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Multiple Witnesses See UFO Over Ontario From Multiple Locations

Aylmer, ON, resident Brian Cundle says he captured this photograph of an orange light/object over Lake Erie while standing at the shoreline at the end of Dillon Road, near Dealtown, ON, several years ago. (Contributed photo)
Have you seen something strange in the night sky around Chatham-Kent.

It seems some people have recently and not so recently.

I received a text last Saturday from a former co-worker, Pete Zubyk, about a strange orange light in the sky over Lake Erie while at Erieau the night before around 10:30-11 p.m.

He described how the light became larger as it approached from the west. He said it stopped then took off upwards. He said the light appeared again about 30 seconds later far way from where it was last seen.

Knowing Pete doesn't drink, I figured he really saw something, so I posted a request on the Chatham Daily News Facebook page to see if anyone else had seen this light.

Turns out three people had seen a similar light last Thursday night.

I also received an e-mail from a local resident, who wished to remain anonymous, stating he and his fiance had seen a strange orange light flying over Chatham on Friday, June 27 between 10-10:30 p.m.

“It was wild....we watched it for upwards of 30 seconds ... a brilliant

orange light tracing across the sky, but not as fast as a shooting

star ... just a steady tempo,” said the e-mail.

“We thought it might be a meteor....but there was not trail.”

He added, “the orange did seem more 'natural' than mechanical ... it did not have any FAA required strobe lights – just an almost soothing orange glow.”

He estimates the light was at about 10,000 feet, adding, “the final bizarre

aspect of our experience is that there wasn't a cloud in the sky and it

was tracking well within our field of view when it suddenly disappeared.”

I also received an interesting e-mail from Brian Cundle, of Aylmer, who provided photographs of an orange light he took from the east shore of Rondeau Provincial Park several years ago and from the beach at the end of Dillon Road near Dealtown.

Cundle said he has spoken to many people over the years who have witnessed strange sightings in the sky in the area.

“You'd be surprised, I think, how many ordinary folk have regularly seen this phenomenon and have kept it to themselves fearing ridicule,” he wrote.

However, Cundle believes people are less fearful of the topic of unidentified flying objects these days and would be interested in it.

I heard from a mother and daughter who saw a similar strange orange light over Lake Erie about three years ago that stopped them in their tracks as they took an evening stroll and prompted them to head back home.

They tell their story whenever the topic of UFOs comes up around the bon fire.

Strange things seen in the night sky likely all have an explanation, says Matt McCall with the Windsor Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

“It really could be aircraft,” he said, noting there are military air bases in Ohio and Michigan that do test flights of aircraft that are being developed and are not known to the general public.

“I do know they (U.S. military) will fly a lot of stuff over Lake Erie because that whole area doesn't have any other air traffic,” he added.

McCall has seen strange things over Lake St. Clair he figures have come from the Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Michigan.

“I've seen things really, seemingly disappear, right in the distance, but it doesn't phase me,” he said,

When planets are seen close to the horizon it can create an optical illusion making them appear larger and brighter, McCall said.

He added the Earth's atmosphere can also create an optical illusion with planets and stars in the night sky.

“Venus is confused constantly for being a UFO for how bright it is,” he said. “When it's on the horizon, it can be huge.”

He said the same thing happens with the moon from time-to-time.

McCall has seen the atmosphere play optical tricks with Sirius, also known as the Dog Star.

“I've seen that thing appear to twinkle red to blue,” he said. “There's no red to it . . . but the atmosphere made it go red, blue, red, blue . . . like it was flickering.”

McCall said it is just an illusion, because the star returns to its normal blue colour as it rises higher in the sky.

Whatever the reason for these strange sights in the night sky, it sure can make for some interesting conversation.

Mysterious Blue UFO Light Streaks Across India

Strange Blue Lights Rumbles Over India - "Sounded Like Thunder and Looked Incredible"

Mizoram is one of the states of Northeast India, with Aizawl as its capital.The population of this region exceeds 1 million inhabitants.

AIZAWL, INDIA - July 10: What was that? Was it an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) or a meteor flash from the sky? Mizoram is still bustling with the speculations of the sight that its skies saw last Monday, reported media. 

A bright bluish light streaked through the sky towards the west of Mizoram and lit up the night sky before breaking into a handful of pieces and disappearing into the clouds. It sounded as though thunder rumbled over the mountains. This happened around 8.30 pm on Monday. 

"It came really fast. It was blue and flew high in the sky. Then it suddenly split into maybe five or six pieces and disappeared. and then there was the explosion. I immediately grabbed my camera in case it came back and waited for an hour but it did not. It's the strangest thing I have ever seen," said Alfred Vanchhawng, a journalist who saw what is largely believed to be a meteor, but for which there has been no evidence. 

Hriat Puia Khiangte, another journalist who lives in Tlabung, a small town at the India-Bangladesh border, said in a Facebook post that some women and children in some neighbourhoods ran out of their homes scared, and that an explosion was heard immediately after the object disappeared. 

Social Media has been buzzing with eyewitness reports from across the state that all said the same thing: the blue object flew fast towards the west and was visible for five seconds or more before exploding. Some in Aizawl and towns and villages to the west and south described the explosion as thunder. 

While some people said that the rumble shook the windows of their houses, some others described it as bright enough to have lit up the insides of their houses darkened by an power cut just at the time. Dr Vanlalzara of the Mizoram Science Centre said the flying object is most probably bits of a meteor that did not immediately burn up in the upper atmosphere and came much closer to earth than normal. But he said he cannot prove this.


Extremely Large and Bizarre UFO Over Milan - Video

This does appear to be some type of man made object but there is no evidence to support that conclusion. 

The Unexplained Files, Most Watch Series Returns July 29, 2014

THE UNEXPLAINED FILES, Science Channel’s most watched series of 2013, is returning on Tuesday, July 29 at 10 PM ET/PT for a second season of examining strange, mind-boggling phenomena that science cannot – or will not – explain. In season two 12 all-new episodes will launch viewers into another gripping exploration of the unknown by investigating more of the most puzzling, global incidents from the United States and Russia to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mexico and more.

Using dramatic reconstructions, riveting never-before-seen footage, first-hand eyewitness accounts, and expert interviews, THE UNEXPLAINED FILES takes a scientific look at the inexplicable, uncovering paranormal activities that have mystified scientists, inspired legends, and captured the human imagination for centuries. Many of the stories featured will reveal new evidence and bring forward previously undisclosed eyewitness accounts to shed light on stories that have baffled experts for years.

“For season two we’ve uncovered deeper mysteries that are bound to leave our audience confounded and motivated to continue the search for answers,” said Rita Mullin, General Manager, Science Channel. “That’s one of the great qualities of THE UNEXPLAINED FILES – it always leaves you with more questions and wanting to know more. We’re excited to once again capture imaginations and explore strange happenings involving religion, animals, ancient structures, mythical giants and more.”

“We all know there are stories that don’t quite make sense, incidents that exist beyond reason or explanation,” said Sarah T. Davies, Vice President, Development, Factual, DNI. “In its second season, THE UNEXPLAINED FILES uses journalistic investigation to probe the unknown, leaving audiences baffled and excited by the results.”

In the world premiere episode, THE UNEXPLAINED FILES investigates the real story of the exorcism that inspired the film “The Exorcist”. For the first time, Brother Greg Holewinske, who is the last living eye witness to the exorcism, will discuss his experience and his unique role in the terrifying exorcism. Brother Greg is a member of the Alexian Brothers and this episode of THE UNEXPLAINED FILES marks the time a member has spoken about what happened during the exorcism. Also in episode one, Science Channel takes audiences inside the story of 100 elk who were found dead on a New Mexico ranch in the summer of 2013. An initial examination revealed that all died within 24 hours. With no bullet wounds or other immediate explanation the cause of death is mystery and one of several cases of native herding animal deaths across North America.

Season two of THE UNEXPLAINED FILES will feature a number of factual stories from around the globe, venturing to Bosnia-Herzegovina where a geologist claims to have found pyramids that predate the ancient pyramids of Egypt by 7,000 years. In another episode, THE UNEXPLAINED FILES follows the latest expedition to the remote Lake Labynkyr in Siberia, Russia where people have reported seeing a large, underwater creature. Searching through the fissures and tunnels, experts may have discovered completely new strains of life under the lake’s surface. The series also examines a strange connection between UFOs and nuclear weapons. For years, military personnel in the U.S., U.K. and Russia witnessed UFOs over nuclear installations and in some cases all nuclear warheads stored there have become inoperable. Are UFOs targeting sensitive nuclear weapons sites?

These unsolved mysteries and more explored in the series stem from reliable sources who offer shuddering accounts and daunting evidence that will leave the audience contemplating whether these odd predicaments and occurrences are true or stranger than fiction.

Season two of THE UNEXPLAINED FILES makes its world premiere on Science Channel Tuesday, July 29 at 10 PM ET/PT. The series also will premiere on Discovery Channel outside the U.S. in more than 220 countries and territories across Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific later this fall.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Life Before Birth - From the Perspective Of An Indigo Child

A Wonderful & Mesmerizing Story of the Moments Before We Are Born

The indigo child is here to bring us closer to our true essence. We think our minds are separate from each other because of our bodies. These children know differently. A true indigo travels comfortably between worlds without ever really knowing it is something special.

This is the story:

"My friend and I met as school teachers at the same school, several years ago. She was pregnant when we met, and she chose me to be present at the birth of her child, because she was a single mother and afraid of being alone. It was a tremendous honor to be invited into the delivery room because, even though I have children of my own, it was a fascinating opportunity to see a birth without experiencing the pain myself!

My friend delivered a baby boy named Michael, and it was an incredible experience. I joked to her that I saw her son before she did! (I saw his head poking out before he was born and she didn't have a mirror to see for herself!)

Tragically, my friend passed away suddenly, just months after her son was born. He has been raised by her parents ever since. The boy now goes to the school where his mother and I taught, and this year he is in my 4th Grade class. It is with a heavy heart that I teach him each day. I have never told him that I was there for his birth because I didn't want the other students to think that he had special treatment, and I didn't want to upset him with thoughts of his mother. Perhaps his grandparents told him that I was there, but I'm not sure. He does know, however, that his mom and I were friends. (This makes sense because he knows that she used to teach at our school.)

Flash forward to last week, 9 and a half years after his birth and his mother's passing.

I was speaking with my class about our memories, for a poetry writing assignment. I asked them to think back to the earliest memories they have. Most students talked about Kindergarten, or perhaps day care, or vague memories of old toys, etc from when they were about 3-4 years old.

Michael put up his hand and said that he remembers watching everyone from up in the sky, and being in his mother's belly before he was born. He said that when he was waiting to be born, he was invisible and he was in my GREY car with me on the way to the hospital while I listened to the song "Winter Spring Summer or Fall." (This is what he called the song. He likely doesn't know the real name, and he probably hasn't heard it since ... but it was "You've Got a Friend" by James Taylor. I used to have the cassette tape in that car!!!)à This is bizarre because I did drive a grey car at that time and I haven't had once for the past 7 years (2 years after he was born).

 I can't imagine he even knows that song from today's radio music. My heart started to beat like crazy. How the heck would he know that? Even his grandparents wouldn't know that and his mom wouldn't have known that before she died. Even if somehow she did, he was only three months old when she passed. How would she tell him? I certainly never told her what song was on in my car on the way to the hospital so I can't explain this!

Michael said that he remembers me stopping for gas and asking the attendant for directions to the hospital (TRUE). He said that he wanted me for his mommy because he liked my voice when I was speaking to the attendant. ( I did stop for gas and I was kind of lost going to a rural hospital, so I asked for directions). Then he said that he remembers that the parking lot was partially closed for construction, so I had to park on a corner and run to the hospital. By this point my jaw was almost on the floor and the whole class was starting at me. I had never even told the class (or Michael) that I was at his birth. The class must have thought this was one crazy story.

Then Michael said the most incredible thing - He said that while his "real mom" was in labor, he asked God if I could be his mom because he knew that his "real mom" wouldn't survive very long, and he was afraid of being alone on Earth. Apparently he was told that he couldn't have me for his "real mom" but that everything would be OK and he would still get to be around me during his life.

Michael said that he kept begging for me to be his mother. He watched me go down the hallway from the birthing suite to the waiting lounge to make a phone call from a pay phone (true -- there was no cell signal in the hospital), and that while I was there I was very cold so I put on a sweater that someone else left on the waiting room chairs. By this point the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up. I hate to admit this, but I did find a nice warm cardigan in that waiting room and I put it on because I was so cold. I've never done anything like that before, but it was a small hospital and there were literally no other people in the labor ward and I waited to see if anyone would come to claim the sweater, and no one did. I was so cold! I put it on and ended up wearing it home (Shame on me, I know, I still feel guilty about that. I've felt so guilty that I never wore it again, especially because it reminds me of my friend who ended up passing away. Regardless, I have to mention it because I've never told anyone about taking someone else's sweater, and it's a huge part of this story!!!!

Michael concluded by saying that he watched me make the phone call and put on the other person's sweater, and that's the last thing he remembers. He was born about thirty minutes after I went to the lounge and made that phone call.

Later, I privately said to Michael, "Yes, I was at your birth. How did you know all of that stuff?" His grandparents weren't at the birth and there was literally no way he would have known any of that. How could he make it up? He said that it's easy, he just had to think back to his earliest memories. He asked me why I don't remember being born, too and he said "It's OK, my life did turn out OK.. so don't worry about not being my mom".


I write this in all sincerity as my evidence that there must be some kind of heaven up there, if he could have memories of watching his birth and waiting to be born. I considered the idea that his mom speaks to him from the afterlife, and maybe she told him herself but how would she even know this information?".

Bright Colorful UFO Filmed Over Denver Colorado

Witness Comments
Denver Strange Lights (UFO's?) On July 4, 2014 at 9:34PM, we were watching fireworks in Denver. Suddenly we see strange orbs of light flying around, turning on ...Weird lights over Denver on July 4th 2014, UFO? via YouTube Capture.

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