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The First Alien Abduction in Britain Was The Case of Police Officer Alan Godfrey

Britain's first alien abduction victim' recalls encounter with 'diamond-shaped UFO 35 years after incident

Retired police officer Alan Godfrey says the encounter occurred while he was on patrol in Todmorden, West Yorks, in the early hours of November 28, 1980

A retired police officer who claims to be Britain’s first alien abduction will be keeping a close eye on the skies tomorrow - 35 years after his UFO encounter.

Alan Godfrey, a former PC, says his close encounter with a UFO is still fresh in his mind as it was 35 years ago.

He was on patrol in Todmorden, West Yorks, in the early hours of 28 November 1980 when he believes he was snatched from his police car.

Under hypnosis, arranged by solicitor Harry Harris, he recalled seeing small beings and a tall man with a beard on the craft, who conducted medical tests on him.

His encounter is regarded by researchers as the first alien abduction in the UK.

Former police detective Gary Heseltine, who edits UFO Truth Magazine, said: "I researched Alan's case over an 18 month period, meeting with him on many occasions and becoming his friend.
Alan with his drawings of the UFO and alien being
“He was a well-respected police officer amongst his colleagues who became involved in what is largely regarded as Britain's first documented 'Alien Abduction' case.

“I'm one of the very few people who has seen every minute of his hypnotic regression videos. Based on all I know of this case I believe his account is genuine."

Author and UFO expert Jenny Randles, from Rossendale, Lancs, said: “Alan's encounter is probably the most famous and the best regarded of all British UFO close encounters of the fourth kind outside the UK.

"Whenever I have been in the US it is the only one the Americans seem to have heard about.

Alan quickly scribbled down a sketch of the UFO after he spotted it
“The week after I was invited to address the House of Lords UFO group in the Houses of Parliament and met many interested big wigs who were very eager to know what the heck was going on.

“ In 1980 this was still something uncommon even in America so there was no X Files like mythology as today.”

Alan was out hunting a herd of missing cows when he witnessed the ‘diamond shaped’ object hovering five foot off the ground.

He tried to call for help but all he got was radio silence.

Alan believes he was snatched from his police car in Todmorden, West Yorks
He jotted down a sketch of the silent eerie craft which seemed to be rotating in his police notepad.

Suddenly the object vanished and he was 30 yards further down the road.

Alan said: “This was a solid craft, not a trick of the mind. I would swear on the Bible it was from somewhere else.”

He drove back to the scene and discovered the road was dry despite it having rained.

A bus travelling on the road stopped and the driver got out and noticed the same thing.

Alan, pictured giving a lecture, can't account for his "missing time"
Alan returned to the local police station but couldn’t account for 15 minutes of what abduction researchers call ‘missing time’.

At first he kept the encounter to himself, fearing he would be made a laughing stock.

But he filed an official report when several other officers said they had also witnessed the UFO zooming across the local moors.

A lorry driver also phoned in to say he saw the UFO buzzing Cliviger, near Burnley, Lancs.

Alan says the encounter is as fresh in his mind as ever

Police released the story to the local media and it was picked up by the Sunday Mirror.

Journalist John Sheard said recently: “I’ve been a journalist for 50 years and covered quite a few strange stories, but the Alan Godfrey story is undoubtedly the most astonishing thing I ever covered.”

Oldham-born Alan believes his superiors tried to get him sectioned following his close encounter and said he was banned from Todmorden Police Station.

He is now retired but still lives in the area.

He said: “It doesn’t seem that long ago. It’s as fresh in my mind as it was at the time.”

Last year, Alan gave a sell-out talk for the Mayor of Todmorden’s charities raising £2,500.

Former mayor Michael Gill said: "I've known Alan for many years. He is a very straight speaking, genuine man. I don't doubt he experienced what he says.

"He has no conscious memory of the things that came out under hypnosis and openly admits he has no idea if they happened or not.

"He does however clearly remember the nuts and bolts craft. He has often said 'That craft was there. If I had thrown a brick at it, it would have gone bang!'

Five UFOs Filmed in Sky Over Conroe Texas

Multiple UFOs Over Conroe Texas

Friday, November 27, 2015

A History OF UFOs Over Nevada - News Report

I-Team: Author details UFO incidents over Nevada 

The global reputation of Nevada's Area 51 military base has meant that the Silver State is a magnet for UFO enthusiasts.

Thousands of people travel to Nevada each year to look for weird objects in the desert skies.

But the history of the UFO phenomena in Nevada extends far beyond Area 51. A new book is out which details hundreds of strange encounters with unknown objects and a creature of two.

The incidents listed in the book are not so easily explained. They've been reported dating back more than a century by credible witnesses from all walks of life.

In the early 1960s, the X-15 rocket plane flew higher and faster than anything on earth, or so we thought.

During two separate test flights over Nevada's Mud Lake, X-15 pilots encountered something that flew higher and faster.

"A different pilot saw six objects this time, described as white or silver and they took up a formation around his plane, way, way up there, so clearly these are not ours, if they are doing things that we can't do. This was a high altitude test, higher than we've ever gone," said Preston Dennett.

One of the pilots stated that he knows there are things out there. Film of the objects was recorded, but never made public. It was ice crystals, the government said years later.

The X-15 incidents are among the hundreds of strange encounters detailed in Preston Dennett's new book UFOs Over Nevada: True History of Extraterrestrial Encounters in the Silver State.

"There are so many cases," Dennett said. "I'm guessing one in a hundred people report their sighting officially."

The I-Team interview took place in front of the aptly named Giant Rock in the California desert. It's been scarred by fires and graffiti, but was once the site of mass gatherings that made it the center of the UFO universe.

The first big wave of flying saucers was reported in 1947. Dennett says Nevada cases preceded the national UFO hubbub. Weeks before the infamous Roswell incident in New Mexico, two military pilots flying over Lake Mead spotted a weird formation of three odd craft.

"They saw that these weren't planes at all," Dennett said. "They were delta-wing shaped craft with no other markings, moving really fast, and they ended up reporting this officially."

That case remained unidentified, although in later years, the U.S. Air Force did its best to explain away as many UFO reports as it could.

These shape shifting objects were recorded over Las Vegas a few years ago. The book lists dozens of more distinct shapes seen over Nevada military facilities including Nellis Air Force base, Fallon Naval Air Station, Area 51 and the Nevada Test Site (now known as the Nevada National Security Site) during the height of the nuclear testing program.

Officials have always denied ever getting reports of UFOs over those air spaces.

One of the best cases in the book is a report from a military officer whose car died on the outskirts of Tonopah. The officer spotted four flying saucer shaped craft sitting beside Highway 95. He walked toward them to get a closer look.

"All of a sudden, the buzzing sound increases in pitch and all of these objects take off at once and dart away. He's amazed, he rushes back to his car which now starts fine and reports the sighting to officials," Dennett said.

Instead of investigating the incident, Project Blue Book assigned a psychologist to evaluate the witness who was said to have suffered from highway hypnosis.

The most spectacular case in the book is from April 1962.

"It's a fantastic case involving, not only a few hundred witnesses, thousands of witnesses saw this thing as it traveled across the United States," he said.

A fireball came in over Cuba, traveled up the East Coast, and over New York, made a 45 degree turn to the left, zipped across the U.S. at differing speeds, landed in Utah where it knocked out electrical power, then took off again before exploding over Clark County."

"The air force labeled it. First they called it a meteor, then they changed their story and called it a balloon."

The book contains dozens of sightings over the Las Vegas Strip, some of which were photographed, and a smattering of reports from celebrities. Rock drummer Ronnie Vanucci of The Killers saw a red UFO over Highway 95.

Late night radio host Art Bell and his wife saw a gigantic UFO not far from their home in Nye County. Actor and country singer Johnny Sands, in 1973, encountered two of the strangest aliens ever reported while driving near Blue Diamond Road.

Nevada's UFO godfather, former CIA pilot John Lear, was told by his wife Merilee to give up his passion for flying saucers, that is, until she saw her own.

Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell has been working on a series about Lear and tells about Mrs. Lear's UFO sighting.

"Then one day she gets called out by her daughter in the backyard right at Sunrise Mountain in Nevada and she sees for herself with her own eyes these two circular flying saucers. She said they were like cans of tuna, tuna fish cans, silver cans, which is not very aerodynamic," said Corbell, director of Immaculate Deception.

When it comes to UFOs, Dennett says, seeing is believing.

"It really hits people at the core of their being and when they see UFOs are real, it kind of changes your whole world view," he said.

Between 90 to 95 percent of all UFO incidents are probably explainable -- that is misidentifications of known phenomena.

It's the five percent or so that fuel the imagination. It's also true that about 90 percent of UFO sightings made by the public are never reported. Also, the stranger the incident, the less likely a person is to tell others about it.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Jon Kelly Speaking Out On UFOs and The Extraterrestrial Experience

This video features’s Jon Kelly in conversation with host Canadian author Brian Ruhe. The producer for the NewsIO Plus channel’s 2015 mini-documentary series offered practical insight from years of field research on topics including UFO Contact, meditation, psychic phenomena, yoga psychology and night vision technology for skywatching in remote locations.

Multiple UFOs Filmed From Commercial Jet Over Taiwan

UFOs Videoed From Passenger Jet

A witness flying in a commercial jetliner near Taipei, Taiwan, watched and videotaped between eight and 10 unknown objects flying lower than the plane, according to testimony in Case 60750 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

“I was on the airplane of Eva Airline from Vancouver, Canada, to Taipei, Taiwan, BR0009,” the witness stated. “It was October 16,2014, at 5a.m.., 30 minutes before landing. The first clip was only five seconds. I saw a bright light flying under. In the second picture I saw three UFOs in my camera. Thethird video I have is 38 seconds – about eight UFOs flying under the plane.”

The second and longest of the video clips is shown on this page.
“I used slow motion iPhone 5s to film the video until they asked me to shut down my camera off due to landing policy. The location is at the northeast of Taiwan.”


Would a UFO Hunting Satellite Provide Undeniable Proof

A UFO Hunting Satellite

A Canadian software engineer is trying to prove once and for all whether UFO’s really exists. Videos and reports of apparent sightings are easy to find and one incident in on Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba earlier this year had many convinced they’re real, but the government called it an armed forces winter exercise.

So to try and monitor UFO activity privately, Dave Coté is trying to launch a small, private satellite. He expects it will cost around $50 000 and he’s currently raising money for the project on-line.

The project is called Cubesat for Disclosure. The small private satellite would be equipped with two 360 degree cameras, a special device to detect high-source radiation and with luck, a tiny radar unit the size of a postage stamp.

Coté hopes to start building it in about two months, then we’ll see if the truth really is out there…

For more information visit
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