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Seven Bizarre Photos That Will Probably Never Be Explained

These 7 Mysterious Photos Have Never Been Explained... And Probably Never Will Be

Sometimes an image is captured that just cannot be explained.The bizarre, and often ambiguous, photographs in this article have remained unexplained for over half a century in some cases, but it's uncertain if we will ever know the truth about their origins.

But the question is, which stories leave you genuinely baffled and which snaps have a perfectly simple explanation? Check out the list below and judge them for yourself.

Hook Island Sea Monster

The Hook Island Sea Monster was photographed by the Le Serrec family in 1964, and it has been one of the most mysterious cases in cryptozoology ever since. The gigantic tadpole like creature was reported to be 80 feet long, and just when Le Serrec was beginning to think it was dead, the sea serpent opened it's toothless mouth and swam away.

According to the Le Serrec family, the creature possessed eyes on the top of it's head with pale coloring and had smooth black and brown skin. Nothing like it has ever been spotted again.

While there are theories that the Hook Island Sea Monster is in fact a giant piece of plastic, it has never been proven that this beast is definitely a hoax.

The Cooper Family Photo

The photo above is one of the most chilling of its kind on the internet, but it's origins are incredibly unclear. The back story attached to the image name the family as the Coopers from Texas, but there is little to no explanation centering around the handing body that has emerged from the ceiling.

While the swinging 'corpse' is probably the result of an accidental double exposure (taking two photos on one piece of film), that still doesn't explain how such an eerie image of a hanging man was taken in the first place...

The Hessdalen Lights

The Hessdalen lights are a bizarre phenomenon that only occur in the Hessdalen valley in Norway.

These unexplained lights have been sighted since the '40s and have been photographed hundreds of times, but to this day nobody knows why they occur.

The strange lights often appear as dazzling yellow or white lights of unknown origin hovering above ground level. The same light can often be seen for an hour or more.

It's been theorized that the Hessdalen lights might be caused by a battery effect caused by metallic rocks and a sulfurous river. But that hasn't stopped UFO investigators getting very excited by the mysterious site.

Babushka Lady

One of the witnesses who saw Kennedy's truly shocking assassination first hand is now the most mysterious thing about the whole event.

'Babushka Lady' is a woman who appeared in numerous films that depict the final moments of the beloved American president's life, but she has never been formally identified, despite extensive FBI investigations.

Police were desperate to locate the woman because in some shots of the assassination, she can be seen standing with her camera at her face after the shooting when all the other pedestrians have taken cover.

A woman named Beverly Oliver came forward in the '70s claiming to be 'Babushka Lady,' but she did not have any photos to prove she was the person in the film, and many people suspect she was simply seeking attention. Oliver herself claims that the police took the film and never gave it back.

Geophone Rock Anomaly

Photo AS17-135-20680 was taken by Apollo 17 near "Geophone Rock," but the image was officially cataloged as being blank.

However, if you alter the saturation and contrast of the image, the photo appears to be hiding some sort of pyramid structure on the moons surface.

The resulting image is so crude, that it could just be an imperfection on the overexposed film, but some people are adamant that there is a lot more on the moon that has been hidden from the general public.

Solway Firth Space Man

Back in 1964, a father took an ordinary family snap of his daughter on Burgh Marsh, but when it was developed somebody very strange appeared in the background. An astronaut.

The photographer, a British firefighter named Jim Tempelton claims that:
I took three pictures of my daughter Elizabeth in a similar pose – and was shocked when the middle picture came back from Kodak displaying what looks like a spaceman in the background

Tempelton was adamant he didn't see anybody else near his little girl while he was taking the photo all the way up to his death in 2011.

Kodak analyzed the photo and confirmed that it has not been tampered with in any way, but some experts think their could be another explanation...

Journalism professor David Clarke theorizes that the 'space man' could in fact be the overexposed shape of Tempelton's wife from behind.

The Disappearance of Elisa Lam

The mysterious death of Elisa Lam is the most modern, and most strange unexplained event on this list.

On February 19 2013, the 21-year-old Canadian student's naked body was found in one of the rooftop water tanks of Los Angeles' Cecil Hotel. Lam had been missing since January 31 and her decomposing corpse was only discovered when hotel guests complained of water that "tasted funny."

Lam's last moments alive were captured on film in the hotel's elevator, and the disturbed behavior you can see in the video above is truly chilling.

Lam had a history of bipolar disorder which might explain her behavior in the elevator (no drugs were detected in her system during an autopsy), but there is still not an adequate explanation as to how the petite young woman could have put herself in the the water tank.

These huge and hard to access water silos had incredibly heavy lids and although they weren't locked, they were alarmed. How Lam 'accidentally' drowned in these circumstances is still an absolute baffler.

Witnesses Say Yellow Spheres Caused Bizarre Vapor Trails - Russia

Three Yellow Spheres Over Russia Caused Strange Patterns in Sky

A series of vapor trails over Russia prove beyond doubt that UFOs really do exist.

They were captured on camera by Elisha Ponomaryov in Biisk, southern Russia.

The 30-year-old said: ‘It was early in the morning and there were not many people on the streets but those that were there were pointing at the sky and I realised there were these strange rings.

‘I have no idea what they were caused by, but I took a small video and uploaded it myself.’

And in the absence of any official explanation from weathermen the images caused heated speculation online.

Some of those who witnessed their creation claimed that they had seen three spherical yellow spheres flying in a chaotic pattern which had caused the rings. Most speculated that they might have been army planes and some even suggested UFOs.

Eye witness Zemfira Bocharova, 25, said: ‘I saw them at 6.25am and there were four, one of them was particularly bright and two others were flying parallel with that – and then the forth one was at a different angle and further away from the other three.’

Some online commentators have suggested it was purely a natural phenomenon, albeit a rather unusual one.

Another, who claimed to be a witness to the event, said it was caused by smoke from a meteorite falling to the ground that had exploded.

In local media the theory was advanced that it was from a recently launched satellite that went up in the area and was supposed to be providing TV in communications services in Russia and Asia.

There has been no official comment on the strange shaped clouds.


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Stunning Photo Of Transparent UFO Craft Over Vienna Austria

Witness Photographs Incredible Transparent Geodesic Shaped UFO Over Austria 

Link to actual photo
Witness: "I'm a resident of Vienna in Austria and when I was on the balcony, I saw this huge transparent vehicle floating above the clouds for about two minutes." "I grabbed my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) and after I took a photograph of it, the vehicle was gone." "I've never seen anything like it, it was strange."

Mufon case 61696.

Shape Shifting UFO Filmed Over Sydney Australia

Posters Comments
This object was traveled from Liverpool N.S.W. towards to Wollongong. The camera was used: SONY D C R-T R V 530 Digital camera with I R 850 Infra red Optical filter fitted.

A strange 'shape-shifting' object has been seen hovering over Sydney.

The video was taken just two days ago and shows a shimmering UFO floating through the sky.

The video was taken by UFO enthusiast Lazlo Novak who uses a combination of webcams and his infrared camera to capture what he believes might be suspicious activity.

This particular object was captured using Lazlo's IR camera with the enthusiast putting forward the theory that this meant the UFO was only visible to IR light.

Well we have no explanation ...other than that this could well be a fake so it's either that or it really is an unidentified flying object.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Researcher Claims That A UFO Disguised As An Angel Saved Soldiers in WWI

A new book claims that an ‘Angel’ which is said to have appeared above one of the first battles in World War I, saving the lives of fleeing British soldiers, might have been an extraterrestrial visitor – a flying saucer on a mission to ‘alter the future’.

Was the ‘Angel of Mons’ a flying saucer on a mission to ‘alter the future’?
The Angel of Mons was described as either St George, St Miichael, angels, or crowds of angelic warriors as it fended off advancing Germans at the Battle of Mons in 1914 – and was reported at the time by the Evening Standard.
The story was swiftly turned into myth by the soldiers themselves – and became a staple of parish magazines, and cited as evidence that God was on the British side.
But a new book, ‘UFOs of the First World War’, says that many UFO enthusiasts now believe that the ‘angel’ was an alien visitor – shaping itself into a form that would have been recognisable to the exhausted British soldiers fleeing overwhelming German might on the battlefield.
The battle had been one of the first in which the British faced the Germans – and despite retreating, only 1,600 lives were lost.
Kevin Goodman, a UFO expert and author of books of mysterious encounters in the UK, says, ‘The UFO enigma was unknown during the First World War conflict, the troops would relate to an event such as this in the only way they could, by thinking that they had a sign from God.’

‘The phenomenon has taken many guises throughout history. In times of stress, fear and possible imminent death one finds solace in something that we can relate to.’
Nigel Watson, author of ‘UFOs of the First World War says, ‘Even today the legend is swathed in controversy. Theories about it range from it being a myth based on Machen’s story, the product of hallucinations due to stress and exhaustion, real angelic visitations, ghosts, swamp gas, airships or alien UFOs projecting or shaping themselves to the expectations of the witnesses.’
Others claim that the story is simple fiction. The popular author, Arthur Machen claimed that this legend was created by his fictional ‘The Bowmen’ story published in The Evening News, 29 September 1914.
In it, British soldiers call on St George for aid, and are helped by ghostly bowmen from the Battle of Agincourt. One fact that lends weight to this theory is that few reports of the incident exist beforee Machen’s story.

Low Altitude Fast Moving Triangular UFO - California

Fast moving UFO passes over Costa Mesa, CA

A California witness at Costa Mesa reported watching a silent object with four, round lights that appeared to be traveling low and fast across the sky 9:10 p.m. on December 14, 2014, according to testimony in Case 61992 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was walking to his car when the object was seen between two airplanes.

“The object was traveling from east to west at a high rate of speed,” the witness stated. “It was four lights in a fixed triangle position pointing west and traveling west. No sound was observed and no contrails were observed.”

The witness attached this photo found on the Internet that matched what was seen in the sky on December 14, 2014.

The witness described the object.

“The lights were perfect circles and large lights. It could have been four individual objects but there seemed to be an object they were attached to that was almost translucent or clear. The object seemed high, but not too high, maybe 1,000-5,000 feet overhead. Seemed very large due to the size of the lights. Each light seemed to be as large as a whole airplane at that height and a solid soft white. The speed was very fast – 5-7 times faster than a plane traveling across the sky.”

The object could have been easily missed.

“At first I almost looked right past the object due to its quiet nature and almost hologram appearance. I have no idea what this object was but it was unlike anything I have ever observed before. Attached is an image I found online. This is exactly what I saw – the exact shape.”

Costa Mesa is a city in Orange County, California, population 109,960. California. 

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