alien lifestyle conform to mainstream religion, the topic retained its theological cutting edge down to the American Revolution.

The most important fact about America’s heretical aliens is that they were everywhere fellow travelers in a movement of ideas that dramatically reconceived the foundations of the political order here on earth. As a matter of fact, a proper genealogy of the political philosophy involved in the creation of the world’s first, large-scale secular republic would pass through almost all of the same names and places as the genealogy of America’s revolutionary aliens.

Today we tend to think that the existence of extraterrestrials is a matter best left to science. And science at last appears to be catching up with Giordano Bruno. Data from NASA’s Kepler probe now suggests that Earth-like planets are as plentiful as fruit flies at a summer barbecue. For each of the billions of human beings on earth, there are billions of potentially habitable planets in the sky. The new data already has some theologians worried. “Did Jesus die for Klingons?” asked one recently. Proof of extraterrestrial intelligence—or, even better, contact with it—will challenge humanity’s understanding of itself, or so we tend to think. It could revolutionize the religious and political order on earth.

What the American experience suggests, however, is that the alien revolution has already happened. Philosophically speaking, the aliens have come and gone, and they have accomplished their principal mission.

It is more than coincidence that the modern world emerged in a time that was friendly to aliens. The extraterrestrial hypothesis is really just the guiding theory of the American republic expressed in inspiring metaphors of cosmology. Its unstated doctrines are simple. We are responsible for ourselves; the universe exists neither to serve nor to command us. We govern ourselves not through acts of faith, but through acts of understanding. The more we know about the world, the more we know about ourselves. What binds us to one another are not the false flags of our sect or our nation, not even of our species or our planet. We realize ourselves, individually and collectively, within a universe that embraces all beings and extends without any limit other than our own capacity for understanding.

It isn’t unusual today to hear that what made America great is something that arose uniquely out of one particular nationality, one ethnicity or one religion. The alleged Englishness, the imaginary whiteness, the supposed Protestantism of the republic’s early years made America what it is, or so the thinking goes. A somewhat more liberal version of the same line says that modernity is the work of a peculiarly “Western” or “humanist” creed. Either way, the implication is that our destiny is a matter of clinging tightly to one set or another of largely inexplicable convictions handed down from some collection of glorious ancestors.

America’s founding aliens tell us that this just isn’t true. The philosophers and revolutionaries who created modernity did not embody the peculiar creeds of their time. They sought to overcome them. They were the aliens within their own worlds. The most important American ideal, too, does not come from anything merely species-specific. We are all equal not because we partake in some peculiar nature or because we share in the same credo of unreasoned beliefs, but because we take it that no thinking being is incapable of seeing reason. It isn’t our commitment to the past but our capacity to transcend it that made America. And it is this same ability to leave behind our old certainties, our ancestral homes, even our species, that makes us human, and makes us something more. Captain Kirk, that great American philosopher, had it right all along. The American thing is the human thing: to boldly go where none have gone before.


First We Had White Spots On Ceres Now BlackSpots On Pluto

New Horizons Sends Back Images of Mystery Dark Spots on Pluto

Several mysterious dark spots on the surface of Pluto have caught the attention of NASA researchers as the New Horizons probe makes its final approach to the dwarf planet.

Several spots are evenly spaced along Pluto's equator, with each having a diameter of about 300 miles, according to NASA.

"It's a real puzzle -- we don't know what the spots are, and we can't wait to find out," Alan Stern, principal investigator for New Horizons, said in a statement.

The spacecraft is scheduled to come as close as 6,200 miles from the surface of Pluto July 14, 2015, the closest any man made object has come to the dwarf planet.

As New Horizons has closed in on Pluto, it's provided a closer look at Pluto's surface and its moons. In February, the spacecraft took two long-exposure images showing two of Pluto's moons, Hydra and Nix, orbiting the dwarf planet. It was the first time the space probe had gotten close enough to view the moons.

New Horizons blasted into space atop an Atlas V rocket in January 2006. Pluto at the time was still considered a planet, with scientists later that year voting to demote its status to that of a dwarf planet.

After a sleepy nine years, the probe woke up in December 2014 from the last of its 18 hibernation periods as it prepared for its initial approach toward Pluto.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Witness Recalls Getting Within 20 Feet Of Landed UFO - New Hampshire, 1976

My One UFO (on the ground) Sighting

This story recently appeared in the Union Leader and was reported to MUFON

I lived in New Hampshire for about a year in 1976-1977 and would jog in the National Forest with my large white Shepherd. I lived in a rental farm house on Passaconaway Rd about 10 miles northwest of Conway. My dog and I jogged the same route almost daily in the mornings, as I was ski training. He was running ahead of me as he often did this one morning in the fall, when I noticed he had stopped, was facing into the brush and was growling. His hackles were full up and his teeth barred. I feared it might be a bear or big cat so I called him off of it, but he wouldn't budge. 

Not only did I not want him to get hurt but I wanted us both to go back the direction we came from. Then he seemed to totally cower down to the ground in total submission to whatever it was. I was petrified with fear and then I heard the humming, buzzing sound and felt the rumble vibrating through my shoes. I knew that the sound and rumbling sensation would not be an animal but some kind of machine. 

I somehow got my nerve up and very cautiously got up near my dog to see what he was staring at. I was shaking with fear, but I felt like I was being pulled in like a magnet would to a metal object. I felt like I had to go to it. As I got to my dog's side I could hear him whimpering and see he was shaking. We were within 20 feet of this object. What I could see through the brush was a grayish/black metal looking object that had a military characteristic to it, but was only about 5 or 6 feet in height and seemed to have a crescent shape, not really a boomerang, but an elongated, rounded crescent shape with blue-greenish lights pulsating at regular intervals. 

The lights appeared to be emanating from beneath the edges of the form. It was fully on the ground and appeared to be maybe 30' in diameter or less. The ground vibrated and the humming sound was hypnotic and paralyzing. For a brief moment, maybe 2 seconds, the humming stopped, the lights stopped and my dog seemed to re-animate and slowly rose and backed off. I followed suit. We backed out about 4 or 5 steps and I took off running as fast as my body could push, my dog right in front- full speed. 

When I got home I paced for quite a while, wanted to actually go back again with a camera but instead called the Forest Service manager and asked if any vehicles were out there where I described. They said no, but wanted a lot of detail from me. More than if they thought I was a lunatic or pranking them. They pressed hard for details. A few days later I got my nerve up and also took a handgun and my dog and went back to the site. My dog did not have the same level of fear as he did that day, but he was most definitely still quite hesitant of approaching the site. 

I pushed the brush back where I remembered it to be and could tell a large object of the shape I had seen had crushed the brush and ground cover down flat and looked swept over at the edges, like frayed leaves. After that, I never jogged that same trail again. It was just too unnerving. Several times over the next year while in NH, at least 5 times, I could tell that I was being followed. In town, at work, shopping, driving. 

I moved back to Colorado a year later. Twice on the drive from NH back to Colorado I saw the same vehicle following me. Once they actually passed me out on the plains between nowhere and hell and stayed beside me for far too long, pretending not to look at me. I've told numerous people over the years, but I never stop feeling the same fear and remember the paralyzing, hypnotic affect the humming sound had on me and apparently my dog as well. Over the years, and I'm 6'2 "now, I have several times had the sense that a being was in my bedroom or house and I was completely paralyzed, yet wide awake. My eyes will be wide open, I can feel them blink, but there is absolutely no light pitch black and claustrophobic. I feel totally confined, like being in a coffin and I can't scream or breathe or move

MUFON Reports A Dramatic Increase In UFO Sightings For June 2015

UFO sighting reports doubled in June

Each month, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) sends out its UFO sighting report figures, and the June report, which came out yesterday, showed a drastic increase in UFO reports.

MUFON is the largest civilian UFO investigation organization in the country, and perhaps the world. They have certified investigators throughout the country who investigate reports in their local area. They even have a few investigators in other countries.

The majority of their investigators and reports are in the US, and most would be shocked to see just how many reports come in. Each month they receive on average anywhere from 400 to 700 reports – usually on the higher side of this scale.

Last year alone they received over 7000 UFO reports. Many of these turn out to be cases of mistaken identity. However, a small percentage, anywhere between 10 to 20 percent, turn out to be unidentified when matched up to natural phenomenon, man-made objects, celestial objects, or other mundane objects.

10 to 20 may not sound like a lot, but when you are talking 7000 reports, that could be as many as 700 to 1400 cases that go unidentified after investigation.

It isn’t surprising to see modest spikes in the number of sightings. For instance, last July there were over 750 sighting reported to MUFON. Roger Marsh, MUFON’s Director of Communications, says July and the New Year often produce a lot of reports.

He says, “Many more people are celebrating outside during the evening hours and are looking up.”

To see this for yourselves, just watch the number of UFO sightings that will roll in this weekend, during the 4th of July holiday weekend.

What is not normal is to see a month have double the amount of sightings that are normally reported. In 2014, MUFON received 601 UFO sighting reports in June. This June, they received 1179, nearly double last year.

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Clear Video and Photos of Massive Cube Shaped UFO Emerging From A Portal, Texas

Massive Cube Shaped UFO 

On June 29th, 2015, a UFO “cube” was seen emerging out of the clouds by multiple people in Texas.

Walter C. Lance of El Paso, Texas was the first person to submit the photographs. Lance stated he took the photographs on June 29th, 2015 around 1PM central time during his lunch break.

A second eye witness also saw this cube shaped UFO about a mile away from the first eye witness as she was returning back to work from her lunch break. She noticed a “square shaped figure moving through the clouds and thought it was a balloon but after watching it, she realized the enormity of its size with designs around it and a “faint, magnetic oscillation-type humming” that seemed to emulate from the craft.

She was also able to get a picture of this UFO:

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