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Strange White UFO Causing Major Internet Buzz

This mysterious white UFO has got the internet puzzled – what is it?

FOOTAGE of a UFO captured by an amateur drone enthusiast has mystified internet users attempting to identify the strange object.

The four-second clip, filmed from 80 metres above Silicon Valley, California, last year, shows a small white object shoot across the sky past the hovering drone.
The speed of the object appears to rule out insects or dust from air pollution as possible explanations.
Confused Reddit users attempted to make sense of the mystery.
A mysterious white UFO seen in the sky above CaliforniaYOUTUBE
MYSTERIOUS LIFE: Internet users are struggling to explain what the object could be
“Even though it's quite a bit of motion blur on the object it appears to have some what of a distinct shape to it,” said Wyldcat.
“Either a disc shape or a wing shape with a cylinder/jet engine on top of it.”
Other users called for freeze frames to be analysed of the shape in order to ensure that they were not being fooled by CGI hoaxers.
“I thought it was a bug at first, but after watching the slow motion video it has to be some kind of military drone or something,” said EducatedHippy.
A still of the drone above the town

One YouTube user estimated the distance the object travelled as around one mile every one to two seconds.
That would give it a speed of around 2890 km/h, roughly 2.4 times the speed of sound.
The airspeed record is held by the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, clocking in a top speed of 3,529.6 km/h.
SKY HIGH: A drone hovering at 80m above Silicon Valley, California, captured the video

Witness Photographs Triangle UFO At Low Altitude Over Virginia

UFO Photographed at 2500 Feet Over Virginia

A Virginia witness at Charlottesville reported watching and photographing a triangle-shaped UFO that briefly hovered and moved away at a fairly low altitude, according to testimony in Case 76512 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness and her husband were driving home along Barracks Road when her husband pointed out an object in the sky saying, “That is not a regular airplane,” about 9 p.m. on May 21, 2016.​

“I looked out the window and stopped in the road when I saw it was hovering almost slightly above us,” the witness stated.“Distance cannot be determined - maybe 2,500 feet above.”
Source: MUFON

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Arizona, A Perennial UFO Hotspot, Five Famous Cases

Extraterrestrials in Arizona: The Five Most Infamous Alien Encounters in the State

Flying saucers in the Phoenix skies. A legendary alien abduction. Perhaps the largest reported mass UFO sighting of all time.

In case you hadn’t heard, Arizona is a popular tourist destination for intergalactic visitors. Why, it seems like only last month that a Sky Harbor Airport employee spotted a massive V-shaped object hovering off the ground, light emanating from the bottom.

(Wait, that was only last month.)

The state consistently ranks among the top areas for reported UFO sightings. In fact, there have been more than 3,000 recorded sightings in Arizona since 1950, according to the Davenport, Washington-based National UFO Reporting Center.

And it isn't just the widely reported 1997 mass sighting of the so-called Phoenix Lights. Historically, some of the strangest, unexplained alien encounters occurred right here in Arizona.

"Arizona has always been a hotbed for UFOs, and the Phoenix Lights really proves that," says UFO hunter Jeff Willes, who runs the website

Willes calls himself "the original UFO hunter." Since 1995, the shaggy-haired 45-year-old landscaper has been observing Phoenix skies for hours a day in search of photographic evidence of unidentified flying objects and proof of alien activity.

In consultation with Willes and other UFO enthusiasts, New Times has compiled the top five alien encounters in Arizona.

Without further ado...

The front page of the Arizona Republic, back when men were men and they photographed UFOs with Brownie box cameras.
 The Rhodes "Disc" Photos (1947)

On July 7, 1947, a 30-year-old Arizona man took one of the first and most famous photos of flying saucers in the skies over Phoenix.

It was about four in the afternoon when William Rhodes stepped out of the back door of his Phoenix workshop after a summer thunderstorm. The sound of an approaching jet caught his attention, but when he looked to the sky, he saw nothing.

Seconds later, an elliptical gray disk appeared, hovering silently above the horizon toward the northeast. Rhodes later estimated it to be 20 to 30 feet in diameter, with a cockpit and a tail. The object hung about 5,000 feet above the ground before suddenly spiraling downward, dropping 2,000 feet in seconds.

Rhodes ran inside, grabbed his camera, and got off two shots as the disc flew upward toward the clouds. The craft took off at speeds he estimated to be between 400 and 600 miles per hour, then disappeared over the western horizon.

Rhodes told a local reporter in 1998 that after his photo was published in theArizona Republic, a government agency had asked to "borrow" the negative but never brought it back.

"That is the very first picture of a cylinder-shaped UFO ever — that's really the significance behind that sighting," UFO hunter Jeff Willes says. "Plus, that was one of the first Arizona sightings to be captured on photograph."

At left, a photo from a 1975 Army Corps of Engineers inspection report on the Dreamy Draw Dam. At right, the paperback edition of Frank Scully's Behind the Flying Saucers, published in 1951.

Dreamy Draw UFO Crash (1947)

The year 1947 was huge for extraterrestrial activity. Not only did the granddaddy of all reported UFO crashes occur in Roswell, New Mexico, in July of that year, but a few months later, Phoenix was the site of a purported UFO crash.

In October 1947, a 36-foot spacecraft is said to have hurled itself into the sand-strewn mesa of the Dreamy Draw, a desert park next to Piestewa Peak, just south of Highway 51.

According to published accounts, the vessel came to rest at the base of Squaw Peak Mountain, adjacent to downtown Phoenix.

Legend has it that the government built the "useless" 455-foot-long Dreamy Draw Dam in order to hide the wreckage of the spacecraft. (The official version: The dam was built in 1973 for flood-control purposes.)

As related in a 1950 book called Behind the Flying Saucers, the tale features two men who pulled a couple of dead alien corpses from the wreckage and stored them in a freezer until the army picked them up. Another version has the spacecraft crashing miles away, in Cave Creek or Paradise Valley.

"What’s amazing and significant is that there were two UFO crashes, one in Roswell and one in Phoenix, within fairly close proximity, that occurred in the same year," Willes says. "As far as the dam being built over the crash site, that’s a possibility, but I don’t see why the government wouldn't just remove the wreckage and there wouldn't be anything left but desert landscape."

A UFO-eye view of Pinal Airpark, formerly the location of Marana Air Base.
Marana Air Base Sighting (1952)

While waiting for a radio transmission from one of his students, a pilot instructor at the U.S. Air Force base at Marana (now Pinal Airpark), northwest of Tucson, noticed a bright star in the morning sky at about 7:45 a.m. on April 3, 1952.

The instructor didn't say anything about it, but soon two of his colleagues also pointed out the unusual mass hovering in place, according to published reports. Another pilot took off from the base in a plane to get a better look at the strange metallic object.

About 45 minutes after the instructor noticed the UFO, it vanished. "It was real bright and shone like polished aluminum. I have been flying for 25 years and I have never seen anything like it," he said at the time.

There were no military reports about balloons or other craft in the vicinity. To this day, the incident remains unexplained.

The airbase sighting is among those listed in Project Blue Book, the air force’s infamous, top-secret UFO study, which compiled 12,618 sightings across the nation from 1947 to 1969. The 130,000-page report, which was recently declassified and made public, includes hundreds of reports of mysterious flying saucers and glowing spheres over Arizona.

"Project Blue Book was pretty much the government’s attempt to explain away the sightings," Willes says. "And for sightings they couldn’t find a way to explain away, they labeled them as 'unexplained' — like it was no big deal. And then they never told the public what they discovered."

They passed a lie-detector test!
Travis Walton and the Fire in the Sky (1975)

Retired Arizona logger Travis Walton has spent the past 40 years haunted by the skepticism and publicity that surrounds one of the best-known alien abduction stories in history.

On November 5, 1975, while working with a logging crew, the 22-year-old Walton noticed a metallic golden disk hanging in the sky, 15 feet above a tangled pile of logs in a dense forest area in Northern Arizona, near Snowflake.

Walton approached the disk, which began to wobble from side to side. Suddenly, a blue-green light emanated from the craft, striking Walton and lifting his body in the air. His terrified colleagues, who witnessed the abduction, drove off in a pick-up truck.

For five days Walton was missing, spurring a nationally publicized manhunt.When he reappeared, naked and disoriented, he told a chilling tale of a spaceship and silent, big-eyed extraterrestrials.

Walton claimed that when he regained consciousness aboard the craft, he found himself surrounded by squat, bald creatures.

"I was looking squarely into the face of a horrible creature. It looked steadily back at me with huge, luminous brown eyes the size of quarters," he writes in Fire in the Sky, his book about the experience. "I looked frantically around me. There were three of them!"

He claimed to remember little else, as one of the creatures placed a helmet over his face and he blacked out.

For years, Walton has been plagued by hostile investigators, an exploitive press, and debunkers.

"In the '70s, there were several other abduction stories," says Willes. "The Travis Walton case trumps the other cases because there were several witnesses — who passed lie-detector tests — that saw him get beamed up into the UFO."

In 1993, Fire in the Sky was made into a movie.

Scooch over, Roswell, New Mexico: The Phoenix Lights sighting of 1997 solidified our fair city's prominence on the UFO-lore map.
The Phoenix Lights (1997)

As most Arizonans know, the otherworldly event that elevated Phoenix's prominence in the annals of UFO lore was the Phoenix Lights — one of thelargest mass UFO sightings of all time.

On March 13, 1997, a string of glowing orbs hovered over Paradise Valley skies. For three hours the huge, V-shaped formation passed silently over a 300-mile corridor from the Nevada line through Phoenix to the northern edge of Tucson.

The lights were witnessed by thousands and photographed by hundreds, who had been watching the skies that night to catch a glimpse of a passing comet.

The military later claimed the wedge of lights was nothing more than flares dropped over the Valley during a training exercise.

But witnesses — including then-Arizona Governor J. Fife Symington III — were convinced they saw an otherworldly craft. "It couldn't have been flares because it was too symmetrical," Symington would tell Prescott Daily Courier reporter Leslie Kean 10 years later. "It had a geometric outline, a constant shape."

Few reported UFO sightings have generated more passion, publicity, and debate than the Phoenix Lights.

Dr. Lynne Kitei, a local physician who witnessed the phenomenon and produced a documentary about it, says the incident mystifies UFO researchers to this day.

"Much has happened since the historic and still-unexplained March 13, 1997, mass sighting, propelling the Phoenix Lights into the international limelight as the most witnessed, most documented, and most important mass anomalous aerial events in modern history,” she tells New Times.

Jeff Willes says the Phoenix Lights was impossible for the government to conceal.

"The Phoenix Lights is Arizona's biggest UFO story," he says. "Thousands of witnesses saw this V-shaped object that flew all across the state. There still hasn’t been a UFO sighting like that in UFO history."

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English Woman Recounts Terrifying Alien Abduction

Abducted By Aliens? English Woman Recalls Terrifying Extraterrestrial Experience More Than 20 Years Ago

An English woman who claimed she was once abducted by aliens recalled the terrifying extraterrestrial experience that took place more than 20 years ago. Her story of alien encounter will be detailed in a new book of renowned UFO expert and author Roy Dutton.

UFO expert Roy Dutton with 'abductee' Valerie Walters holding Roy's first book, 'UFOs in Reality' Jade Cockerill (video below)

The Dawn She Was Abducted By Aliens
Valerie Walters said that it was around 1:45 a.m. on July 16, 1981, when she was abducted by aliens. She was 26 years old at that time and was driving home with her two friends, Rosemary and Vivienn. The three ladies came from a night-out in Sheffield, United Kingdom.
Walters recalled that she and her friends started to get terrified after noticing a bizarre light appearing from the sky. Moments later, they saw a huge craft hovering directly above their car.
The English woman said that she cannot exactly recall what happened next after spotting the strange object. She remembered hearing a beeping noise that made her feel sleepy.
How She Was Abducted By Aliens
Walters relayed that she noticed that her friends were gone, therefore, she went out of the car to look for them. The car suddenly disappeared and then, she heard an odd voice telling her not to be afraid.
After hearing the voice, Walters said that everything went red in her head as she felt like she was being vacuumed. The next thing she knew, she was already in front of some bizarre beings.
"I was in a white wedge-shaped room with two humanoid beings, a male and a female both with shoulder length dark hair and hypnotic blue eyes," Walters shared.
Walters disclosed that she and her friends reported the terrifying extraterrestrial experience to the police, however, their case was not addressed seriously. She also said that her friends could not completely recall what really happened.
More People Abducted by Aliens
Walters' story of being abducted by aliens is not the first case. According to the Inquisitr, the "UFO Case Book" has details of few people claiming that they were abducted by aliens in 1950s.
In 2005, a woman named Donna Lee claimed that she lost her baby after she and her husband were repeatedly abducted by aliens. In the same year, a man from Florida, also claimed that he was abducted by aliens for few hours after spotting a UFO in his backyard.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"First Contact" Documentary Trailer

First Contact Trailer

We are happy to announce the premiere of our Bashar documentary, "First Contact"! Zia Films and Bashar Communications are now working to bring this unique, groundbreaking film to a theater near you! First Contact, narrated by legendary actor James Woods, tells the true story of Darryl Anka’s UFO encounter that led him to channel an extraterrestrial entity called Bashar who delivers powerful messages to humanity. The film explores channeling and the potential positive impact of ET contact on our society.

For screening locations and general information

The Number of Alien Civilizations Could Be In The Trillions

Alien Civilizations May Number In The Trillions, New Study Says

“We really do know that pretty much every star in the sky hosts at least one planet,” says astronomer Adam Frank.

The possibility that we earthlings are not truly alone in the universe has gained some added credibility, thanks to a new study that coincides with NASA’s recent planetary discoveries. The research, published in the journal Astrobiology last week, suggests that more planets in the Milky Way galaxy may harbor advanced civilizations than we previously imagined.
Study co-authors Adam Frank and Woodruff Sullivan looked at recent discoveries of potentially habitable exoplanets and considered the odds of whether sophisticated civilizations existed on them in the past or present.
“What we showed was the ‘floor’ on the probability for a civilization to form on any randomly chosen planet,” Frank, a University of Rochester physics and astronomy professor, told The Huffington Post in an email. “If we are the only civilization in cosmic history, then that what we calculated is the actual probability nature has set. But if the actual probability is higher than that floor, then civilizations have happened before.” 
Frank says the potential number of planets orbiting their parent stars within a habitable distance is staggering.
“Even if you are pretty pessimistic and think that you’d have to search through 100 billion (habitable zone) planets before you found one where a civilization developed, then there have still been a trillion civilizations over cosmic history!” Frank wrote. “When I think about that, my mind reels — even if there is just a one in a 100 billion chance of evolution creating exo-civilizations, the universe still has made so many of them that we are swamped by histories other than our own.”
In 1961, astronomer Frank Drake — founder of the SETI Institute (SETI stands for “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence”) — devised what is now known as the “Drake equation” to estimate the number of planets that may be home to civilizations with the ability to communicate beyond their world.
Frank and Sullivan created a new equation, which appears at the bottom of the illustration below. While the Drake equation calculates the number of advanced alien civilizations that could exist in the Milky Way galaxy, Frank and Sullivan’s equation expands the question to calculate the number of advanced civilizations that have existed in our galaxy throughout the whole history of the universe. 
The variable factors that Drake and others consider when attempting to come up with figures about ET-inhabited worlds include:
  • The rate of formation of stars with planets suitable for intelligent life.
  • The number of those stars that have planetary systems.
  • The number of those planets which may have life-sustaining environments.
  • The number of those planets where life develops.
  • How many of those planets produce intelligent life.
  • How many of those intelligent life forms could produce technology, such as radio signals. 
In their Astrobiology paper, Frank and Sullivan write:
“Recent advances in exoplanet studies provide strong constraints on all astrophysical terms in the Drake equation. We set a firm lower bound on the probability that one or more technological species have evolved anywhere and at any time in the history of the observable universe.”
The two scientists address what they refer to as “the cosmic frequency of technological species.”
“The universe is more than 13 billion years old,” Sullivan, of the astronomy department and astrobiology program at the University of Washington, said in astatement. “That means that even if there have been 1,000 civilizations in our own galaxy, if they live only as long as we have been around — roughly 10,000 years — then all of them are likely already extinct. And others won’t evolve until we are long gone.
“For us to have much chance in finding another ‘contemporary’ active technological civilization, on average they must last much longer than our present lifetime,” Sullivan said.
The search for extraterrestrial signals has been ongoing for decades.
“With so many stars and planets filling the cosmos, it boggles the mind to think that we’re the only clever life to have made an appearance,” SETI Institute senior astronomer Seth Shostak told HuffPost in an email. “Frank and Sullivan use new research indicating that roughly one in five stars is orbited by a planet that could nurture biology. After that, it’s just a matter of counting up the tally of stars in the visible universe, and saying that — with all the suitable real estate that’s out there, if we’re the only place with intelligent life, then we’ve really won the mother of all lotteries.”
Shostak cautions against being overly optimistic or pessimistic about the SETI Institute’s searches for intelligent signals from possible outer space neighbors.
“The odds that no one is out there are very, very small. It’s a bit like an ant coming out of its hive, seeing the enormous amount of real estate stretching in all directions and deciding that, if its home is the only ant hill, then its existence is a near-miracle. Or, put another way, the calculation by Frank and Sullivan quantifies Jodie Foster’s statement in [the movie] ‘Contact’ that, if there’s nobody out there, it would be a ‘waste of space,’” said Shostak.
With all the suitable real estate that’s out there, if we’re the only place with intelligent life, then we’ve really won the mother of all lotteries.”Seth Shostak, SETI Institute senior astronomer
Scientists searching for extraterrestrial beings — and, yes, to those beings, we would be aliens — are like archaeologists combing a vast space for treasures and information to learn more about the history of our species.
“I love the notion of a cosmic archaeological question. I think this puts an important new spin on the question about the rise of technological communicating intelligence,” Penelope J. Boston, incoming director of NASA’s Astrobiology Institute at Ames Research Center, told HuffPost.
“We have only been looking for other intelligences for a few decades in a galaxy of unfathomable proportions,” Boston said. “Of course we haven’t found anybody yet. I think it is childish to imagine that we should somehow have started looking, and bingo, there they are! I have trouble finding my dropped contact lens in the grass. Should I then disbelieve in the reality of my contact lens?”

While scientists had long wondered if there were other planets orbiting stars in the Milky Way galaxy and elsewhere, it wasn’t until the early 1990s that the first extrasolar world was confirmed.
“The existence of planets orbiting stars other than the sun is a 2,500-year-old question that has been entirely answered over the last 20 years,” said Frank. “We now know that every star in the night sky has at least one planet orbiting it, and many of those are in the right place for life to form.
“Ten thousand years from now, no one will remember anything about our era except it was when we discovered this single profound fact: We live in a cosmos of planets.”
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