Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Experts Baffled By Bright Saucer Shaped UFO Over Australia

'It's unidentified, flying and an object' UFO video baffles scientists

A BRIGHT, fast-moving, disc-shaped UFO has been caught on camera in the skies above Australia.

Astronomers have struggled to explain away the flying saucer – with a satellite, aircraft or meteorite apparently ruled out.

An amateur video – shot by an Aussie family – shows a bright orange light streaming across the horizon at sunset.

The UFO's tail is too short and thick for a meteorite and it appears too slow for space junk re-entering Earth's atmosphere.

Quentin Theron, 40, said his two girls, Kylie, 14, and Georgia, 8, were in the pool at home in Darwin when the kids shouted that they could see a shooting star.

Mr Theron, of Coconut Grove, told  NT News: “I said: ‘That’s crazy. It’s too early and it’s too bright for a shooting star’.

Experts have been left equally baffled by the UFO.

Astronomer Geoff Carr told NT News: “I can only suggest a high altitude military jet with its afterburner on.

“Other than that it looks too slow to be a piece of space junk re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

“It may be an Iridium Flare – which is a large, cube-shaped communication satellite.

“These appear to flare up sometimes extremely brightly if at the right angle to catch the sunlight.”

UFO Government Cover Up Is Real Says 5 Star Admiral in Royal Navy

Lord Admiral Hill-Norton was the former Chief of the Defence Staff and 5 star Admiral of the Royal Navy. That’s the highest possible rank of the British Royal Navy, similar to General Dwight Eisenhower’s 5 star rank in the United States. He was also Chairman of the NATO Military Committee. 

Admiral Hill-Norton stated:
Governments believe that if they told the truth, which is that there are objects in our atmosphere, which are technically miles in advance of anything that we can deploy, that we have no means of stopping them from coming here, and that we have no defense against them should they be hostile, that I believe is because governments fear if it did disclose those facts, people would panic.I do not believe that people today, in the 21st century are going to panic that that sort of information – Lord Admiral


Monday, October 5, 2015

Hillary Clinton And The Topic Of Extraterrestrial Life

At one point Hillary will most likely be asked a UFO question directly. Perhaps her team has already come up with a canned response. As long as Hillary stays in the limelight the question of extraterrestrials is fair game and it is just a matter of time before someone asks a probing question.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

In 1968 More Than 200 People Saw A UFO In Redlands California

There was a UFO spotted in the skies over Redlands in 1968

There was an unexplained celestial event right here in Redlands, California, on a night in 1968.
It was Feb. 4, shortly before 7:30 p.m., when an object, which did fit the classic definition of a “flying saucer,” appeared over North Redlands for some two to three minutes. Besides its appearance, it attracted peoples’ attention because, as one witness said in a story in the Daily Facts, it made “a swishing sound.”
Dogs barked. Frightened children hid in their homes. Adults were spooked, and some were even sickened by the appearance.
Soon police lines had received numerous calls about the thing, and by the time the event was over, around 200 witnesses had seen what appeared to be a craft, about 50 feet in diameter, with a row of windows, as it hovered some 200 to 300 feet above the ground before moving slowly northwest across the city, disappearing in the direction of the then operational Norton Air Force Base. Later that evening a similar object was seen above Victorville.
Shortly after the sighting, Dr. Philip Seff, then a University of Redlands geology professor, was contacted by a UFO study group at the University of Colorado and asked to look into the event. Seff was joined on the team by Dr. Jay Krantz, a professor of chemistry, and Judson “Sandy” Sanderson, the math department chairman.
After a three-month study, none of these serious scientists could explain what Redlands residents had seen. While sure that it was not a natural phenomenon, they couldn’t attribute it to any known terrestrial technology either.
None of these men is with us today, but Sanderson’s wife, Beverly, who’s now in her early 80s, still holds many vivid memories of the time her husband became an expert on UFOs. I had a chance to sit down with her over the summer in the Redlands home she’s lived in for almost 50 years.
Sanderson began by telling me that the University of Colorado wanted a mathematician like her husband “on board” because witnesses would say, “’Well, it was above that tree,’ or ‘It was above that house.’ Well, you get all those different coordinates around and you figure out how high that tree is—back to your basic algebra—and then you can estimate how high above that it was flying.”
Also called in to help was U of R art instructor John Brownfield, who produced a drawing from a composite of what the witnesses told him. Sanderson said Brownfield was meticulous in his efforts not to lead the witnesses based on what others had said, and even tested them in various ways to see if their stories would vary. He based his final drawing on what turned out to be remarkably consistent descriptions.
Witnesses were told not to discuss the UFO sighting
Mrs. Sanderson still feels that many credible UFO witnesses through the years have been told to keep quiet about what they’d seen.
“I always thought it was interesting that none of the airfields around ever had any record of anything. I think they were told: ‘You don’t have a record of anything. No, you did not see that.’ If you’re in the military and you’re told you didn’t see that, you didn’t’ see it. It’s that simple.”
These days Beverly Sanderson still keeps an open mind when it comes to flying saucers.
“I’m still not sure if they’re really there, or if they’re something else. Well, obviously it was something.” She allows that the Redlands object may have been some sort of secret military craft, but notes that sightings haven’t happened “just here. They’re sighted all over the world.”
She thinks keeping an open mind is important and that this same attitude was the one taken by her husband and his colleagues.
“That was one of the first things Phil (Seff) said when he was interviewed: we’re scientists and so we need that open mind.”
Sanderson remembers that her husband later became a sort of “father confessor” when it came to UFOs and told me a story about the time a couple came up to him at a party in the ‘70’s and asked if they could speak with him for a minute.
“They’d been going west on Highland,” Sanderson says. “They saw something and pulled over to the side of the street to watch it. And it just hovered there for ever so long. Their conclusion was: don’t tell anybody—until that night. They finally came up to Sandy and said, ‘We did see this.’”


Will Snowden Provide Proof Of Extraterrestrials?

Will NSA whistleblower Snowden release proof of alien visitations to Earth?

UFO chasers hope NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden may be on the brink of releasing a string of confidential US files proving the existence of aliens after he talked turkey about extraterrestrials for the first time.

Hopes have been raised among the "UFO disclosure" community after Snowdon said aliens are probably trying to contact us right now from Russia where he remains in hiding.
The American, who is on the run after dishing the dirt on how the US National Security Agency (NSA) keeps tabs on civilians across the globe, made the claims during a scientific podcast called StarTalk hosted by Neil de Grasse.
He said even if aliens are sending us electronic messages, we probably can't tell what they are sending us.
In short, because of the internet security encryption here on earth, he believes any aliens would likely do the same, and so if they do send anything we won't understand what it is.
Snowden still on the run living in Russia
Secret space programme conspiracy theorist Corey Goode has suggested documents that were taken by Snowden that have "been decrypted" and will "soon be released in a massive document dump".

GaianEye posted on UFO Sightings Daily: "Hopefully Corey Goode is correct in saying that the data dumps of UFO docs will be coming from Snowden soon."
Snowden earlier said on the podcast: "So if you have an alien civilisation trying to listen for other civilisations, or our civilisation trying to listen for aliens, there's only one small period in the development of their society when all of their communication will be sent via the most primitive and most unprotected means.
"So when we think about everything that we're hearing through our satellites or everything that they're hearing from our civilisation, if there are indeed aliens out there, all of their communications are encrypted by default.
"So what we are hearing, that's actually an alien television show or you know a phone call is indistinguishable to us from cosmic microwave background radiation."
Snowden's leaks were originally published by the Guardian newspaper in the UK.
He went into hiding in 2013 and was granted asylum in Russia.
Back home he faces charges of espionage and theft of government property.
And if we send any information into the galaxy the aliens may have no idea either.
But the mere fact that Snowdon has even entertained the topic has seen alien researchers doing somersaults.
"Snowden is a hero. I hope some of his documents will reveal some alien info soon."
There is widespread hope among the UFO global community that within Snowdon's stash of NSA files there were reams of documents about the USA's involvement with aliens and so-called secretive "black projects" and "secret space programmes".

Saturday, October 3, 2015

An Extraterrestrial Contact Case Which Was Secret For Decades - The Friendship Case

It caused a great media sensation. Mass UFO sightings. Humans working together with extraterrestrials in secret. Hundreds of people were involved. The public wanted to know what was happening but no one could penetrate the mystery. Now after 50 years of silence, insider witnesses have decided to speak. 

A UFO contact case that has been kept secret for decades is now revealed. Countless pieces of evidence remain. Only now can the truth be known. This is the unbelievable true story about The Friendship Case.

The video also raises the question of Kennedy’s intention for disclosure before his assassination, but look at history in order to trace back the involvements of these wonderful beings throughout human civilizations. There is a wonderful letter from Voltaire to the Comte of Saint Germain as well, which is revealing.
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