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UFO Flies Out of Possible Portal or Wormhole - Ukraine

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Mysterious blue lights, have been reported over a city in Ukraine.
Local residents who witnessed the mysterious phenomena also claimed to have seen several bright objects leave the strange glowing light before flying low over the area.
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Man Sees "Living Organic" Egg Shaped UFO Hovering Just Off The Ground

I Saw an Egg-Shaped Flying Creature in my Backyard, Says North Carolina Man

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — A North Carolina resident says he had a close encounter with a luminous egg-shaped flying creature.
The man, a worker at a plastic manufacturing company whose name wasn’t made public on a report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network, said he had just pulled his vehicle into his cousin’s house driveway when he noticed the floating anomaly.
“I drove around to the back of the house and backed my car into the grass,” the eyewitness wrote last week about the 1988 alleged winter encounter. “I noticed an object but I didn’t pay much mind to it, figuring that I’d identify it when I got out of the car. I grabbed my lunch box and exited the vehicle.”

Reportedly, the man was close to being 30 feet from the object when it began hovering from the ground. He described the oddity as a 3-foot-tall egg-shaped “blob” that seemed to be “organic in nature”.
“Its skin seemed to move… or travel around its body. It had hundreds of pores,” he explained. “The pores gave off light reminiscent of lightening bugs, the color of the lights on this was closer to copper. It maintained its basic oval shape but it kept changing a little from top to bottom with the same randomness as the lights. It went up about 30 feet and across the street, it was within the silhouette of a tree, as if it were trying to get to cover,” he added.
The man, he says, stood there for a few seconds, “stunned” and trying to figure out what he was really looking at. He then went inside the house and continued to watch the purported creature through his bedroom’s window.
“It was cold out so I didn’t stay out there long. I looked through my window a final time a little after midnight before I went to sleep and it was still there. When I woke up the next morning, it was gone.”
The Kannapolis resident also claims that he regrets not calling the police to report the incident at the time, fearing they would think he “was crazy”.
“It was the most fascinating thing I’d ever seen and have ever seen. I would be beyond appreciative if you know of any stories similar to this. I’d like to know that I’m not the only one that witnessed this,” he said.
In 1957, Malvan Stephens, a trucker driving through Neshoba County, Mississippi, told the police he had witnessed three “strange beings” coming out of an egg-shaped device that was blocking the road and making a “chattering sound”, according to Richard H. Hall’s book titled “The Ufo Evidence: A Thirty-Year Report”.
A resident from the area however told Cryptozoology News that she and her family don’t recall the incident.
“I spoke with my mom and she had no recollection of that event.  Of course, she was not living there at the time, but believes she would have heard from her family about it. I do find it strange that no one in the family has any recollection of this. Back then Neshoba was a mainly a farming community and everyone knew everyone.  Something like this would be big news and the talk of the town,” the woman, who provided a full name but chose to remain anonymous, said.
There are also no records of such incident logged by the Neshoba Democrat, the local newspaper in the county.
And it appears that these frequently reported alleged creatures often use the trees to hide themselves from human view.
Just a month ago, a man in Connecticut claimed that a large family of “alien” creatures was living on the trees of his backyard.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Campers See A Classic Saucer Shape UFO Up Close -1967


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 Jeff was very hesitant to share his UFO story with us, “I supposed nobody would believe us…”
It was early October in 1967 near Chaffee, NY in Erie County.  Jeff tells us that he was camping with three of his friends near a rural duck pond. It was well after midnight when the four young men were talking around the camp fire and they noticed a strange light above them.
“As we watched the light it began to come closer and closer, within about two minutes the small light began to descend above the pond area, the closer it got the brighter it became.”
Jeff tells us that the “sphere shaped craft” descended to approximately 100 yards over the pond.
“The entire area of perhaps one half mile surrounding the pond perhaps a bright as daylight. The craft hovered above us for perhaps two minutes.”
Jeff explained that after a few minutes the sphere shaped craft began to slowly ascend. Then suddenly it was “just gone.”
The following day after their close encounter Jeff called the New York State Police to see if there were any other reports from other witnesses. He says the state police told him that they had a report that the NASA had issued a statement that a reflection from the moon had created this phenomena in Western New York.
“We all know what we saw, that was 48 years ago,” Jeff said.

Friday, April 17, 2015

California News Reports Blue UFO In the Skies Over Southern California

Bakersfield California Residents catch blue UFO on video. "Witnesses claim "it was doing weird stuff." 

Mexican News Reports Blue UFO Over Tijuana

Mexican News Reports On UFO Over Tijuana

Mexican news site Cadena News posted videos of some mysterious lights over Tijuana. The video shows a remarkable light display by what appears to be a disc-shaped object.

Cedena News reporter Alfredo Alvarez posted the videos on his YouTube site, and Cadena News then posted them on their site. The videos are titled “OVNI en Tijuana (UFO in Tijuana)” and “Otro OVNI en Tijuana (Other UFO in Tijuana).

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Belief In Government UFO Conspiracy is Alive and Well

The truth is out there? UFO conference claims government conspiracy

The unveiling of the UFO Landing Pad in St. Albert, Alta., in 1967. The landing pad was a Centennial project.
Disclosure Calgary is one of four UFO conferences in the Disclosure tour on UFO research and the alleged cover up in the Canadian and American governments. Paul Hellyer, 91, a former defence minister under Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, announced in 2005 his belief in the existence of UFOs and will be one of the speakers at the event this Saturday, at the University of Calgary. The Herald’s Nikki Jamieson spoke with Hellyer on the subject of UFOs.
Large crowds apparently showed up for the first two events in Montreal and Toronto. Are the attendees of UFO conferences growing in number?
It’s growing very rapidly now, because there have been thousands and thousands of sightings all over the world, and a lot of people they’re in the loop and they believe, and their only reluctance is to talk about it because some of their friends are inclined not to believe them until they have their own experience.
Because they are lying, the U.S. government, they have been lying for 68 years on this subject, and very significantly. It’s a cult of lying, of misleading the people, misleading Congress whose been putting up huge, huge sums of money they don’t even know about, and it’s long past time the truth is out. End the truth embargo and start telling the truth, because these are important subjects and the public, both in the United States but also here and elsewhere have a right to know about it.How do you answer UFO skeptics?

How do you answer UFO skeptics?
I get them to read my books and others; because there’s so much literature on the subject, that it is just amazing. And the skeptics, by large, have never done any reading on it.

And it’s just like, take any other subject, physics or something that you are not familiar with, you can be skeptical of some of the rules and things people say if you haven’t taken time out to learn about it.
I get them to read my books and others; because there’s so much literature on the subject, that it is just amazing. And the skeptics, by large, have never done any reading on it.
And it’s just like, take any other subject, physics or something that you are not familiar with, you can be skeptical of some of the rules and things people say if you haven’t taken time out to learn about it.
Where is the proof of the existence of UFOs and aliens?
You have to read the books and get the evidence, and then you can check it out for yourself. There’s all kinds of proof, but only if you know where to look and taken the trouble to go and look.
Who is covering up and why?
The United States government is the principle villain. Why is a good question, you should ask them, because basically, at a hearing we held a couple of years ago in Washington, the consensus of the witnesses at the hearing, of whom I was one, was that it was power and greed.
They cover it up under the cloak of national security, but we all, I think the consensus of all of us who gave evidence there was that it had nothing to do with national security, it was a cover story to keep people from demanding answers, and that the real reasons were power and greed.
Have you seen a UFO or an alien?
I have actually seen one at our northern cottage. So has my daughter; there was one that went right past her window and around behind the boat house.
How would you recognize an alien?
I think it is partly by feel. I was in England last November, talking to one of the best ufologist I know, by the name of Timothy Good. And he has been in their presence three times, he told me. The ones that he saw were the ones that look a lot like us.
Because there are many species, dozens of them, and there are some that have the huge arms and the skinny legs and arms and so on, there’s another that looks like a preying mantis, but quite a few of them look like us. There are the Nordic Blondes for example, look so much like us you can walk down the street right past you and you wouldn’t even notice them.
But the ones he had seen were tall with blond hair, but had something about them that was a little bit different. He could tell, and them he could tell, telepathically, that they were visitors from some other place.
Do you think aliens are dangerous to us?
The easy answer is that they are nearly all benign and friendly, but maybe one or two species that are not.
One of the reasons we want the United States government to tell the truth is just what they know in this area.
Is the truth out there?
It’s coming out, slowly but surely, as the people who have been in the business get older and become closer to death, they’re beginning to talk more, beginning to tell the truth more.

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