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Authors Returns To Hart Canyon To Discuss Aztec UFO Crash

UFO authors return to Hart Canyon 67 years after alleged Aztec saucer crash

Scott and Susan Ramsey pose for a photo at their plaque marking the site of an alleged UFO crash Friday at Hart Canyon in Aztec
AZTEC — They're baaack.

Authors and UFO researchers Scott and Suzanne Ramsey returned to Aztec last week from their home in North Carolina to continue work for an expanded and updated edition of the couple's 2012 self-published book "The Aztec Incident — Recovery at Hart Canyon."

After conducting more than a quarter of a century of research, the Ramseys — Suzanne Ramsey is from Farmington — once again traversed the sandstone mesas of Hart Canyon, 8 miles northeast of Aztec, to examine the area where believers say a UFO crash landed 67 years ago.

Aztec's brush with alien life is purported to have occurred on March 25, 1948.

Scott Ramsey talks about where a flying saucer
allegedly crashed in 1948 on Friday at Hart Canyon in Aztec.
"We really enjoyed visiting Hart Canyon again," Scott Ramsey said. "There were people out on the (Alien Run) bike trail, just a lot of people having fun. Roswell (the purported site of a UFO crash the year before Aztec's) was a circus. With Aztec, it's nice. There's no neon lights, no inflatable green aliens floating around. We had a beautiful hike out to the plaque."

The Ramseys installed the sign at the site in 2012. They believe there was a cover-up of the alleged saucer crash that involved the deaths of as many as 16 "childlike-sized" aliens, according to a pair of oilfield workers who rushed to the Arkansas Loop area of the canyon after a fire was sighted near El Paso Oil Company drip tanks.

"The recovery of this craft by the U.S. Government and Military was one of the most secretive recoveries of a spacecraft with origins unknown since the similar recoveries in Roswell eight months earlier," the sign reads. "The spacecraft was approximately 100 feet in diameter and 18 feet tall. It was one of the most intact crafts that the government had recovered at that time. Sadly, all occupants, as many as 16, died as a result of this crash, making the full disclosure of both purpose and origin all but impossible.

But the Ramseys aren't about to concede defeat on the story. Scott Ramsey said Thursday that new leads are "out there" and that all 13 chapters of the book will be significantly expanded in the new edition. He didn't offer any specifics but he hinted a San Juan County commissioner or an Aztec city commissioner may have seen the flying saucer in 1948.
Scott and Susan Ramsey discuss the possible path of
an alleged flying saucer Friday at Hart Canyon in Aztec.
"(The new book) is more than an expanded version," Suzanne Ramsey said. "We talk about the same topics, but we have all-new information. It's not the same book at all. It's exciting."

The Ramseys, who sold the first edition's entire run of 1,000 copies, have signed a contract with New York-based publisher Career Press for the new edition. That edition will be released in December, but the manuscript is due to the publisher by June 1, so the Ramseys were pursuing leads in Arizona and around San Juan County this month.

Finding evidence of alien life has taken the couple to 26 states as they have interviewed witnesses and their families, searched archives and gathered documentation at a cost of more than $500,000.

"It's been 27 years of research, which originally started after I heard about a 'saucer crash' I said I'd get to the bottom of in six months. That burns me every time," Scott Ramsey said on Thursday, laughing. "We're brought up by parents who always said, 'Go out and ask questions, do your own research, do your homework.' We surround ourselves with scientists and historians. We don't go for the tin-foil-hat conferences."

Nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman, who has researched UFOs since 1958 and who wrote the foreword to "Aztec Incident," applauds the Ramseys' search for evidence of what really happened in Hart Canyon in 1948.

"They've done an incredible amount of research, and their objectivity and persistence," Friedman said on Friday from his office in New Brunswick, Canada. "Everybody assumed Aztec was a joke, but they really dug into it. I switched from being ready to accept the notion that it's all baloney to being a believer."

For more information, go to the Ramseys' Facebook page for their book. For a free preview of the book's opening pages, go to the Ramseys' website.


A Paranormal Dating Service....Really

Inside the Supernatural Dating Society, a Site for People Obsessed With Ghosts, Astrology, and Finding Love

The Amazing Kreskin is a legendary mentalist who has been touring the world for decades now, amazing people with his mind. (Yes, that's his real full name. Now 80, he legally changed his name from George Kresge to The Amazing Kreskin years ago. Like, his first name is The Amazing. OK, moving on.) Kreskin recently launched a dating website called Supernatural Dating Society, where "enthusiasts of the paranormal, the unexplained, the mystical, the implausible..." can go to find love. spoke with Kreskin on the phone to talk about the site and whether or not it was cool for ghosts to use it.

You say on your website that you launched it because you found out a lot of people are interested in the supernatural, but they don't feel comfortable talking about it with dates. Was there anything specific that people wanted to talk to you about after shows? Or was it just kind of anything paranormal, supernatural?

It's very, very interesting. Most people I talked to would like to meet people that they could join and visit places that seem like they're haunted. They don't want to do it by themselves. The other area, which is gigantic, is the UFO area. There are people who would like to go to sites — and listen, I don't happen to believe in alien landings, but some people do. As far as UFOs, I talk to too many pilots that have had planes tracked; they told me stories; they said, "Kreskin, if we went back and made this public, we'd probably lose our jobs because the company would say, 'You're acting crazy,'" or what have you. They want to go with someone they know feels the same way.

How interactive will you be on the site? Do you have your own profile up there?
No, not for myself. I only have four days off a month, so there's not much time for dating. What I'm going to do also, is I'm going to make some commentary every week or two on what seems to be the dominant thing people are wanting to read about, whether it's a UFO thing or something else, and then I can give my own experiences and so forth. I like to keep on top of things.

So how does the site work? Do people just list categories of things that they're interested in?
Yeah, and you fill out your form and your area of interest. Maybe something supernatural that has happened to you. Just two or three sentences so at least someone interested might say, "Let me follow up on this. It's something similar that happened to me that I can't explain."

Do you have good first-date ideas for people who are using the site? Could one first date be, like, mutual astral projection?
That is a great line! I'm going to use that in all my live shows now and quote you! [Laughs.] I love that! Yes! Either that or a mutual hypnotic trance or perhaps simulating both warm, friendly [and] non-friendly ghostly experiences.

Can ghosts use the site?
I will put it this way: If I find out and can have clear proof that ghosts use the site, I promise a headline in every newspaper in the Western world.

Can you predict the future of the site?
I have a feeling that it's going to take on a dimension that I never realized.

Have you been able to predict the future of your own dating life?
Well, in recent years, I have not had any long relationships. If I did not travel, I swear to god in my life I would have about five or six kids because I love kids, but I have to be realistic. It's hard to keep a family life going.

What do you predict is the future of modern dating? What do you think that'll be like?
Well, we're seeing a serious change. People are not hearing what each other [is] saying anymore. They're so used to looking at notes and looking at a machine in their hands that they're looking at quick bites and not fully paying attention to what's said. I want to say to everyone, when you meet someone in person and you really want to show your love for them, your feeling for them: For god's sakes, put the damn cell phone away. Don't sit in a room at a dining room table or a table in a restaurant with a cell phone on the table because unconsciously you're saying, "I like you, but really, I don't feel totally close, totally committed because I need this other support." I'm not saying we shouldn't have cell phones, but people are going to have to talk and build on their thoughts because one of the greatest gifts we have is not just talking to each other but listening.

Do you think there's anybody on the site who would be an innately bad match? Like, if there was somebody who was really into astrology and somebody who believed in vampires?
It would not be as good a match if someone felt they had been visited by an alien and then they met someone who is interested in mainly telepathic phenomena, where they're able to perceive thoughts of people that they know at a distance, because one of the areas, the aliens, is somebody else coming into their mind or life. Whether they're influencing them or controlling them. The other person is not interested in someone coming into their life and controlling them if they're interested in someone they can communicate with mentally or telepathically or what have you. So one could be a contradiction to the other and it could cause a conflict. I'm not advising people on who to meet and who not to meet. This is part of the excitement of life. But sometimes, I would maybe give them a warning.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

UFO Photo On Mars Taken By NASA Malin Space Camera

We can not speak the the authenticity of this video but it is making the rounds on the internet and getting a lot of attention. If we are able to find a direct NASA link we will update this post with that information.

Posters Comments

A possible UFO has been photographed by one of the Malin Space Science cameras which are currently operating in orbit around Mars.
Its interesting to note that the object bears a striking resemblance to the Jupiter 2 space ship from the popular science fiction series lost in space.

Witness Said Apartment Shook As Helicopters Chased UFOs at Low Altitude

Artist Likeness of low altitude UFO being  chased by black helicopters
It was early October 2014 in Mexico, New York. Thomas was getting ready to watch the 11 o’clock news before heading to bed. Suddenly the apartment he lives in began to shake with a rumbling sound. The sound was familiar to him; it was the sound of a military helicopter.
“I walked out my back door, there was a very low flying military Black Hawk helicopter chasing three low and glowing flying objects that made no sound.”
Thomas knew that as this Black Hawk had no other reason to be in area and was apparently not searching or looking for anything or anyone, the military craft flying low and was clearly chasing the Unidentified Flying Objects. As the bright formation of UFOs continued on their course, it was obvious to Thomas that the Black Hawk was having a hard time keeping up with them. He says that the formation of UFOs banked from NNE to SSE in an irregular manner that made no sense to him.
“They were flying at perhaps 600 ft. to 800 ft. from the ground when suddenly all the objects in front of the Black Hawk, were just gone!”
Thomas tells us that both him and his wife lost sleep over this sighting incident.
“It took me some time of thinking before I reported this sighting. I have no doubt that there is life from other worlds that have been and are still visiting earth. I am from a Native American tribe which has lived in New York for 7000 years. For years I have listen to stories from many tribes in our state, which tell about visits of other beings from other worlds.
Thomas says he’d never seen a craft or anything that he could call a UFO, until that night in early October 2014.


UFO sighting and Loud Noise Over UK Trigger Hundreds Of Calls To Police

UFO Sighting in Cannock Chase As Hundreds Report Loud Noise In The Sky

Lee Brickley

A strange aircraft spotted moving slowly and loudly across the night sky in Cannock has sparked UFO frenzy.

Hundreds of householders took to social media after first hearing a loud drone, then spotting the massive object move slowly over their homes.

Many believe that there is a very earthly explanation for a Close Encounter that has the community buzzing.

Locals in the Staffordshire town believe they saw a secret military protoype, possibly from a US aircraft carrier currently stationed off Portsmouth.

And the British UFO Research Association has not discounted claims that a drone might be behind the rash of reports.

The area has been a UFO hotbed since the early 1980s, but last week’s incident is the biggest in terms of the sheer volume of sightings.

Shortly after the X Files incident, at around 9pm on Tuesday, Facebook sites were awash with details of the UFO alert.

One individual posted: “My house was rumbling, and I’m still shaking. It was slow and it was huge.”

Another wrote: “Way too slow for fighter jets. It flew directly over our house, made a sharp left turn and carried on.”

The craft, sporting three red lights, was so low that many feared it was a plane in trouble.

Paranormal investigator Lee Brickley witnessed the same phenomenon, and began blogging as the drama unfolded.

He described the thunderous rumbling as like a World War Two bomber.

“Before anything could be seen with the naked eye, there was a deep and very loud droning,” he said.

“After around three minutes, the craft came into sight. It seemed incredibly large and astonishingly low in the sky with three red lights that were easily noticeable.

“The UFO travelled very slowly and many people thought it was about to crash.”

Lee claims you could still hear the growl of the engines after the mystery machine disappeared.”

Cannock journalist Hannah Hiles, who has worked for the Sunday Mercury, was also alerted by the thunderous noise.

“It was ever so loud and it went on for quite a while,” she said. “It was much more prolonged than a military jet. It was very curious.”

Another resident described the sound of jets followed by a loud whirr, akin to propellers.

The reports – and Lee is still collating them – have spawned three theories:

* Members of the public did see something from another planet, or

* They witnessed a plane in distress, or

* They saw an experimental military craft – a so-called “black project” – being tested over Staffordshire.

Lee added: “I’ve checked online with flight tracking services, and have concluded it would be impossible for this to have been a plane in trouble. There simply weren’t any flights in the area at that specific time.

“I also contacted Birmingham Airport to make sure, and they confirmed none of the flights leaving or arriving at the airport experienced issues that would have led them to fly so low.”

A number of recent UFO alerts have turned out to be drones, BUFORA, which takes a sceptical view of alien claims, revealed. And that could well be the explanation for Tuesday’s mass sighting.

A spokeswoman said: “I’m sure it is something that can be explained. Whether it will be explained is another matter.

“There are so many drones around.”

She stressed that tests of secret military machines are fact, not fiction.

“Development of new black projects – military hardware and vehicles – can take between 20 and 30 years. We are not going to know about the development and tests that go on. There are so many reasons why people see things in the sky.”


Meet NIROSETI, Searching For Infrared Beacons From Aliens

Observatory searching for infrared beacons from aliens
Skies cleared for a successful first night for NIROSETI at Lick Observatory. The ghost image is Shelley Wright, pausing for a moment during this long exposure as the rest of her team continued to test the new instrument inside the dome.

Skies cleared for a successful first night for NIROSETI at Lick Observatory. The ghost image is Shelley Wright, pausing for a moment during this long exposure as the rest of her team continued to test the new instrument inside the dome. 

Astronomers at the University of California, San Diego have broken out a new tool in the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life: an instrument that can scan the sky for pulses of infrared light that may be indicative of messages from advanced civilizations on other worlds.

The instrument, known as NIROSETI (Near-Infrared Optical Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), was developed by current UCSD assistant professor of physics Shelley Wright and colleagues while she was at the University of Toronto’s Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Wright explains that infrared light “would be an excellent means of interstellar communication,” as pulses from a powerful enough infrared laser could shine brighter than a star for a fraction of a second. Since interstellar gas and dust is almost transparent to near infrared, such a signal would be visible from a far greater distance, and sending a signal using infrared light would require less energy than sending the same amount of information using visible light, she added.


As Discovery News explained on Wednesday, the search for intelligent alien life forms “is a highly speculative affair,” as astronomers and researchers hunting for evidence of otherworldly creatures aren’t even sure exactly what they’re supposed to be looking for. NIROSETI provides a complement to the radio antennae and other technologies currently being used in the hunt.

Over the years, SETI has advanced from exclusively seeking out radio transmissions to probing optical wavelengths for signs of otherworldly intelligence, but attempting to detect artificial pulses of infrared radiation has only recently become possible, the website said. In fact, Wright said that she had to wait eight years for the technology to catch up with the concept.

Three years ago while at the Dunlap Institute, she purchased newly-released detectors and ran a series of test to ensure that they worked well enough to equip onto a telescope. Once they passed the test, development of NIROSETI kicked into high gear. NIROSETI has been installed at the University of California’s Lick Observatory near San Jose, and saw first light on March 15.


The NIROSETI team with their new infrared detector inside the dome at Lick Observatory. Left to right: Remington Stone, Dan Wertheimer, Jérome Maire, Shelley Wright, Patrick Dorval and Richard Treffers. (Photos by © Laurie Hatch)

The NIROSETI team with their new infrared detector inside the dome at Lick Observatory. Left to right: Remington Stone, Dan Wertheimer, Jérome Maire, Shelley Wright, Patrick Dorval and Richard Treffers.
Signs of other civilizations

According to UCSD, the instrument will gather more information than previous optical detectors by recording light levels over an extended period of time so that researchers can analyze them in search of patterns that could be signs of other civilizations. That record could also be reviewed as new concepts about what form communication from extraterrestrials could take emerge.

“Because infrared light penetrates farther through gas and dust than visible light, this new search will extend to stars thousands rather than merely hundreds of light years away,” UCSD noted, adding that the ongoing success of NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler mission in finding new habitable worlds “has prompted the new search to look for signals from a wider variety of stars.”

UC Berkeley’s Dan Werthimer, who designed the first optical instrument used in SETI searches at Lick Observatory, added that NIROSETI could also reveal new information about the physical universe. “This is the first time Earthlings have looked at the universe at infrared wavelengths with nanosecond time scales,” he explained. “The instrument could discover new astrophysical phenomena, or perhaps answer the question of whether we are alone.”


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