Friday, May 22, 2015

Security Camera Catches Bizarre UFO/Orb In Florida Space Museum

Surveillance video captured an orb-shaped object moving about inside the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum in Downtown Titusville, Florida at 9:45 a.m. Tuesday, May 12.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Alien Reality - UFO Disclosure, Dark Journalist Interview Linda Moulton Howe

*BOMBSHELL INTERVIEW!** Join Dark Journalist for the return of acclaimed Coast to Coast AM Investigative Reporter and Star of Ancient Aliens Linda Moulton Howe, for a special extended 3 Hour Episode where she reveals some of the most controversial, stunning, eye-opening, and shocking revelations on the Alien Reality!

In this rare and revealing in-depth interview, Linda Moulton Howe explains why after 35 years of alien contact research she has now come to the conclusion that there are not only off-world alien visitors on the planet but also time-traveling human beings from a post-nuclear apocalypse future that are coming back to preserve vital DNA material for the survival of humankind!

By examining her research on hundreds of cases in the alien abduction syndrome, she outlines a mysterious and vast program being set up by extraterrestrial intelligence to ensure that human beings survive their own destructive tendencies with an advanced technology DNA harvesting network on a modern day Noah's Ark. She also explores Never Before Revealed details from cases like the RAF Bentwaters/Rendlesham Forest UFO encounter of how an entire house that was closeby to the sighting "Vanished into Thin Air" during the incident, but was covered up by covert intelligence forces. She also discusses how an intel whistle-blower leaked a secret report to her that the CIA had come to the conclusion that Crop Circles were hidden messages from a struggling humanity in the future laid out in advanced mathematical and geometrical formulas.

In the second half of this rare, special episode, she discloses publicly her own personal contact with a higher intelligence during her investigations of Crop Circles and their connection to UFOs and the alarming message that they telepathically communicated to her from another dimensional level about earth's future and the dangers that must be averted now so the planet can be saved from World War III!

She also shares revealing inside information regarding the legendary Philadelphia Experiment where the military accidentally teleported naval servicemen into an alternate dimension and ancient Sumerian contact by nefarious Anunnakki extraterrestrials that were bent on controlling mankind by genetically altering their interior nervous system to make them more submissive slaves. She further reports on new information regarding the two bright spots in a crater on the dwarf planet Ceres and their possible implication of an advanced civilization in our solar system!

Exciting, unnerving, challenging, riveting and controversial, you've never heard Linda Moulton Howe reveal her inner thoughts and final conclusions quite like this before. You don't want to miss this most ultimate Dark Journalist episode yet!!

Bizarre Morphing UFO Or Portal Appears Over Florida Town


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Is Mankinds Sixth Sense Being Awakened?

Scientists have proven that humans and animals can sense events and energy sources that are beyond the reach of the five senses. Alex Jones' sixth sense has been going off in recent weeks and he wanted to take some time to share what he has been going through mentally and call for a discussion of what the future has in store in for all of us.

UFO Filmed In Florida Over Professional Golf Tournament

UFO Spotted At PGA Tournament

Did a UFO share the field of view of a flying golf ball during a PGA tournament in Florida? Upon first examination, this is some approach shot.
It was during the Players Championship part of the PGA tour, held at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, on May 9. A viewer was watching the tournament on TV and "noticed a weird object in the sky," according to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).
"When you see the pictures, people may think 'oh, that's a blimp,' but after seeing the blimp in other clips, I can easily conclude it's not the blimp," the viewer reported.
"I also looked for other aircrafts flying by and nothing seemed plausible. The object did have a reflective surface. In the picture, you'll see a golf ball, a bird, and the flash reflection while the other object is the unknown craft. You can also notice the object appears to be at a very high altitude for any aircraft being used for the tournament. I rewind and slow motion, fast forward dozens of times. Very strange."
Watch This Video Of The Golf Tournament Strange Aerial Object

According to the MUFON database, this incident took place at 1:45 p.m., and was submitted on May 12.
MUFON does not release the names of the people who submit UFO sightings, hampering the ability of unaffiliated researchers to study such information.
A still image from the brief video shows -- from the bottom up -- a bird flying by, the object in question, the bright reflection of the camera flash, the golf ball and two secondary flash reflections (see image at bottom of this story).
The following map shows the Ponte Vedra Beach area of Florida where the "UFO" was spotted


But what, exactly are we looking at here? Evidence that ETs enjoy golf as much as the next person, or something far more simple to account for the UFO image?
After the initial report was sent to MUFON, HuffPost reached out to that organization's chief image and video analyst, Marc Dantonio, to get his take on this.
"If you watch the video carefully, you can see the object moving across the field independently of the ball," Dantonio told HuffPost in an email. "You see the object change apparent 'shape.' After reviewing this object multiple times, I could clearly detect motion within it that looked to me indicative of a bird in the middle of a wing stroke."
Another bird? If you look at the 3-image composite picture at the top of this story, those are three separate movements of the object in question. Can you see anything that resembles a bird in these images?
"At one point, when the wings are in a particular position, the object presents a birdlike appearance, and as the camera zooms out, you can see a more definitive bird high in the sky with its wings outstretched," Dantonio notes.
This isn't the first time a sporting event included a visiting UFO.

Area 51- Watch Opening Minutes Oren Peli's Found Thriller Footage

Area 51': Watch the Opening Minutes of UFO-Themed Found-Footage Thriller

The twisted mastermind behind the Paranormal Activity series is taking his docu-horror game to the next level: outer space.
Above, you can exclusively see the first six minutes of Oren Peli’s found-footage frightfest Area 51. This time around, instead of ghosts in the house, we have a group of conspiracy theorists seeking out scares at the secretive government grounds in Nevada thought to have played host to aliens.
You can witness the group’s shocking discoveries in Area 51, now on iTunes.
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