Wednesday, July 1, 2015

UFO Photo Taken Over Stonehenge Being Investigated

'UFO'  Hovering Over Stonehenge Being Investigated

ALIEN hunters are probing a photograph of a 'UFO' claimed to have been snapped flying over Stonehenge.

The picture of a dark-shaped disc over the world famous stones, whose recent visitors include US President Barack Obama, is said to have been taken before the Summer Solstice on June 21.

This UFO has been captured hovering above Stonehenge, the UFO is black in colour and disc shaped.

He estimated it was 20 to 30 feet across.

Nigel Watson, British investigator of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), and author of the UFO Investigations Manual, has reviewed the image and claimed Stonehenge has often been a "magnet" for unexplained activity.

This is due to its location on a number of so called ley lines - hypothetical alignments of a number of places of geographical, historical and paranormal interest, such as ancient monuments.

He said: "Several years ago, a disc-shaped craft was seen by a family driving down a nearby country lane. When they stopped their car to get a better look at it, a bright beam of light cast down from the hovering object, illuminating the trees beneath it.

"As they got more fearful of this apparition, the UFO rose higher in the sky and then shot away at high speed.

A woman who lay in the centre of a crop circle that she said appeared near Stonehenge in 1996 had later received "psychic messages from extraterrestrials".

However, he remains to be convinced by the latest picture, adding: "The UFO in the picture is frustratingly at a distance so could be a slightly out-of-focus bird or aircraft."

One 'UFO sighting' at Stonehenge that has proved to be a favourite with conspiracists was detailed in declassified government files, now branded the UK's 'X-Files'.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

UFO Caught on Film At Blur Concert In Hyde Park - Video

These UFOs appear suddenly in the sky before they disappear into the night.

Two strange UFOs were spotted at the Blur concert in Hyde Park as the band performed their classic hit Parklife.
In the footage, which was shot on the mobile phone of concert-goer Diarmund Nagle, two mysterious bright, white lights are seen shooting across the sky just to the right side of the stage just as the band launch into the chorus.
The lights hover in the sky for a very brief moment before they suddenly disappear into thin air, just as quickly as they came.

Other festival attendees are seen holding their arms towards the sky as they dance and sing to the band's music - with most of them seeming to be unaware of the 'blink-and-you'll-miss-it' UFO light show .
And even Diarmund was oblivious to the mysterious objects at the time, having simply pulled his phone out to record the band singing their famous hit.
The footage was recorded as the band performed a 23-song set in London on June 20.

Germany Takes A Large Step Towards UFO Disclosure

Supreme Court Forces German Parliament To Release 'Expertise' on UFOs

Leipzig (Germany) – After years of law suits, the Federal Administrative Supreme court of Germany forces the administration of the German Parliament – the Bundestag – to release and give public access to an expertise on „UFOs, the search for extraterrestrial intelligences and Germanys implementation UN-Resolution A/33/426″ (that asked its member states to conduct official research into UFOs) compiled by the parliamentary „Scientifical Service“. So far the Bundestag not only denied public access to this document but also fought and intensive and so far successful legal dispute against its publication. The new court sentence is a big step not only for German UFO-research and disclosure but also for the freedom of information in general.

The function „Scientifical Services“ is „to supply the members of parliaments with factual information, analysis and expertise comments of in their political work in the parliament and their constituencies“. Therefore on should assume that those compiled expertise would be open for public access as well. But that was not so until the recent verdict. It was up to the administration of the Bundestag to release them – or to restrict access to it.
In 2010 the German Exopolitic initiative „“ lead by Robert Fleischer learnt of an expertise by the service on „UFOs, the search for extraterrestrial intelligences and Germanys implementation UN-Resolution A/33/426″, that suggested to its member states to conduct official research into UFOs. While several journalists got hold of copies the paper, it was not legal to publish it in its full content. Frank Reitemeyer then asked to view the expertise but his access was denied by the administration of the Bundestag – so he went to court. When he was granted that permission in the first juristically instance, the Bundestag administration successfully appealed on points of law. Since then the lawsuit went through all instances and the Bundestag administration even asked a renowned a big law firm to compile a legal opinion (which under normal conditions costs about 50.000 Euro, as some legal experts estimate).
While the latest and final decisions by the supreme administrative court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) is a big step for the freedom of information, the now released „UFO expertise“ by its Scientifical Service should not be confused with secret UFO-files of research and investigation into UFOs by official German offices, ministries or even the military. It is an informational summary of known facts on UFOs, the search for extraterrestrial intelligences (SETI) and the UN-Resolution A/33/426.
However there are some small ufological gems hidden within this expertise: Most important is the expertise authors conclusion that „as so many other countries, neighboring and allied state did and in parts still do conduct official research programs into UFOs (like France, the USA, UK or Canada…) it should be assumed that the German government and its bodies and institutions should also have official interest into the phenomenon.“ While just a short sentence this little conclusion is of great importance as it contradicts the decade long language regime that repeatedly claimed that the German government and its institutions have no interest in the topic and do not conduct any research or collection of UFO sightings and research. The last time this view was stated by the then German Minister of the Interior and today’s Minister of Finances Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble in 2008.
That the opposite is in fact the case has been shown my the work on many German UFO-researchers and journalists before who uncovered secret documents that demonstrate that – of course – also German official bodies not only have an interest but also conducted – and most likely still conduct – investigation into unidentified flying objects. The last time this has happened was when the frontier-science newsblog „grenzwissenschaft-aktuell“ ( uncovered a complete file by the German foreign secret intelligence agency „BND“.
Finally the administrative supreme courts decision not only applies to the „Bundestag UFO-expertise“ but to all expertise of the Scientifical Service which will have an immense impact on information and journalism in the future as many expertise disappeared in the archives and draw boards because their objective conclusion did not support or even contradicted the positions of the politicians and parties who commissioned them in the beginning. It can be assumed that they also include much information on all sorts of topics never accessed by the public before.

Planets Align, Venus and Jupiter Race Around The Sun

Watch Venus Take Jupiter in a Race Around the Sun

Over the past week, you may have noticed what appear to be two super-bright stars near the horizon. Those aren’t stars; they’re planets in a celestial race around the sun. On Tuesday, Venus will come neck-and-neck with Jupiter.
That day, at 2:17 pm Universal Time or 10:17 am E.T., the two planets will be at their closest. You can see this unusual sight, known as a conjunction, from just about anywhere in the world.
The optimal viewing location, according to Jackie Faherty, an astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, is one where the sun sets just as the planets approach one another. Complete darkness is not necessary to see these bright objects, but it helps.
Regardless of where you are, your viewing instructions are simple: At sunset, get away from buildings or trees that might block your view of the western sky. Stick an arm out, give a thumbs up, and squint your eyes. Venus and Jupiter should be about one-third of a degree, or about a thumb’s width, apart.
The following night the planets should be visible as well — their positions will just be slightly different.
"You’re not going to watch them speed past; it’s a slow-moving process," said Dr. Faherty.
Slow, in this case, means that Jupiter is moving at around eight miles a second, while Venus is moving about 22 miles a second.

UFO Filmed Over Sun Pyramid In Mexico

Posters Comments
A possible UFO has been photographed over the ancient city of Teotihuacan in Mexico. UFOs and other bizarre aerial phenomena have been reported from many ancient historical sites for decades with many researchers theorizing that there is an extraterrestrial connection with these ancient monuments and cultures.

Monday, June 29, 2015

News Report Of Hotel Guests In Florida Seeing UFOs

Hotel guests see so many UFOs on the beach, staff keep log of sightings

Debbie Whaley, manager of Ocean Sands Beach Inn Coastal Highway, Florida, USA, is not convinced aliens are responsible but believes "something" is checking the area out.

In the latest incident lights were reported to her by a couple who stayed at the hotel who said they "moved in a controlled manner" last week over Vilano Beach, which her accommodation is by.

Another guest who reported a sighting to her sent video footage to local news channel First Coast News.

They told of a single light moving in the sky that "appeared to move in a controlled manner" which they felt "ruled out Chinese lanterns".

Ms Whaley said: "This is not the first time guests have reported watching UFOs."

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