Friday, January 20, 2017

CIA File Dump Full Of Bizarre and Odd Information

Kissinger’s Files and Invisible Ink Recipes: C.I.A. Trove Has It All

Right, the C.I.A.’s declassified records database, and left, the four computers from which the public could previously gain access to it.

A magician walks into a laboratory.

It’s not the beginning of a joke. It’s the subject of a declassified 1969 Central Intelligence Agency memo, one of more than 930,000 searchable documents that the agency posted online on Tuesday.

The memo about the magician was among the more unusual files in the trove of declassified reports, which include more than 12 million pages of dispatches and correspondence that document the history of the C.I.A.

If you wanted, you could read up on the United States government’s research on “spiritualist healers in Mexico,” the “dreamlike structure of telepathic assertions” or “an assessment of the evidence for psychic functioning.”

Or you could examine the agency’s actions and research during the Vietnam and Korean Wars. Maybe you would prefer to read through the files of Henry A. Kissinger, who was secretary of state under Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford, or a description of the Berlin Tunnel, a wiretapping effort to monitor the Soviet Union during the Cold War. You can look through intelligence reports on specific countries or events, find recipes for invisible ink or learn how to open sealed letters.

Tips on invisible photography and writing are among 930,000 documents which have been released by the CIA; the relevant pages are pictured here
“It gives insight into a lot of different elements of our history since the 1940s,” said Mike Best, a journalist and archivist who pushed for the online publication of the files.

Technically, you could have gained access to the files before, but only if you drove to the National Archives building in College Park, Md., where there were four computers you could use to sift through the C.I.A. Records Search Tool, known as Crest. You couldn’t email or otherwise electronically transmit files to yourself, but you could print them out on the C.I.A.’s dime (as long as the paper and ink hadn’t run out).

“Access to this historically significant collection is no longer limited by geography,” Joseph Lambert, the C.I.A. director of information management, said in a statement. “The American public can access these documents from the comfort of their homes.”

Mr. Best would often drive 90 minutes from southeast Pennsylvania to examine the documents. Nearby signs instruct users that their searches and printed files are being monitored, he said.

“You’re under surveillance for doing this entirely legal thing,” he said.

The publication of the files represents a potential motherlode of background material for researchers, journalists and curious hobbyists. While many such people have already combed through the material in Maryland, the online publication will allow for access among people who can’t drive there.

But, to be clear, most of the files are pretty boring.

The collection appears to be the result of regular bureaucratic collation: Someone sends something interesting to the agency (the magician, who someone claimed was a miracle-working healer), or someone writes an interesting academic paper (the spiritualist healers), and the result is files like these, summaries of work that the agency thought notable enough to file away.

Others have no apparent reason for having been collected by the C.I.A., like a single-page ad for the Buffalo Bill Wax Museum. (Maybe it’s a code, the key to which remains classified.)

The Crest archive represents a major document dump, but the C.I.A. has published many other declassified files online. Its files are typically unclassified after 25 years.

For those who believe the truth is out there, the website has a collection of reports on unidentified flying objects, and capitalized on interest in last year’s “X-Files” reboot by posting the “top five documents Mulder would love to get his hands on.”

After journalists at MuckRock, a news site, filed Freedom of Information Act requests for access to the Crest database, the C.I.A. said in 2015 that it would take 28 years to publish. In 2015, the agency cut its estimate to six years, and said the documents would be delivered on 1,200 compact discs at the price of $108,000.

Put off by what he perceived as stalling, Mr. Best crowdfunded $15,000 to print, scan and publish files himself. In October, the C.I.A. said it would post the files.

“C.I.A. made significant architectural and procedural changes to load and index the Crest documents more quickly,” said Heather Fritz Horniak, a spokeswoman for the C.I.A. “This means that we were able to post the entire Crest collection, totaling nearly 13 million pages, online much earlier than anticipated

Thursday, January 19, 2017

What To Expect When First Contact Happens With Extraterrestrials

There are aliens out there (and if there aren’t any, it’s just more fun to believe that there are). But if they are out there, how do we find them? Once we find them, how do we contact them? And once we contact them, how do we actually communicate with them?
Wendover Productions made this captivating video that gives some ideas on how to find aliens (look at the stars) and what contacting them would mean (contact between different civilizations is historically, um, not good). But the video actually gets even more interesting when it takes a deeper look into our understanding of how our world works and how our languages work.
Figuring out how to contact aliens is a helluva brain exercise. The languages we speak on Earth all follow roughly the same rules no matter the language (noun and verb structure, word frequency etc.), but it might be silly to assume that aliens can understand our concept of language, since other animals on this planet already communicate differently (color, pheromones, etc.) And even if we could somehow figure out an alien language (like in Arrival), it’s hard to know what their words actually mean, because straight translations of foreign languages don’t always tell the full story without an understanding of their context. It’s hard to communicate without any sort of common ground.
Wendover Productions says maybe we should communicate with math, since math is universal as one plus one will always equals two. Establishing that we know math can help us reach some sort of understanding with them but there’s still just so much more to figure out. Watch the video below to find out more.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Astronaut Attempts To Cover Up UFO Near Space Station

Mystery flashing lights speed past International Space Station - before astronaut 'hides evidence from camera with HAND'

Alien hunters have claimed astronauts on board the International Space Station are deliberately hiding evidence of UFO's.
In video uploaded apparently filmed from the ISS, an astronaut can be seen filming the view from outer space. with the earth lit up in the background
But when mysterious moving and glowing lights appear in the distance, the astronaut puts his hand in front of the camera or pans away to cover up the lights.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Police Helicopters Takes Incredible UFO Footage

Police Helicopter Takes Video of a Saucer Shaped UFO?

A strange object in the sky was caught on camera by officers back in September

A UFO expert based in Holme Valley has criticised police [for lack of information] as he investigates an incident of a suspected UFO spotted by one of their helicopters.

Footage emerged in September of a circular object in the sky, caught on an infra-red camera from a police helicopter in South Wales.
Scholes-based Gary Heseltine, editor of UFO Truth magazine, says he has since been submitting numerous Freedom of Information requests to South Wales Police to shed light on the incident.
Gary, who runs annual UFO conferences in Holmfirth which attract people from across the country, claims police have not been “transparent” about the encounter.
He said: “I’ve waited until now to see how much information I could obtain from the police via the FOI requests I’ve submitted. What I can say is that in my opinion the police have not been as open and transparent as they could have been.”
Gary says he has requested logs from the force in relation to the helicopter that captured the UFO footage, including flight maps and audio from the cockpit.
He claims the case bears a resemblance to another case in Chile where a Navy helicopter captured a UFO on infra-red.
Gary added: “I believe this British case is a major UFO event and should be the subject of a scientific enquiry.”

Heseltine  has criticised police as he investigates an incident of a suspected UFO spotted by one of their helicopters.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Green UFO Morphs Into Two Before Quickly Disappearing

The video was posted on Facebook by Lucio Margiotta, a music teacher at the Music Academy of Salento, who saw the light in the sky at around 8pm local time.

Mr Margiotta said: 'UFO sighting of 9/1/2017 at about 19.38 hours. I don't know what was and what it is to call it but it is very strange.'

In the film, a bright white, spherical object can be seen in the sky, which appears to change shape, size and colour.

At one point it turns a bright green colour, and becomes a ring, similar to a smoke ring.

Finally, the ball splits into two, before quickly fading away.

The video was shot on a smartphone at maximum (x8) zoom, and Mr Margiotta said that no filters or effects were applied.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Where Should You Look For Proof Of Aliens On Earth

Where On Earth Shall You Look For Aliens  

In 2012, a survey by the National Geographic found that 77% of the Americans believe that intelligent beings outside our planet not only exist, but also already come into contact with human beings.
Nazca Desert, Peru
In the vast desert of Peru, several centuries old geoglyphs marked the terrain depicting recognizable images. Among them include a spider, a monkey, a dwarfish human, and a hummingbird - all of which drawn on land at an immense scale only visible from bird's eye view. Arguably, the most misunderstood of the images is the 'anachronistic' airplane landing pad stretching a distance of several miles.    
Easter Island, Chile
The flat and elongated faces of the Moai statues located in Chile's Easter Island continue to baffle visitors. Each one of these colossal stone heads erected firmly on the ground proved an unsolved (definitively) engineering puzzle - leaving the average people to speculate on 'ancient alien' knowledge being responsible.
Giza, Egypt
It is not so much as the engineering marvel which made the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx a subject of 'ancient alien' speculation, but rather the curious placement of the structures. The coordinates of these monuments not only map the Orion constellation, mathematicians even decode a sophisticated calendar counting 50,000 years per segment.
Tiwanaku, Bolivia
The ruins of Puma Punku continue to baffle even the advanced engineers of contemporary times. With each stone weighing about 800 tons, it is plausible to question how most of these stone blocks resemble a level of stone carving theoretically achievable with powered precision tools - while these ruins were built centuries ago.
Nevada, USA
If there is any other place on earth that seems to suggest alien existence on earth, it is the infamous Area 51 in Nevada. This classified US Air Force facility is believed to be an asylum for extraterrestrials in our present time. Although the nearest town attracts visitors, the armed soldiers stationed at the base are authorized to use deadly force against intruders.

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